UTOPIA: Of Rainy Days

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of Rainy Days

Wish I could sleep in longer on this rainy morning. Life isn’t a bed of roses and i gotta get my ass outta bed to…work! Thank God I live nearby my workplace ;-) which is a GOOD thing.
Working in the city center is kinda pathetic. U gotta get up early to beat the traffic and get back late due to…well, traffic jam. Have been in this situation years ago while I was studying in a school rite in the middle of the city, and back then I took public transport to school, which is totally hopeless!
Used to hear laments on how terrible the jam was especially after pour, which isn’t getting any better despite the entire cool infrastructure being in place to channel excessive water out. What the hell problem with this city btw?
On normal weekdays, some city folks are still stuck in the jam after 8pm. Thankfully I was on the opposite direction, which was kinda smooth…Again, I m grateful that my life is much better than 50% of my teammates…after hearing their stories of battling thru jam and public transportation woes…sort of déjà vu.

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Canny Har™ said...

hah TPM better? LOL!

amei79 said...

Oop...bad layout/background 4 the blog...make my eyes uncomfort...must change it i think...!

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