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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Layout

After rounding the entire world…wide web…for a suitable layout, I finally switch back to blogger classic template.
Yeapz, back to basic…and with a touch of colorful header!

The decision of reverting back to blogger layout has been long in mind as the previous template was impractical due to long loading time, which took more than a minute to load a page!
Besides, the previous grayish template with an iconic lady (that doesn’t represent me) is so outdated, that I decided to strip them down…wuahaha!
I m still in the midst of changing a lil of here and there, hopefully I could get a perfect appearance for my blog, mayb another non-blogger customize template? I dun hav any in hand at the moment. Any good recommendation?

At the meantime, I’m working hard in putting up background wallpaper at the outer main body, which is yet to work out despite a few attempts of editing the codes. Please be patient while this blog is still

Thank you and have a nice day!

1 comment :

xniquet said...

Makcik,the alignment is out, the side bar all jatuh ke bawah :P

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