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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Human Memory

A blogger friend posted a quote by Cicero. It was short yet deep and meaningful, despite me not fully understand what it means. But what interests me was more on the scientific part of human memory. Ever wondered how much information does one human brain can store?
Experiments in the mid 1980s showed that humans can store only 1-2 bits/second in their long term memory. Scientifically, cumulative amount of data stored in the brain over a 70 year lifetime is therefore only in the order of 15GB.
Meanwhile, it is common that there are very few people that can remember events before age 3 or 4.

No wonder I couldn’t remember any at all!

I could hardly remember that I got a huge cake for my second b’day until I saw an old photo. All thanks to the technology invention – camera.
So, what’s the conclusion here? Well, if you want to celebrate great events with your kids, make sure you do it when they reaches three, otherwise all your effort will go down the drain and flushed away in their memories I’m doubting this statement as this might not apply in the 21st century anymore as kids nowadays grow with formula milk and all sort of superb foods that helps enriched their brain. As for myself, I believed that my LTM only started to develop tremendously during five coz I could recall clearly on numerous events, like how I was often being late for kindergarden!

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