Monday, May 20, 2024

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak.
This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remember correctly, they have 2 types of fried rice: prawn fried rice with is quite bland like Chinese-style fried rice and the other is kampung fried rice which has ikan bilis, chili and maybe belacan in it. I prefer the latter coz i like some spiciness in fried rice.
I also ordered a basket of assorted siu mai. It came with 5 different flavors - original, herbal, otak otak, black pepper and the last one can't remember, but I think is prawn siu mai.
These are halal, from chicken meat.
My favorite are the herbal and prawn siu mai.
Chili dip provided for the siu mai and surprisingly the kampung fried rice has chili dip too.
Total bill is RM28.40 for this extravagant dinner.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Catedral Basilica Santa Maria La Antigua, Casco Viejo, Panama City

Construction for this church, also known as the 'Sacred Heart Cathedral', began in 1688. It is a Roman Catholic Church. The facade reminds me of Ruins of St Paul (Macau) which was built around that era.
The blueprint is digitised in softcopy which is seen in the Canal Museum (that I visited earlier)
As this is a touristy spot, a triker is available for rent if you wish to 'tour' the old city in style.
USD60 per hour rental. This triker is parked right outside the cathedral.
The kiamsiap me: No thanks, i prefer to spend that amount elsewhere and tour the old city by foot.
Meanwhile, inside the cathedral, it was all calm and cooling. Nice to enjoy the aircond and sit on the benches to escape the scorching sun and noon heat outside.
This place is so well-kept and refurbished, it even have LCD tv screens at the side seatings where the altar is blocked by pillars. With such screens, those seated at the side can have a clear view of the center aisle and altar.
Restored and well-maintained. Visitors are not allowed to trespass the altar.
The exit door as seen from the aisle.
Another altar at a smaller prayer room.
Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

SkyAvenue Complex

This is an overdue post.
[Below] Hari Raya decorations in SkyAvenue mall/complex. Decorative ketupats and wau bulan (Malay kites) hanging from the ceiling. The yellow and green cloth above is Malay 'anyaman' weaved using several strips of yellow and green fabric. Impressive and pretty👍
It was second day of Hari Raya, hence there were performances on stage, such as Malay dances and raya songs.
On the other side of SkyAvenue complex, there were crowds in the Skytropolis indoor theme park....Well, it is inevitable during the public holiday😅
Foodie like me would just walk around and 'survey' on nice cafe/restaurants/food kiosks.
Got free cake tasting....
one box for RM12
three boxes for RM30
Tastes like normal cakes sold in pasar malam, but with nicer packaging. Suitable as a gift.
macam macam flavors....
nope i did not buy...coz i can get cheaper ones in pasar malam. Besides, I'm not into cakes with fancy box.
I went up to the first floor, and 'kepoh' at Five Guys....
This shop is still boycott??
Anyway, till today i have yet to try any burger from Five Guys, they are quite pricey and I'm doubting if it worth the price unless it is super good/tasty.
Maybe i will try it one day...
Then i went to Paris......i mean Paris Baguette to survey a bit on the croissant and sandwiches....looks yum!
I finally settled at the Wynners cafe....coz here got nice couch to laze around.
Eh, where's this pulak?
shiny floor and ceiling.....
Look very 'atas'
This is a 'restricted area' for members picture allowed....but i curi-curi snap😶
Lastly, after finished surveying all eateries and 'forbidden area'...went to clothes stores to look see on the latest fashion trend😂
[Below] At my colleague's Raya open house. She cooked all these!
No picture of food here, but it was the same dishes from last year - Raya Open House 2023
I hope to be invited again on next year.....syiok to have free makan-makan!

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Peace Cafe @ SkyCasino

Can't get enough of century egg porridge...
This was my usual order when dined-in at this cafe.
The menu for lunch and dinner are the same and it rotates with different items every 2-3 days.
Each day will have either rice, noodles or porridge to choose from. Quite limited choice but still good.
Lunch/Dinner set meal came with drink and dessert.
I had mutton curry with rice, sunny side fried egg, papadam and soup.
Dessert was mochi.
Chunks of mutton meat in thick curry gravy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Extremely peace at Peace Cafe

Peace Cafe is located at the 3rd level of SkyCasino which was opened a few years back when the SkyCasino was newly launched.
The cafe's interior is designed to resemble a HK char chaan teng, but way classier and spacious layout.
It serves different menu for breakfast, lunch/dinner and supper.
For supper, I tried the century egg porridge which is fully loaded with condiments.
Me enjoying the quiet time during midnite supper.
For breakfast, I had bacon with fishballs noodle.
Springy wanton noodle with fresh bouncy fishballs and flavorful bacon to kickstart the day😋
The bowl is specially made to hold the chopsticks.
this definitely look practical.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

BBQ Barn @ Rockley, Barbados

One of the weekend we have to support users and the session ended around 11:50am. I was already hungry by then coz i woke up early and didn't have proper breakfast.
Here's how it looks like when i worked in the apartment. It does have a proper dining chair and table but there is no plug nearby. The nearest plug is at the kitchen, so i gotta work at the kitchen counter top.
Anyway, after done with the session, I hurriedly get ready to catch the next shuttle van which will leave at 12:15pm.
This time, my colleague tagged along. We went for our lunch at BBQ Barn.
This place reminds me of the 80's/90's family-friendly-restaurant that my parent brought me to when i was a kid. Those wooden tables and chairs....
And this salad bar reminds me of Pizza Hut in the 90's. So nostalgic!
Ordered a marlin platter at the counter. Once food is ready, the order number will display on the queue number board. Show this slip to collect food at the counter. Fast-food restaurant concept.
[Below] The spacious dining area.
There goes my food....
A mint sweet was given with the meal set.
My colleague ordered a pork rib set with cheese sticks and mashed potatoes.
Tartar sauce and lime provided for the fish. Despite the fast-food concept, everything was cooked/prepared upon order hence these were served warm (except the coleslaw).
Overall a good meal. I wish to have such old-school family restaurant like this in my neighborhood and with a huge salad bar!😀

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Grand Harbour Restaurant, Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Early this year, I attended an ex-colleague wedding at Grand Harbour Restaurant, Pavilion BJ.
The dishes were OK, quite standard for a typical Chinese wedding banquet.
The wedding menu. It was a sumptuous dinner and the portion were quite generous.
Started around 8:30pm and ended slightly before 10pm.
Onigiri from Family Mart.
Tried the Teriyaki chicken flavor which is RM4.50
Few months later I discovered there is Jjang chicken flavor which is cheaper, at RM3.50
Similar chicken filling, just slightly different flavor.
So, next time I would just buy the cheaper one😂
By the way, they have 30% off on the 2nd hot item purchased. Hot item refers to cooked warm/hot food sold at the counter such as corn dog, crispy chiki, curry puff, sausages, pastries etc.
Buns with chicken floss filling from Authentic Bakery, Sri Petaling. RM6.70 per box of 2.
Clear blue sky & empty flyovers, captured nearby TRX on a weekend morning. 

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...