Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ich habe kein Geld!

When u see the above captioned, it means that I m totally cashless.
All thanks to the gah-ver-men! I still owe them my income tax despite being deducted on every single month. Hopefully my calculation is correct and I dun wish to see them bombarding me with replies that I owe them more than I expected, total heart attack, I tellu!
Good thing is that the gah-ver-men know how to do biz out of people’s saving. Yeah, when u see massive jams on the road and long queues in banks on Monday morning, u outta knw wut’s happening…
And the people’s kiasusm is getting more serious these days, it’s so disheartening tht I live in a kiasu world, despite me being one. I was among the early birds in a very long queue, and thank God I managed to get in. Again, déjà vu.
It seems that i was brought up with this kinda culture. First come first served basis. Be early or be sorry. But I guess the situation is much worse in large population cities like Tokyo. Just imagine queuing all the way in the station and end up being sardined in a train.
Queuing for hot cakes.
Will I ever do it again?
Yes, y not?

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Food Cravings

I’m craving for Jogoya! While sis went for jogoya buffet, I was oni having roti canai for my dinner on Sunday. There goes my voucher, to the trashbin. Goodbye Jogoya!

Swine Flu

Over the weekend, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported an outbreak of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus in Mexico and the United States. This outbreak has now increased to include a small number of confirmed cases in North America and suspected cases in other countries globally.

Swine Flu is spread to humans mainly through contact with infected pigs, but limited human-to-human transmission can also occur in the same way seasonal flu occurs in people. The symptoms are similar to regular human seasonal influenza - high fever in the early stages followed by cough, sore throat, runny nose and sometimes breathlessness a few days later. Further information is available on the World Health Organisation (WHO) Swine Flu webpage - http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/statements/2009/h1n1_20090425/en/index.html

PM lepaking @ streets

Just after I lamented about public transportation woes, our very dearly PM went on his stroll to the train stations. It seems like he is doing his work, and I do hope he is genuine with his concerns! And that fugly looking Plaza Rakyat, which looks more like ground zero (even worst than that) is a total eyesore! It has been there for decades since my primary skool days up till now as a working adult.
Wutever it is, is time to seriously do something on these infrastructures.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of Rainy Days

Wish I could sleep in longer on this rainy morning. Life isn’t a bed of roses and i gotta get my ass outta bed to…work! Thank God I live nearby my workplace ;-) which is a GOOD thing.
Working in the city center is kinda pathetic. U gotta get up early to beat the traffic and get back late due to…well, traffic jam. Have been in this situation years ago while I was studying in a school rite in the middle of the city, and back then I took public transport to school, which is totally hopeless!
Used to hear laments on how terrible the jam was especially after pour, which isn’t getting any better despite the entire cool infrastructure being in place to channel excessive water out. What the hell problem with this city btw?
On normal weekdays, some city folks are still stuck in the jam after 8pm. Thankfully I was on the opposite direction, which was kinda smooth…Again, I m grateful that my life is much better than 50% of my teammates…after hearing their stories of battling thru jam and public transportation woes…sort of déjà vu.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Das ist es!

The ban on blogger site has been lifted! N thankfully, nothing much to do in office nowadayz since core refresh period almost ended ;-)
i took tis very rare opportunity to accomplish my wish - adding some effect on UTOPIA...with background image courtesy from freeglitters.
Here is it !!!
below is a screenshot from my lappie running on resolution 1280 x 800 pixels.
Well, i hope it works on other screen resolution...i noe some of u getting distorted display!
i'm still maintaining the usual theme 'purple grey' in UTOPIA. Hopefully this layout could last for a couple of months before i get bored with it again!For those who are adventurous enuff, here is one cool site for you to kill time, only if u r keen on editing blogger layout...wuakakaka!

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till then, happie GOOD FRIDAY !

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