Friday, January 28, 2022

CNY Decor @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

This is the CNY decor for this year. Red lanterns everywhere!
Most of the malls are decorated with red lanterns, exceptional case could be OneU mall with 'golden yellow' theme.
The pictures were taken during the weekday sometime early of the year...
I think the centre stage is now filled with kiosks selling CNY stuffs.
so red....and glaring😃
Meanwhile, cookies/snacks are seen on display at various supermarkets, sundry shops, roadside stalls/kiosks and even restaurants.
The below CNY snacks/cookies are sold at 'Dim Sum House' restaurant. Even a dim sum place is selling cookies nowadays.
Will post more on CNY makan makan in the upcoming days...
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sushi Zanmai & Texas Chicken

throwback post
During the previous lockdown, i craved (so much) for Japanese food which is usually 'best consumed at dine-ins'
such as crispy tempuras....
and freshly prepared eel rice (unagi don)...
well, my cravings satisfied...I spent RM42.60 for this meal but the experience is priceless!
As for dinner....
since it was a Christmas eve....i decided to have fried chicken...
Well, the Japanese would have KFC for Christmas dinner...
so, i 'twist' their tradition and had Texas chicken instead!
ordered a Zesty Crunch set meal which comes with a wrap, a spicy fried chicken, a mashed potato and a refillable drink....all for only RM14.50!
The chicken was abit on the dry side (overfried), but the skin was crispy.
Despite that, all others were as good as before. Another cravings least my tummy is happy😁

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Free Gift (COVID19 Care Kit) and Free Meal (from the B'day angpow)

Have you receive this care kit?
We received this via Poslaju, and got to know that the care kit is from our Health Ministry (KKM) which is delivered to every household. It consists of 4 face masks, 1 thermometer,  4 test kits, 1 oximeter and a leaflet.
Unboxing the care kit box....
the face mask is not the 'disposable type' but instead of cloth material
meanwhile in an unrelated occasion, i spent my RM50 Touch n' Go ewallet (from Dec birthday angpow gifted by the company) by ordering a McD lunch.
I had.....
McD nasi lemak with 2 pieces of spicy fried chicken and a Big Mac.
the crispy & spicy fried chicken paired well with fragrant nasi lemak😋
as usual, all my foods are shared with my elderlies...
Well, McD delivery is not cheap....the processing fee is somewhere RM4.70++ plus with GST...
Anyway, there were still a balance of RM20 in the ewallet after the above order...

Monday, January 24, 2022

New Year Dinner with Family @ Icon Kitchen, Bukit Jalil

Had a family dinner to usher into the new year.
Initially we decided to dine-in at our usual place (Tasty Wok Bukit Jalil), but that shop was not opened on 1st Jan, so we headed to a nearby restaurant - Icon Kitchen
It was crowded on a Saturday evening despite already past 8.
We went to get a table on the first floor which has lesser people and better distancing between tables.
ordered an asam pedas steamed tilapia.
The long beans gave some crunch to the dish...sour with mild spicy yet so appetising!
minced pork tofu & stir fried romaine lettuce in 'fuyu' (fermented beancurd)
yes, this is superb! the minced pork is so flavorful and good to eat with rice
We also ordered a plate of salted egg deep fried squid. It was served with fries - all coated in salted egg. Killer dish! i swept clean this whole plate.
lastly, a more conventional 'dai-chow' dish - Sweet and sour pork
Overall a satisfying dinner despite the long wait. The dishes were all nicely done with taste and texture all hit the right note.
Total damage: RM146.75 for 5 pax

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Year End Meal @ Brew House

Seems like a 'tradition' now that i would have grilled chicken chop in Brew House during the year end.
And i noticed that this year they have changed their plates to dark blue...doesn't matter as long as the food tastes good!
the daily set lunch comes with drink (i had Coke), soup and ice cream!
the ice cream is not the usual 2 scoops but this time, we were given Cornettos!'s actually mini Cornettos...
i choose has peanuts with some chocolate toppings
look at the size!
i can finish this in just 2 mouthful bites😊
The chicken chop lunch set costs RM14.80++ each
Overall this meal costs us RM47.05 nett for 3 pax
This was the price on 31 Dec 2021. The price has increased to RM16.80++ per set in 2022.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Festive Meals?

This was a Grab delivery arranged by the church for all members who joined their online Christmas Day celebration.
Before the Zoom session ended, each recipient received their lunchbox via Grab.
The orders were placed a few days earlier by submitting via online form.
Ordered a chicken set meal and a fish set meal for us.
The food were prepared by Gluttony (Taman Desa).
The fish set meal consists of a deep fried fillet (not sure what type of fish but definitely not dory fish), bolognaise spaghetti, sauteed mushroom sprinkled with cheese powder and salads.
The chicken set meal has similar side dishes but with a grilled chicken chop as the main.
Tastewise just so-so, chicken chop is tough and fish fillet is dry. As these foods were prepared early in the morning, they were no longer warm when arrived. We did not reheat the food, so we had them in room temperature.
I also ordered a roasted pork + barbequed pork rice from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice shop (from OUG) which is delivered via Foodpanda. This is not from church, but instead a 'top up' as there were 3 of us eating and 2 lunch boxes above is definitely not enough. 
I prefer this rice than the western lunch meal.
it has sour pickled on the side and even delivered with soup...well, the usual soup that u get in Chinese chicken rice shop.
And that was my simple Christmas turkey, no roast lamb....
Anyway, 2 days later, i ordered my fav A&W fried chicken to make up for the not-so-impressive-Christmas-lunch.
now, this is my festive meal😆
spicy fried chickens, mashed potato in minced beef gravy, and a mozza burger, all full of calories and high cholesterol.
heck first, guilt later!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Grandmama's @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Those who went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil on last month might be disappointed with the lack of eateries option. Besides a miserable food court, some bakeries and a Secret Recipe restaurant, the only proper dine in place would be Grandmama's.
The restaurant has other outlets in Pavilion KL, KLIA 1 and Genting SkyAvenue.
This newly opened one is their 4th outlet (i think)
Their menu is similar to Papparich, offering local dishes/rice/noodles, such as nasi lemak, curry noodles, asam laksa, char kuey teow, fried beef kuey teow, chicken rice etc...
After waited/queued for about 15 minutes outside the restaurant, i got an 'alfresco' table facing the corridor, which is still an indoor (inside the mall). Not far from my seat is the Secret Recipe and the food court located at opposite lots.
I ordered a bowl of curry noodles at RM16++...well, even the price is similar to Papparich!
Tastewise...ok la.... can't expect much from a franchise shop.
The meehoon is overcooked and kinda soggy but it was served hot. Too hot till burn the lips...even after 'blowing' it to cool down.
The ingredients are pretty u can see from below😀
There are around 3 pieces of prawns in it, fresh and bouncy ones!
Their sambal is superb with 'shrimpy' taste....i finished all the sambal.
for dessert....i had cendol (RM10.50++)
It was served in a average size but deep bowl. The portion is huge and can be shared by at least 2-3 persons.
The cendol came while i was eating my noodles half-way through....
noodles was still can have some cendol to cool down first.
Overall, it was a good & filling meal except that the meehoon was overcooked. Other than that, the taste all hit the right level. The total damage for this meal inclusive of service charge and service tax is RM30.75.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Food Merchant @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

Had a short stroll at the Food Merchant after dinner. As it was nearing closing time, not many shoppers, so decided to check out the place.
Back then the Xmas decorations were still 'hanging around'...
The Vineyard section with all sorts of alcoholic drinks just a few steps away from the entrance. Well, it looks nice and festive to see these wines/champagne 'greeting' the shoppers at the entrance though i foresee some 'authority' might get them to move these to a more hidden area in the future. 
yea, quite a huge section of it
nice, right?
not far....there is a Japanese section with assorted sushi on sale...up to 30% discount coz it is nearing the closing time.
the promotion applies to onigiri too
basically the Food Merchant sells all sorts of food products imported from various countries. The place has various sections catered to different countries and this includes the Middle East.
You can find assorted Turkish delight and baklava too!
plenty of them
I'm kinda missing the Turkish delights...i remembered that it tastes super sweet. Bought a box many years ago which took me months to finish!
Unfortunately I have no idea if i had any baklava memory of Turkey is fading...LOL!
i will try these someday....just to revive abit of those memories😂

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...