Monday, September 28, 2020

Ming Yue Mooncakes

Annoying sis bought this from Ipoh Ming Yue confectionery...
Each of these mooncakes costs less than RM10.
3 lotus paste and 1 pandan lotus paste
I prefer the one with pandan as it is more fragrant.
The packaging box below....simple and old school...
not those fancy boxes that we see for the well known brands
She also bought a Shanghai mooncake...which is my fav mooncake of all time!
but the crust crumbled when i cut it...We can't keep the mooncake until the actual mid-autumn festival day coz these are baked without preservatives. We finished the mooncakes within a week.
Overall taste OK, but too sweet for my taste bud.
Meanwhile, i went to try on KFC fried durian balls....out of curiousity
Bought 3 balls for RM4.50 nett
The balls are like durian mochi with deep fried outer layer. They used D24 as the filling...Tastewise not bad, worth trying if u like deep fried mochi.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Triple Room @ First World Hotel, Genting

After the heavy lunch, we went for a walk around SkyAvenue shopping mall and then back to the room to rest. The room was complimentary, but we did not stay overnight.
We got a 'triple room' at Tower 2 in First World Hotel....the largest hotel in the world by number of rooms😆
It has been some time since i last visited First World Hotel....Seems like they have changed the carpets...
Our room is quite near the elevator...and the corridor is wider too....The below picture show how spacious the corridor is!
our room: 4844
could be a good number depends on how u 'interpret it'...lolx
anyway, we don't mind the room number as long as it is not 'haunted'...
Due to new normal, all rooms are sanitized and a seal sticker (indicating that it is sanitized) is stick on the door jamb. The seal will tore once we open the door.
The 'triple room' consists of a queen sized bed + 1 single bed.
Since we did not stay overnight, these beds are just for us to sit and rest our legs....
I went on to take a bath to try out the shower room...
and also tried out the toilet bowl too....
everything works as faulty after idle for months during lockdown.
I like the bright colours from the wallpaper...
The room has basic amenities such as clothes hanger, safety box, fridge, water boiler, cups/glasses, hair-dryer and a complimentary tea/coffee/sugar/creamer in a sachet. 
plenty of space to place the luggage...but we have none!
the tv attached on the wall....about 6 channels available...i did not watch coz just the normal free channels.
After resting for about an hour, it's time to go home....Hopefully next round i can get to 'stay' in a better hotel....lolx!
Meanwhile on another day, unrelated to the above....
I tried the Luxury biscuits after reading Mun's review on last month
here's the chocolate sandwich biscuit...The cream is just nice, not too thick/little.
The cracker used for the chocolate sandwich is vegetables cracker which is savoury.
Overall it taste good with savoury + slightly sweet from the chocolate cream...and the taste somehow reminds me of the Julie's love letter with chocolate filling
the below is the tiramisu
the cracker used has slight chocolate taste but the cream has slight coffee those in Mexican coffee bun...
i can't decide which is better coz both has it's own unique taste...Maybe one day i should 'marry' them together by switching the crackers and cream...

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Malaysian Street Food Feast

Went for a FOC Malaysian Street Food buffet on 4 Sept (Friday). It was an exclusive invitation for selected Genting members in which i just tagged along.
The feast took place at the 'food street' which is actually a food court on the 4th floor of SkyAvenue. It was a joint effort with various stalls participating, each showcasing their 'specialty dish'.
Due to the new normal, there is a limit on the numbers of diners allowed in the foodcourt. The seating capacity is shown at the entrance. Despite that, everyone who was invited to this buffet were guaranteed of a seat without compromising on the social distancing SOP. Their management did a good job in controlling the headcount and ensuring that the place is not packed with ample seats/tables available.
The 'noon session' feast started at 12pm until 4pm.
Registration was a breeze and no queue at all.
To get the food, we queued at the respective stalls and the staff prepared the food as per our request. It was a quick one as most foods are ready-made, just require the staff to serve them on the plate/bowl.
My first round...
Hainanese chicken + char siew (Chinese BBQ pork) rice
It was a small portion with just a few spoonful of rice. Nevertheless, we can eat as many plates as we wish but I save on my stomach space for other items.
Some people just requested for no rice, with just chicken or char siew.
The below pork kuey teow is from the so-called 'OUG Pork Noodles' stall, but of course it is a toned down version of the pork noodles coz it doesn't have much innard nor minced pork (as per the original version)
It still taste as good. I finished the whole bowl with the soup.
It was actually quite a small bowl, about the size of a Chinese rice bowl.
I also had the pork innards porridge, though i don't eat the innards.
Next was Hokkien Mee from 'Loong Kee Hokkien Mee' stall.
Full of crispy lards with big fat noodles coated in dark sauce....yummmy!!!
Then had this sinful char kuey teow which is freshly fried from the wok...Full of wok-hei...
And a bowl of curry fish (opted for no rice coz was full already)....
Prawn noodles....just wanna taste the soup and prawn only...did not manage to eat the noodles coz it was so filling...
Also tried the claypot chicken rice...just a few spoonful again....
Wanton noodles with 'char siew and pork wanton'...Superbly good...the noodles were bouncy with succulent wanton....if only i could stomach in more wantons....
Nam yue (red fermented bean curd) fried chicken wings...these are so so so out-of-the-world...
Well marinated and tender juicy chicken wings.....i can have many of these...if not for noodles & rice (that i had earlier)...
and finally some desserts after all the oily and filling foods...
some fresh fruits too...
There were performances on the mini stage to entertain diners....But we were so busy eating like there is no we just kinda don't care what's happening on the stage...lolx!
Then....a handsome dude went on stage to do some kind of structure assembling...those that we normally see on TV reality miss-step can cause the whole structure collapse...
Watching this on TV show might look scary and 'kan-cheong' (nerve-racking), but as i watched this so closed-up, i kinda get that the sticks are marked (in light ink or what) so that the fella knows which point to stack the other stick and guarantee won't collapse. Secret debunked!😆
I went on to get another bowl of ais kacang while enjoying the performances...only then i saw the cendol...
Have to forgo the cendol coz i prefer ais kacang....

Thursday, September 17, 2020

2nd Outing to Genting Highlands

This was my second outing up the hill during RMCO.
Nice weather on a Friday morning (4 Sept)...
The photo below was taken from MRR2 nearby Ampang
 within less than half an hour, we've reached the foothill of Genting...
the greenery is so soothing to the eyes.
 As usual, it was cooling & misty at the hilltop.
 Nice stroll along the top floor open air verandah, not many people as it was a weekday.
 The famous Harry Ramsden fish & chips restaurant, which was quite empty too.
Can't enjoy the breathtaking view from atop due to the fog
On a clear day, u'll be able to see the cable car and the outdoor theme park from here
but at least I can get fresh & cooling air
 with some drizzling rain...
 meanwhile back to the was so 'lively' with colorful lights from LED screens and theme park.
No longer feel excited on such rides. My last roller coaster ride was more than 10 years ago in HK Ocean Park...after then I have 'retired' from taking any thrilling ride....Too scary for yours truly.
 so, I can only enjoyed the LED screens...lolx!
well, this outing was unplanned due to a last minute invitation for a free buffet....
stay tuned for more foodie pictures...

Monday, September 14, 2020

Dine Out 16 @ Canton Kitchen, Happy Garden

We had our monthly family eat out on 29 Aug (Saturday).
Went to the same place as our recent one, coz we wanted to try out other dishes
We ordered:
Tofu with minced pork and French bean (RM23)
 Salted egg French bean (RM15)
 Fuyong omelette (RM12)
instead of charsiew, they put in lap cheong (Chinese wax sausage). No prawns seen at all....
 Steamed asam tilapia fish (RM49.50)
 Chinese herb chicken (RM20)
Let's dig in...
Total overall with rice & drinks for 5 pax, inclusive of 5% service charge and 6% service tax is RM148.65
Pleasant dining with ample space for social distancing and the food are not overly seasoned with msg....We don't feel thirsty at all after the meal.

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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