Monday, December 27, 2021

Christmas 2021

This year Christmas is much better & merrier than last year...
In the office, it started with gifts from some colleagues as far as from Isle of Man.
Received a very 'snowy' Christmas card from them....
I also received candies, chocolates and a puzzle (wrapped in red gift paper)
meanwhile I took a day leave on the eve to visit the malls.
As usual, my tradition would be to The Gardens & Mid Valley malls.
This year seems to be an 'animal theme' for The Gardens.
meanwhile in Mid Valley mall....plenty of Christmas trees, cottage houses and snowman.
As expected, there were lots of people thronged the Centre Court (ground floor) for wefie/selfie/photo.
I only took pic from the first floor to avoid the crowd down there.
in the 'less crowded' South Court....snowman and cottage house were seen too...
Went to AEON and found this special edition sushi set, priced at RM22.90.
Nope i did not buy.
Instead i bought this
and egg tarts (RM3 for 2 pieces prepacked in a box)
and pandan layer cake (for RM5.47 each box)
No log cake,  no long as got pandan layer cake i'm happy😀😄
both the egg tarts and pandan layer cake taste good, I will be buying them again next time.
HO HO HO!!!! 
*jingling bells

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Team Lunch @ Latest Recipe, Le Meridien Putrajaya

It's end of the year and time for some makan-makan!
We have a huge balance of team fund to clear, hence decided to splurge on......BUFFET!
It was a weekday Tuesday and I purposely went back to the office for this team lunch...
Arrived at the restaurant quite early, probably the earliest among all other diners, coz the other tables were still empty and only ours was occupied.
While waiting for my other teammates to arrive, took a few snaps here and there 'for remembrance'....
Here are the various food/dishes served in 'Latest Recipe' buffet....
From the fresh seafood section:
mussels & scallops
From the Japanese section:
Teriyaki beef -  unfortunately the meat were tough and dry....
assorted sushi - i had a piece of everything here!😀 tastewise just mediocre...
From the salad/cold cuts bar:
Various types of salads/kerabu
From the Chinese cuisine section:
steamed chicken and roasted chicken - i did not try....coz too full and the chicken doesn't look appealing
From the Malay cuisine section:
all sorts of local dishes (name of the dishes as below)
Ekor Masak Lemak
Ikan Kari
Kambing Kuzi
Sayur Campur
From the Indian cuisine section:
all sorts of Indian spices/sauces to go with the naan/rice
they even have kacang putih & murukku
here is my fav - deep fried bitter gourds
fish tandoori - looks good but dry and hard😒
from the dessert section:
assorted cakes
colorful local kuihs
and tarts/puddings
chocolate fondue for the fruits...which i did not try...coz too full already after eaten ice-cream😕
there is also a Western cuisine section where it serves roasted meat, pizza & pasta...
but my favourite is chicken roulade (below)....tender and well marinated!
Here's a view of the restaurant....most of the tables were booked...
by the time we left, this place was fully occupied....
Overall, food is just so-so....some hits and misses....and there is no tempura & salmon sushi😭
most of the Malay dishes has strong santan taste which i dislike.
meanwhile the Chinese section are mostly stir-fried veggies & soup noodles...kinda bland
But since this is a company paid meal....i dun complaint much...
more company feast/makan makan after this meal...stay tuned!

Monday, December 13, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Damn! Burgers

This was one of my late lunch.
Ordered from Damn! Burgers coz it has some sort of promotion.
The package was huge and heavy although i did not order any drinks. There were only 2 items - chicken burger & fries
the burger box somehow shows a different name...'Jackson's fried chicken' ???
This is kinda confusing....what's the supposed correct name for this shop?
whatever it is called....what matter most is the food~~~
Unboxing the burger box and....tada!
a huge chicken burger inside!
It weighed at 310++gram with the size equivalent to a typical Carl's Jr burger. Huge & heavy.
There were cheese, mayo, lettuce and chicken patty in it. The taste is similar to McChicken. This portion is almost double of the McChicken size. Tastewise mediocre but enuff to fill up the hungry stomach.
The curly fries were and crispy when arrived. I wish there were more.
Overall an average meal...with McD standard, in a bigger portion.
Can expect much from a meal that costs RM12.09 (inclusive of delivery fee).

Friday, December 10, 2021

Pizza Hut Delivery

It has been months since my last pizza meal...thought of having one after seeing the 50% discount ad pop-up somewhere...
I ordered a medium size vegetarian pan pizza for RM13.95
and top up with a bolognaise spaghetti at RM12, hence total price for this meal is RM25.95
The vegetarian pizza - the toppings consist of capsicums, onions, pineapples, tomatoes, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.
Best eaten warm...
The bolognaise spaghetti with 3 pieces of chicken meatballs. The sauce taste of herbs which my mum dislike coz it smells like Chinese medicine used in bandage 😆
yea...i thought so too...but i'm ok with that taste coz it is still bearable...LOL!
anyway, i'm not goin to order this again coz i can get some better ones out there....
It's December and soon the end of the year...I've been starting to clear off my annual leaves, though most of the time just staying at home. Weather is hot but cloudy these days (with some occasional sunny days)...hence staying indoor is the best!
Here's one panoramic view of KL skyline taken on last Friday.
till then, happy weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2021

Family Dine-Out @ Munching Mob Cafe, Bukit Jalil

This was one of our dine-out on last month. After then BIL & annoying sis would not be able to join us for weekend dinner as they are fully occupied with numerous year-end makan-makan/church event in Dec.
For this round, we went to a nearby cafe again - Munching Mob
Ordered a meat platter (for sharing), which consists of roasted pork, various types of sausages, bacons and luncheon meats.
and individual sets...
my parents had chicken chop each - their default choice!
i had fish & chips
the place no longer serve set meals on weekends, hence no soups, salads and drinks which comes with the mains coz we ordered these on ala-carte.
Total price: don't know coz it was all paid by BIL.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...