Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Entertainment - Me & Mrs Jones

Who is this Mrs Jones who 'stole' my man?

Note: just another scandalous song
happy weekend!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Lunch @ VE Hotel, Bangsar South

Attended a training in The Vertical a few days ago...
Besides no need to work, I got to eat like a king with 3 meals provided (breakfast, lunch and teatime).
It was a clear morning...Hence I took a picture of the beautiful weather!
Pic below shows the landscape of Bangsar South aka Kampung Kerinchi….
On the left are the old apartments built during those days when it is known as 'Kampung Kerinchi' and on the right are the newer development for 'Bangsar South'...
 We had lunch at the VE Hotel adjacent to The Vertical.
 There wasn't much variety for lunch but is good enuff for a sumptuous one hour lunch.
Most of the food are savoury local dishes, soup noodles, desserts (huge selection of cakes and puddings), ice-cream as well as salad bar.
I like their fresh potato salad, squid salad & kerabu mango.
 here's a few pics taken around the hotel
shinny floor....I tink the other end is the entrance to some conference room
the restaurant where we dined is facing the swimming pool with alfresco dining area...
It's hot to dine outdoor especially during noon, but yet there are still people who sits there 'enjoying' their drinks and the sun!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Dakgalbi Set

Shogun2U was having a 'Buy 1 Free 1' promotion.
My colleague 'ajak' me to share with her...It has been some time since we last ordered lunchbox delivered to our office.
We had dakgalbi rice set which comes with free bottled sugarcane drink.
Original price for this set meal is RM32 ++ which could be kinda pricey for a pax of lunchbox!
With 'Buy 1 Free 1' promotion, i only paid RM16.27 nett (after tax) per pax.
tastewise wasn't spicy but was very flavorful...must eat with rice otherwise my tongue goes numb!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Colourful kuih and my free meal....

Was involved in the company audit for 2 consecutive days and the company was so good to provide us with kuih…
The office admin ordered a huge tray of kuih for breakfast although they were only a small group of people involved.
I was savoring these for breakfast and teatime for 2 days ;-)
The leftover were then distributed among the staffs...
lunch was provided too...Nandos chicken!
but i was too hungry to take any pic...
Someone gave me his unwanted coleslaw and I had it with eggs and garlic bread for dinner (all FOC coz these bread and eggs were part of the company breakfast program)
 lunch (for the 2nd day) was KFC!
KFC drumstick + thigh is always my preferred combination...and the office admin was so smart to order this combination for all the 5 boxes that she bought!
i was so well-fed in these 2 days...

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Maru Kafe,

Went to Maru Kafe to try out this pandan coconut soft serve...It was having a promotion @ RM2 (usual price RM2.90)
It taste like mild pandan kaya, or perhaps a lil' similar to Sangkaya coconut ice-cream....It was refreshing yet not too overly sweet...
Worth to try at this promotional price. I will definitely have it again!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

5.1 Cafe, Sri Petaling

This cafĂ© is located at the first floor of a shoplot nearby Uncle Don's. The dining ambience is a big contrast with Uncle Don's which is located next door (downstair).
While it is usually crowded and noisy at Uncle Don's, this place is so secluded yet relaxing with soothing music for u to enjoy a peaceful evening.
the menu....mostly western food...besides the usual cakes and coffee
 the place is dim and quiet, and perhaps unexplored as people would usually dine at restaurants that are located at ground floor (without having to climb stairs or taking the elevator)
 I had chicken chop with mushroom sauce @ RM21.90 nett
 food was OK, with free-flow plain water (even when I did not order any coffee)
this would be a good place if u prefer a quieter place for your meal.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Raya Lunch @ Office

We had our Raya potluck in the office. A few Malay colleagues brought their home-cooked specialties...and we feasted like there's no tomorrow...
helping ourselves with the food
rendang and lemang
 roti jala, curry chicken, fried noodles, sambal
 lontong sayur 
 nasi impit and kuah kacang (peanut sauce)
we had cupcakes for dessert
 these flowers are not made of sugar nor icing is made of mung beans
 my colleagues who purposely wear baju kurung for this 'occassion'...they were acting cute in front of the camera ;-)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ketupat Lanterns

 Went to IOI City again for a late dinner at Yoshinoya.
Ordered my usual fish katsu curry rice at RM16.80 nett…
It came with 2 pieces of fish katsu which I finished earlier...and left the curry rice.
I was playing with my food and thought this resembles yin yang pattern (or close to it) so I took a pic.
 I still have half an hour left before my one hour (parking) due...
Hence went for a short walk to enjoy the night lights...
These ketupat lanterns decorates the 'Symphony Walk' garden
 beautiful sights
 there were families and some youngster taking pictures and hanging around there despite a weekday evening.
 meanwhile, in the mall, there are no ketupats but these gigantic moorish dome lanterns
plain looking but something new...

Monday, June 10, 2019

Random Foods I Had for the Week

Went to try the salted egg yolk fried chicken at KFC the day before raya. The KFC outlet was understaff (due to the holiday season) and I waited for more than half-an-hour for this!
RM14.90 nett with 2-piece chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato & mango juice (default drink). Not much of salted egg taste, but it has curry leaves aroma.
I was craving for some curry 'pan mee', hence I visited 'Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee' nearby my house during the raya day and ordered this bowl of fiery red spicy pan mee for RM8.50 nett. It has 5 pieces of taupok, a few slices of beancurd sheets and a piece of pork chop (chopped into pieces)...there were no long beans in sight (as it used to have)...I don't think I will order this again after seeing the oily curry soup.
 I joined my colleague for lunch at IOI City Mall 'Food Junction' food court and ordered this Thai green curry set meal at RM12.20 nett. It was served with a plate of white rice (hidden under the egg topping), tomyum soup and a small plate of veggie (supposed to be kangkong belacan, but they substitute it with cabbage, coz run out of kangkong!)
Tastewise so-so only, but was a hearty meal and enuff to last till dinner.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Mama Kim Sauna Mee @ Puchong Jaya

I have heard of sauna mee many times but hav no intention to try coz it doesn't seem appealing to me. This place is popular with its concept of 'less salt, with no MSG, no white sugar and no white flour' (as claimed though i believe some msg is added into the soup to enhance the flavour). 
I passed by their branch in Puchong Jaya around noon and there was no queue. Sooner after i was seated, a few groups of office workers came and occupied the leftover seats...
Their main item on the menu is Fish Sauna Mee or Vegetarian Sauna Mee. Both offer options of brown rice, pumpkin noodles, and mushroom rice noodles.
I ordered Fish Sauna Mee with mushroom rice noodles @ RM15. It was served piping hot in a stone bowl and with a small saucer of fried garlic.
 The soup gets dry up very fast but it is refillable...I waited for the soup to cool down before having my first bite. Despite the hot soup, the noodles were still bouncy, unlike those overcooked noodles than can easily get mushy after being soaked in hot soup for some time.
the ingredients - mostly veggies...and only 2 to 3 slices of fish.
Very healthy indeed, but is too plain for my liking. I would prefer eating fish head noodles which is more flavourful and milky...but again, i can't compare them both as they are of different 'category'.
This meal cost RM16.80 after tax and service charges.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Wedding

If you have been following my blog lately, you might have known that i hav been appointed as the bridesmaid for my sister's wedding. This includes a wedding solemnization ceremony in the church, which is to be witnessed by relatives and friends from both groom and bride. As this is an important event, a rehearsal was conducted to fine tune the event flow besides counter checked on the PA system.
A few cousins were involved and my cousin sister even came all the way for the rehearsal...
Here's my pretty cousin sis practising her scripture reading...I haven't seen her for years!
 The actual day...reading vows
 'Unity Sand ceremony'
The flowing sand and blending of the colors in the Unity Sand ceremony symbolise the bringing together of two lives into one.
 special performances from the groomsmen
 The event went smoothly (thank God!)
Here's wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Not-so-happening week

Been busy lately due to a colleague who has been sick for more than 2 months...and my boss has reassigned some of her tasks to me :-(
Went to the nearby 'zhap fan' shop for a quick lunch and stumbled upon this soup...It is my first time eating green radish, which taste almost like the usual white radish.
i also had zongzi (that i ordered from a colleague) as my weekday lunch (on another day)
 the dissected zongzi -  the ingredient consists of salted egg yolk, pork, beans, shitake mushroom.
 sometimes, i had maggi mee and kacang putih (with murukku). The kacang putih were courtesy of the colleague who sells the zongzi.
One of my teammate has resigned and drop this on my desk while i was away (on leave)…
Such as sweet gesture from her!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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