Sunday, February 24, 2008


“L.C.L.Y. is actually, in chinese "lan si, lan yong", which means a big lousy show-off when he/she knows when he/she can't do something within his/her capability. This word is commonly used among asians or chinese people when gossiping. It's also used to describe someones attitude whereby it also matches his/her face and personality.”

I m so darn idiot that I dunno what this abbreviation means…I googled it and surprise to see the description is posted over the net!
I guess people mostly use this word when they are angry or pissed off at someone’s attitude. Honestly, I never use tis word before coz I tink it sounds rude and harsh. I once being labeled L.C.L.Y by a friend (years ago) coz I purposely want to piss him off…wuakakaka…nolar, just playing with his patience….am I sounded so L.C.L.Y??? (I bet 99% would say yes)
*I was so sucks that the fella refused to talk to me for years.


pearly said...

hi dear :
thank for pop over to my blog , yes I live in UK ,I love the way you post , L>C>L>Y , I think lot of us is like that , I am one of them sometime ,kkekekkeke
is call CLASS kekekek.
have a lovely sunday xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ouch, a friend who label us as LCLY....that has to hurt.

oh well, as long as you don't be rude to other ppl, i think you are doing the world a great favour.

Anonymous said...

So you are lansi la? Better keep a distance from you! I dun like lansi person just because I am more lansi than them, haha! said...

LOL at this post

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