Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Decor @ Great World City Mall

This place is so darn near my area, that it has become a frequent place for grocery shopping. Their decorative are magnificent, at least for a moderate scale mall.
 the brightly lit Christmas tree
 the chrismassy ambience
 shinning golden ornaments
 more golden stuffs on the table
 classic & pristine
On personal opinion, their decoration is much better than some megamalls in KL, not to mention Mid Valley and The Gardens that are being left behind in terms of new ideas and artistry.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fish & Co, and my frenzy-cold late nite outing

I had my deprived life in SG. I did not have the chance of savouring my long lost ol’ Chang Kee currypuff, i missed out the MOS Burger, chai kueh, fried carrot cake and soybean ice cream...
But i m contented to be able to get my coffee Slurpy fix @ 7 Eleven! Believe it or not, i hav been hunting for Slurpy all over KL for the past months but couldn’t get one due to their malfunction machines! Anyhow, i m glad coz not only i could hav Slurpy, but also their mashed potato...And the price doesn’t change after years, it is still sold at $1
Apart from that, having been a fan of Fish & Co, nothing could stop me from patronising the outlet, at their origin homeland. It was quite late when i went there, with the restaurant almost closed, but surprisingly the waiter did not give a cold and unwelcome service. I was pleased to be served cordially and they even asked me if i would like to order any dessert after my meal, and that was already past 10!
The portion was huge, i had a hard time finishing it, but i managed to wallop everyting on the plate...coz....I DUN WASTE FOOD...
To burn off the calories, went for a brief walk around the place, enjoyin’ the jazzy tune from the nearby CD shop. Unfortunately it was already the closing time, nothing much to see except to enjoy the serenity of the surroundings...things were quite different in mall at the end of the day...
 shops closing
wait...the nite is still young...
and i can't get enuff from these hanging bulbs and decoration
perhaps i should come earlier tomorrow
"thank you for shopping with us"
*lights off
Upnext: Christmas Decor @ Great World City Mall

All around the Lion City

Soon after alighting @ Suntec tower 2, i went capturing the city by foot...coz all the attractions were just a short distance away. It was about to rain, but the weather doesn’t kills off my plan...
Here it goes, all the gothic, Moorish and colonials architectures that one could only find in this island republic...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joyride @ Suntec City

The residential apartment offers free shuttle to Orchard Road and Suntec City. I have taken the ride to Orchard road the nite before, hence this time i decided to try out the other route.
En route, it stopped at Fraser’s Place, a subsidiary of the residential apartment that i stayed. It looks good from the outside, while the interior remains a mystery...
The bus drop-off me at Suntec Tower 2. From there i find my way to the city attractions...
All these while I thought of visiting their not-so-newly renovated food court, the Food Republic. Years ago it was just a decent looking eating place, but now, it looks like a....LIBRARY! amazing hor?
 those wall papers mimicking thick ol' books
 someone even carrying a huge looks like he is going to do some serious research in this 'library'
 sheeeeeshhhhh.....S.I.L.E.N.T plssssss
 it looks as though these patrons are reading instead of dining
 and to fit the theme, some stalls even named themselves as 'Scholar La Mian'...
*only for scholars???
 more and more books on a quiet corner...
hoping that those books are real....
Nothing much to see in Suntec if you are not an avid shopper. But that place sure have some cute the Spanish donuts!
 in a cute ol' fashioned pull cart
that's for display only...
I did not manage to “window shop” the entire mall, just passing by before heading to outdoor attractions.

Joyride @ Orchard Road

Despite the hectic schedule of rushing on piling tasks, i managed to sneak out for a joyride to the nearby area. Thankfully my place is just a couple of minutes away from Orchard road, and it’s a shame if i m to miss out their colourful X’mas street lights.
I hopped onto the last shuttle bus down to the city centre, on a journey that would take less than an hour (to & fro) from my residential apartment to this shopping district.
It was drizzling with rain, i dun intend to get down to the wet street, and hence throughout the journey I only captured the magnificent lights from the bus. How pathetic!
The entire place was well lit up with purple and blue lights while the malls have their own sort of attraction,with Atria and ION stands out among the rest.

Fraser Suite, River Valley, Singapore - Part 3

This is a continous post from Part 1 & 2.
And no, before you feel bored with the same post over and over again,
let me show u someting different
tada! daytime...
the HDB flats, with SG river right in front.
 Here's how the living room looks like in the day
 i really luv tis tv, with hundred over channels
 and the pool view from my unit
 my cosy but ol' fashioned workstation
Stayin’ in tis apartment brought back some nostalgic memories of the campus days. During then, as poor undergrads, me and coursemates rent a unit for our weekend vacation. All 15 to 20 of us cramped into that tiny unit with only one bedroom. The ladies will sleep in the room while the guys at the living hall...that left merely no space for walking!
This place is a total contrast to the yesteryears. Somehow, it’s strange to live in a thousand square feet apartment, with only 2 of us (me & boss) if we are a couple...wuakakaka....definately a huge lot space to walk and dance around...and not to mention much quieter too.

signing-off...back to my work, ciao!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season Greetings

December is always packed with occasions. First of all, it is my birthday...i mean my belated b’day!
Well, i did not get any lucky draw prizes, just the normal gift that HR has prepared for December babies. Still better than nothing...
And later on...Christmas and the year end celebration! Not being left out, my time has been occupied on every weekend till 25th. Not that i’m popular but all thanks to a “Paris Hilton-like” sis. Again, i was being dragged to her many social invitations.

 And now, I already had my early feasting of turkey and roast lamb!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Breakfast @ Jaffer's Cafe - Part 1

I'm not a morning person, indeed i used to sleep late and wake up in the noon.
Waking up in the morning is a hell thing, i feel terribly bad, and dun wish to leave my comfy bed
but i luv the morning sun,
and lookin' forward to some delicious breakfast.
I had my breakfast @ tis small but cosy cafe for the entire week
they served different menu daily and that's what made my day special...
it's a daily SURPRISE
Breakfast *231110
all in one plate, sunny site-up egg, croissant, cream puff, spinach pastry, ham, coleslaw, pancake
and blackcurrant juice
with my daily dose of news
Breakfast *241110
from a decent all-in-one-plate, i became more of an adventurous one, having a few helpings
Here's one japanese curry rice. They have it with carrots, potatoes and chicken chunk dumped into the thick gravy.
Very flavorful and rich with curry but not spicy at all.
and the mango juice, ich liebe Es!
 this is the western-style breakfast, comprise of beef bacon, fish nuggets, baked beans and carrot omellette
there's also pastries - custard puff, baquette and croissant,
chicken chunks in mayonneise, lettuce...
it's a small-scale cafe, but the interior is very homely and warm...
i likeeee alot!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dinner at #16-01

This was my dinner on a quiet Wednesday nite.
 with light orchestra music...
coupled with dim lights and cosy ambience...
marble table...
imported diningware...
no, these weren't from China.
I was surprised that those were 'Made in England'
it was my attempt of making a leftover food looks...fine!
as if dining in5-star restaurant 
 the mutton murtabak, with dhal curry
 does it looks like somekind of food ordered in room service?
tht was indeed a menu, but the food doesn't came from the menu
it was from the nearby mamak restaurant. I did not managed to finish the murtabak, leaving a big portion...
hence the 'take-away', some may laugh @ me for being an economizer
but i dun like to waste food
the food may not taste good but
 it was the ambience that matters
and i managed to finish it within a short time...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lunch @ Marina Bay Sands

The company chairman flew in to join our biz discussion with partner.
It was about lunch hour and he invited us for a meal, yes, with "biz partners" or should i say, our VIP guest.
Such a good opportunity to 'escape' from the hectic work & enjoyin' some fine dining @ Marina Bay Sands!
This was my first outing after a few days of workin' and not havin' chance of goin out.
nothin' to describe my...Joyou$ feeling...
coz i m able to 'get out' !!! woo-hoo!!!
goin to this so-called "latest attraction spot in SG"
We went dining @ Jin Shan,
with cool ambience and perfect Cantonese cuisine!
the below panaromic view were taken from my table.
they have very efficient captains and waitress, but some of our orders were taken wrongly.
Anyhow, i had another hearty meal of seafood. Shrimps, fish, scallops, 'some fish maw' soup which i've never tasted before
dun care, jst wallop first, for it must be very expensive and "hard to get" back at home...
wuakaka...i'm such a "kampung-type"
here are some pics of the interior 
 we were jst passing by
 and i was busy snappin' pics
 too bad, never get the chance of goin to the top floor
mayb next time...
oh, i luv that beautiful lady in cheongsam!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fraser Suite, River Valley, Singapore - Part 2

When i first heard of staying in an apartment, my impression was like
coz i was expecting a posh hotel...wuakakaka
me really 'thick-skin' one!
but this place does impressed me, not only with their set of equipments, like the one u see here in their kitchen...
 but they even hav a huge fridge, microwave & washing machine that comes with the soap powder as well
 ain't no surprise, this full set of cooking utensils are much more complete than what i hav at home!
 the overall view of the small but cosy kitchen
 and now, lets' switch to the living area
 again, i'm thinking of arranging the furniture in such way, for my future home-sweet-home
 and it must hav an LCD tv too
 coupled with some wall paintings
Lastly, to the see some shitty pictures...
 ok, there's no shit, just the decent toilet bowl, okay?
 and some soapy stuffs, towels, boxes of everything, except condom
 and here's the bathtub - exclusively in master bedroom only
u like?

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...