Thursday, October 31, 2019

Zouk, Red Tail & Fuhu

I have always wonder where Zouk is located in Genting, until I finally found out it is somewhere underground (lowerground) at SkyAvenue.
 The LG level houses a few more pubs/bars such as Red Tail
 and another latest addition....Fuhu…
 At a glimpse Fuhu doesn't seems like a bar/pub, but more of a traditional Chinese herbs shop
coz it has all these Chinese herbs displayed at the entrance....
then, walking further in...u will pass by a 'secret garden', such a total contrast from the earlier interior
very instagrammable corridor
walk in further and u will be greeted with a sakura tree bar
empty bar as it was still early to get drunk...
 wall painting, back to some Chinese drawings
what's on the menu?
this place specialises in fusion cocktails by blending Chinese herbs with liquor
 and here goes my 'free cocktail' - chrysanthemum with goji berries cocktail
quite refreshing and nice!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cheapo Lunch

I'm continuing to brag more about my cheapo lunch.
This was my lunch sometime last month which I 'tapao' from a college canteen.
Bolognaise spaghetti (RM6) + Fried chicken drumstick (RM3.50) = RM9.50
Well, it may not be 'cheapest' but where could you get a 'western food' with less than RM10?
 it was a satisfying meal, though there's nothing to shout about...everything taste just ordinary
 now, I can go extreme cheapo by having this 'leftover noodles' which I 'tapao' from another stall nearby the office...Guess how much?
 this was sold for breakfast and by the time I went to buy (during noon), this is considered as 'leftover' as it is no longer warm and fresh.
This box of noodles (mee goreng kosong) is RM2.
One day I got so much spare time during lunch hour that I did some tasting on both Pepsi and Coke, since they are leftover in the office fridge.
My verdict: Coke is more fizzy, which gave it more 'punch' meanwhile Pepsi is on the sweeter side. I preferred Coke than Pepsi.
 On another day (last month), it was my HOD birthday. Instead of us giving her b'day present, she gave each of us chocolates... sweet!
It was my first time receiving chocolates from my here's a picture of!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bar.B.Q Plaza

The team went to Bar.B.Q Plaza for a 'farewell' lunch with a colleague on last Friday.
 It is currently running a promotion set lunch from RM15.90 which is so 'value-for-money' as the portion is huge enuff to satisfy ur bbq cravings. The set meal consists of meat slices (pork/chicken/beef), garlic fried rice, lotsa shredded cabbage, assorted veggies (corn, carrots, lettuces, enoki mushrooms, king oyster mushroom), marinated chicken cubes, surimi sticks, udon noodles, fishcakes, meatballs, and free drinks!
It is definitely worthwhile if u have plenty of time to grill/cook the raw stuffs during your office lunch hour.
Note: This promotion is only available during weekdays.
We spent about 1.5 hours for the lunch, coz it is a sharing stove (2 stoves per table of 6 person)
Overall, the meal costs RM16.80 nett (after tax & service charge). I will definitely go there again, if the promotion is still on.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Early Dinner @ Two Pesos

I'm back to this outlet again after a year (or more) since my last visit.
This time I had seafood in milky broth @ RM24.15 nett (around there, can't remember the exact price).
The set looks good with prawn (one pcs only), taupok, assorted veggies, crab stick, tofu, a slice of cheese, dory fish and yee mee...So, basically this is more than enuff for a person.
 the mix and match sauces which I took from their centralised sauce counter
 this 'pot' can easily fill up 4 bowls (of this size)
a satisfying dinner indeed!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dinner @ Icon Kitchen, Jalil Link

Family dinner @Icon Kitchen again as it is nearby my sis place.
We ordered:
Claypot tofu with assorted veggies (RM18)
Fu yong omelette (RM12)
Stir fried yau mak with fermented bean sauce (RM18)
Steamed tilapia in assam sauce (RM45)
Deep fried buttered squid (RM25)
The portion was huge for some dishes although we ordered the 'S' (small size).
It was a sumptuous meal for 5.
Total price for all the above with rice (RM2 per plate) & drinks are RM144.10 after service charges & tax.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Late Lunch @ Madam Kwan's

Decided to have my late lunch at Madam Kwan's on one fine evening...
I ordered a plate of Kangkong belacan (RM18.90) coz I missed this dish so much....I remember it used to be superbly aromatic & flavorful with lotsa belacan, but not anymore
Curry noodles (RM18.90) was just has prawns, a few slices of chicken, eggplant, long bean, and taupok. The curry gravy is thick with santan, but not spicy.
The last time I went to this place was some 5-6 years ago...
Every now and then, there was a queue outside whenever I passed by, especially during lunch/dinner hours, hence I have totally abandon this place as my dining choice.
But that evening was exceptional coz it was an odd hour for a meal (somewhere 4pm), and the place was so empty...just a couple seating nearby (hehe, sorry I dun intend to stalk them!)
The food quality has dropped, and i guess that would be my final visit to Madam Kwan's.
Total price for this meal: RM37.80 nett

Monday, October 21, 2019

Another Wedding....

This year seems to be 'auspicious' due to a few closed relatives and friends tying the knot. 
Latest addition (to the wedding list) is my schoolmate whom I have known for 3 decades...We hardly see each other upon graduation, hence it was sort of 'reunion' when I met her on her big day.
 It was held in Full Gospel Assembly @ Kuchai Lama, same venue as my uncle's wedding ceremony some 25 years ago.
Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together & blessed marriage!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dinner + Dessert Treats

A colleague told me that he won $xxxx from Macao casino and I unashamedly requested him to treat me dinner...
Surprisingly, he obliged and we went to the Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park on one fine evening.
We ordered Fish Head Hot Pot (RM39.90) and a Chicken Hot Pot (RM24.90) to be shared by 3 person. The hot pot dish is very basic with meat, carrots and celeries in spicy gravy...but one can choose to add-on with other stuffs like veggies, tofu, fishcake etc with additional charges. We added a small portion of enoki mushrooms (RM4.50) and fishcake tofu (RM5.50) to balance the flavor...
Yea, the gravy is superbly spicy.
Overall a so-so meal as I would prefer steamboat with soups (and extensive side dishes/items) rather than spicy gravy with limited veggies option. But it was an eye-opener experience coz it was my first time having this.
His ex-boss (now his 'friend') then treated us the dessert....I was surprised with 2 person belanja me 'back-to-back' on the same day...LOL!
We had:
Cheese cake (I had the most of this!) - yea, I m so thick skinned not leaving some for them!
and tower waffle with whipped cream and ice-cream
There goes my 'date' with my colleague (and his ex-boss)…
sound scandalous eh...

Monday, October 14, 2019

Satay + Inside Scoop + Waffle Party

There was an event goin on in the office some weeks ago.
The best thing is - dinner was provided FOC after the event. We had....satays, waffles and
Inside Scoop ice-cream!!!
3 flavors to choose: Chocolate, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Teh Tarik
 I tried the Chocolate and Teh Tarik...both were good!
 Waffles prepared fresh from the stove, but gotta queue for it coz there were only one stove catering for 60 of us.
 Hot waffle...I can't wait to have it with ice-cream...yummzzz!!
 Some people did not eat...hence I had 2 rounds of these....
 plus unlimited servings of chicken and beef satays
 the admin ordered 1300 sticks @80 cents each
There were 60 of us, hence averagely, one could have around 21 sticks!
But again, not everyone took I managed to 'tapau' the rest to enjoy the following day...

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