Thursday, May 28, 2020

Annoying Sis Can Cook - Part 7

Now let's see what's on her dining table...
Stewed beef served with garlic buttered bread
 on another day: beef steak, and some 'unidentified' side dish
Updates on 29 May: Grilled beef steak in Worcestershire sauce. Unidentified side dishes: Pork strip in paprika & garlic, mashed potatoes, and sauteed onions
and dessert that she prepared - a tray of lychee agar-agar

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bak Chang

Today's lunch: Bak Chang!
 Good to have these again after a few months (since my last bak chang).
I have no idea how much this costs as it is given from BIL's family.
The rice dumpling is huge and packed with ingredients - mushroom, salted egg yolk, chestnuts, beans and pork belly. The glutinous rice is so filling that can lasts till evening.
 meanwhile here's another 'gift' from BIL to us 'for Mother's Day'
which I enjoyed snacking these days....
Ferrero Roche chocolates!
nom nom nommm….

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Goin Nuts!

Some random posts here & there...
Bought a kg of peanuts during my visit to NSK (some 3 weeks ago).
It is huge enuff to fill up 2 canisters...
I would munch on these whenever my mouth itchy...but these are so 'addictive' that I ended up overeating!
 These bakchang were given by BIL family. Yet to try....
 meanwhile, annoyin' sis boiled some Chinese herbal soup with so much ingredients....
The soup must be flavourful and nourishing!
Nope I did not get a sip at all!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mango Cake

Annoying sis baked mango cake for mum's birthday. It was a huge tray with generous mangoes dumped on top.
She took all the hassle to deliver the cake on Monday morning (18 May).
Mum posing with her birthday cake, without the candles coz she don't play with fire.
The cake was in the baking tray as annoying sis couldn't get a box/container that can fit the entire cake (without cutting it).
She left the cake cutting job to the birthday gal.
Overall the cake is ahemmm…..average, we still prefer the Oreo cheesecake that we had on last week but somehow she couldn't get the cream cheese hence unable to make one.

Monday, May 18, 2020

I went to NSK...

Business is back as usual.....Some KL folks have been returning to work (at their workplace/office) and even goin out dining, but we are still skeptical to go out shopping. We are limiting our outings to such crowded place especially supermarkets & morning market.
But I decided to venture to the nearby neighbourhood for some fresh produce.
It was a public holiday (but not in KL), though that doesn't make any difference as there were still many shoppers in NSK.
 When people are busy 'attending' to their shoppings, they tend to ignore social distancing...
After all, it is impossible to avoid being too close to each others with people moving around at random directions.
 the titbits corner, snap for fun only...not so interested on these
 my eyes are on...…..
they purposely misspell it?
 all sorts of seafood....but we buy none coz someone at home is allergic to seafood.
 After then we went to tapao our lunch at the coffeeshop that Mun went recently.
 and I had my curry noodles 'fix' - tapao from Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo. No foodie pictures coz I find the noodles so-so only.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Back to Office...

During the company webmeeting (on last week) our CEO told us that we can be back to the office starting 12 May.
Each staff will take turns to go to the office to pack up our belongings....and LEAVE...
nope, our company did not 'fire' us...I will continue the story after this...
Anyway, the company has assured us that the office is well disinfected by posting photos of the cleaner doin his job
 the HR has even bought plenty of hand sanitiser enuff to also sanitise our feet (if u wish!) as well as face masks.
We are being informed when is our turn to 'show up' in the office and a letter is provided for us to show to the gate guard for entry purpose.
I was scheduled to be in the office on 13 May, though it is not compulsory.
I went in for half day during the noon as I have morning meeting calls.
The traffic was smooth all the way in PLUS highway and I stopped by the drive thru to tapao KFC Nasi Kari Atuk (RM16.30 for 2 piece chicken combo)
 It came with a small box of curry (with 2 small potato cubes), sambal and coleslaw.
The rice is wrapped in the fake 'banana leaf' (it is actually a printed paper).
As usual, I requested for Original chicken thigh...
 My colleague who was so happy to see me in the office!
He had his McD burger with Starbucks coffee and I had my KFC meal for our late lunch
 After then I went back to my desk as we were told to pack up our belongings or stuff them into the drawer/cupboard. All our seatings will now become 'hotdesk' as to allow social distancing.
Starting June, staffs will have staggered work-in-office day, which means each staff would most likely work in the office for 2 days and the rest of it at home. To avoid people sitting too close to each other, 'hotdesk' approach is used so that staffs are sparse around rather than sitting in the same cubicle island.
We have yet to receive the schedule on our 'work in office' arrangement, but roughly I would be in the office on every Monday & Tuesday.
Here goes my 'clean & clear desk'.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Annoying Sis Cooks Curry Chicken

Now that's the curry chicken that I like!
Pekat (creamy) enough to go with white rice or bread....
Annoyin' sis done it right, perhaps she learned it from her MIL/SIL coz this definitely not from my mum's recipe...
now I feel like want to get some prata & curries!!! *thinking of Papparich

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Colourful Plants to Feast the Eyes

We have an all-year-round plants in the garden to feast our eyes...
The veggie plants did not make it into our garden due to the infertile soil but these colourful plants pulak survived.
Hence they deserved a recognition in the Hall of Fame...
*drum rolls
Ta Da!
I dunno most of the species name...
 except for bougainvillea (as seen in the background of the below picture).
Others to me are just colored leafy plants
 Closer snapshot
We have a few of the 'jinns tongue' (Sansevieria) which cleanses the air.
 Meanwhile on my annoyin' sis dining table.....
She ran out of idea on what to cook on a weekend hence did a steamboat (so she and BIL can do their own cooking)!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Our neighbour gave us...

Our kind neighbour enjoys preparing various delicacies for their Ramadan breaking fast. They blessed us with kuihs, roti jala, laksa utara, laksam etc...on different days.
Last week we received a big bowl of....
Bubur kacang hijau (mung bean porridge/sweet soup)
It was 'pekat' (creamy) as they put in sago and condensed milk.
We were so full after having this for our tea time!
On another day (unrelated to my neighbours offering) I had steamed chicken drumstick for one of my lunches.
We usually steam it with lotsa cabbages and diced carrots.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Homegrown Pineapples & Homemade Chicken Nuggets

These are homemade chicken nuggets prepared by head of kitchen. She uses tender chicken breast meat, marinated them and deep fried in 'Kentucky' seasoning batter. The seasoning flour can be bought from supermarket.
 She also deep fried some potato wedges and opened a can of baked beans to cook with omelette and diced fishcakes.
There goes our dinner...
 Meanwhile, we have 'slaughtered' our homegrown pineapple and here is how it looks like.
Yellow, ripe and sweet!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

My Typical Dinner - Part 3

Sometimes my dinner was abit 'lavish' after replenishing the groceries.
Here's our dinner...Got pork, fish, veggies and eggs...
Clockwise from top left:
Stir fried glass noodles with black fungus, shredded carrots and winter melon
Leftover omelette
Sweet & sour pork
Steamed golden pomfret
 The fish is huge hence it was cut into half and only steamed the upper part.
The tail is kept in the freezer for another day.
After a few days of downpour, our curry leaves plant grew excessively. We have to 'trim' it otherwise it look like a bush.
After giving some to our neighbours, there were still a handful of leaves left so we decided to cook chicken curry.
The chicken curry dish to go with a plate of stir fried cabbage and carrots.
 Dump all the curry leaves in there for more aroma...

Monday, May 4, 2020

Annoying Sis Can Cook - Part 6

Annoying sis cooked fried rice with lap cheong and sausage...Looks good, despite I don't favor lap cheong much.
 The other day she cooked omelette with French beans, pai guat wong (pork rib king) and boiled some radish.
After the MCO 'officially over' we can go over to her house for makan makan
At the moment, i'm still WFH despite the 'semi-lifted' MCO. Looking at the high number of COVID19 cases daily does not convince me to go back to the office that soon.
Anyway, let's see how's the CEO direction during our staff webmeeting later.

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