Friday, October 30, 2020

The WFH Meals & Burger King Double King

Finished the last box of mooncakes which we bought at discounted price - RM5 per piece of mooncake!
Now that i m WFH full time (again!)....we would sometimes tapao lunch from the nearby neighbourhood kopitiam.
Bought a pack of fried rice. We added some plain rice on it so that it is less oily and can be shared by 3 pax. 
Here's the Char Kuey Teow (with yellow noodles) bought at RM6.50
The lunch at home
Meanwhile, BK is having promotion from 12-3pm.
Double king burger (beef/chicken) at RM9.90 nett. It comes with fries, drinks and burger with double patties.
This was dine-out before the lockdown. The entire restaurant only have 4 tables occupied (including mine).
Thick fries and succulent burger patties...i will buy this again whenever there's chance.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Original Banana Leaf @ IOI City Mall

2 weeks before the 2nd lockdown, we had team lunch at Original Banana Leaf restaurant.
I ordered a banana leaf rice set meal and add on with a plate of chicken varuval.
The set is about RM17+ (inclusive of the chicken varuval).
The banana leaf rice comes with 3 vegetarian side dishes, papadam, rice with curry gravy, resam, and a glass of drink (i ordered honey lime which is not in the picture).
This would be my first & last banana leaf rice of the year....since i foresee that we might not have much chance to dine out till end of the yearšŸ˜Ÿ
On other days when i was working in the office, i would tapao (from drive thru) either McD or KFC.
The below is KFC signature box meal. It comes with a piece of chicken, zinger burger, fries and carbonated drink @ RM15.50 nett.
Solo dining in the office pantry. I put everything on a plate to reheat in the microwave.
Earlier this month, my colleague prepared this orange mousse cake and brought it to the office for us to try. That was our last 'get-together' in the office before everyone started to WFH. We even had a small 'farewell' group photo before digging into this mousse cake!
Judging from the current pandemic situation....It will be some time before we see each other again.
Stay safe!

Friday, October 23, 2020

Dinner @ Yee Look, Sri Petaling

The dinner was more than a month ago, before the 3rd wave happened.
We ordered:
Steamed kampung chicken (half bird)
Stir fried greens (can't remember what type of veggie is this)
Tofu in egg gravy and assorted veggies
Assam tilapia fish
Deep fried calamari in salted egg
A satisfying dinner as the dishes taste good.
This would be the final family dine-out before the lockdown till 'dunno when'.
Here's the bill (for 5 pax)

Friday, October 9, 2020

Nandos, McD & KFC all in one day

It was a working weekday and i had team lunch at Nandos. I ordered this set of quarter chicken with 2 side dishes for RM15.30 nett after discount via their App.
There was no coleslaw and salads available that time (*sold out), hence i have no choice but to have their spiced rice and potato wedges to go with mild peri-peri chicken.
Overall OK, just tad dry. The spiced rice taste rather bland.
After work, i went to McD to buy dinner from the drive-thru. Ordered 2 sets of  'Mix & Match' value meal which consists of a cheeseburger + small fries each. 
It is quite worth it at RM6 nett per set. Was planning to have one for dinner and keep the other set for lunch the following day.
Somehow the staff told me to park my car aside coz the fries are not ready.
After waited for 5 minutes, the staff came over and handed over a huge paper bag with fries. It was dark and i didn't bother to check, only after i felt that it was quite heavy for 2 small fries that i decided to open to check....
to my 2 small fries came with 2 large fries!
so overloaded with fries....
After reached home, i saw that my mum has bought RM19.90 KFC promo box with 4 pieces chicken + 5 pieces chicken tenders. She kept 2 pieces of fried chicken + 2 pieces of chicken tenders for me.
So...there it goes, my fast food jumbo meal....
OK la....this is meant for 2 meals. I had a small pack of fries, a cheeseburger, a piece of fried chicken and a piece of chicken tender for full! The rests & the large fries all stuffed in the fridge but the fries had become soggy the next day.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Fancy Mooncakes Box

At first glance, one would thought this as a coin box
But when u shake it, there is no coin insidešŸ˜’
Instead, there are mooncakes
Fancy box with the faƧade depicting the 4 seasons
Cute and colorful...which one do u like the most?
This box can only fit 2 pieces of mooncakes
There is also a paper bag...taken from another brand (Casa Hana)
just as colorful as the brought back memories of the olden days
the other side of the paper bag
We bought these mooncakes at half price...each piece costs around RM9+ or 10+
As of  now, the mooncakes are still on sale...the prices slashed to as low as RM5 per piece!
and it comes with fancy metal boxes too!

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Snowskin Mooncakes

Annoying sis bought more mooncakes for us....this time is homemade snow skin mooncakes that her colleague made
She ordered only a box and took a piece to try...The remaining 3 go to us....
The size is smaller than the usual mooncakes...The yellow skin is with lotus paste filling.
and the green skin has red bean filling.
These are made without preservatives and has to be kept in cold temperature....
Happy Mid Autumn!

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...