Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exist but not related in any way...

The other day i received a postcard attached with US Postal stamp. It somehow traveled some xxxxx miles to reach my house but it was intended for someone else. The recipient was addressed to Dr. Lim S.S., which obviously isn’t me or anyone in the house. I googled upon this name and found out the person is a somewhat a senior lecturer in the medical faculty of a local prime Uni.

But my curiousity doesn’t stop there, as i continued to analyze each and every corner of the card to verify its authenticity...and inspecting if it is really originated from the place as stamped. It has a 2D barcode stamp, with postcode 92111, San Diego...Interesting.

I googled up that postcode, and zoomed into it with google map and found out that place was indeed so near to my “idol’s hometown” (if-you-knw-who-he-is!).

Both the recipient and mailing address do exist but not related in any way. Weird, but how does it got my house address?

Tokyo @ Nite

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The so-called Prison Meal

If i m to count my blessing, it would be indeed a long list.

Being a simple person by nature, i dun demand much in terms of food or fashion. And i m glad to work in a company that provides daily ‘free’ lunch without me thinking on what to eat. Well, i mean the subsidized canteen food. All i had to do is to pick my selection and tap the staff card. No payment involved!

Still, there are people who complaint that those food are sort of ‘prison meal’. Some people’s taste bud is hard to please, anyway. Maybe they have yet to experience the worst. The taste might be too bland over the time, but as long as it is edible, everyting goes well into my stomach.

Some might wonder how i could stand walloping such food...Try ‘savouring’ the canteen food in my campus and u’ll realise how blessed it is to have so much choices over here and with a better taste! The campus days was a good training ground for me to be not fussy over here i m, after years of leaving campus, i still miss their canteen food!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Forgotten One

The world doesn’t revolve around me nor anyone else, but some people do have the charisma of being in the centre of attention for as long as he/she is on earth. Nope, i’m not lamenting over lack of attention, but at least not being the forgotten one.

Similarly to certain AI participant, some of those potentials are easily forgotten, faded and gone into the thin air...without being mentioned again. I guess i would be the one. Recently another classmate got married, and to my surprise, my 2 other close buddies were invited, but i totally had no idea on the wedding until seeing the photos! And how cud these so-called my close buddies didn’t suggest the host to tag me along? I dun blame them for that, coz most probably they have forgotten me, after all i m jst one of the many characters that crossed path in their life. Sounds pathetic huh?

Do I sound like Elphaba, the humble green faced wizard in Wicked?

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