Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teatime - Nasi Lemak

Sometime ago, I worked at a company that provided us tea-time, and b'coz of that I would sometimes skipped lunch coz I got to enjoy this in the evening :-)
yumzzz...nothing is greater than a warm plate of nasi lemak with ayam goreng berempah!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Korean Dinner and Sangkaya

Few weeks back, we had Korean barbequed with hot bean-paste soup for dinner...After all the hot and spicy food, we went to have something chill for dessert...
where else if not to the newly opened Sangkaya...It is jst a few rows away from our dining place. And as usual, it was darn crowded!
Despite that we managed to get a seat and enjoyed the flavorful coconut ice cream....
We ordered their famous item on the menu which priced at RM9.90. The were four types of free-flow condiments available at the counter - kidney beans, corns, peanuts, cornflakes. The combination was superb! Seems like such coconut ice-cream desserts business are now 'mushrooming' like those 'Chatime' outlets those days...
Anyhow, this is definitely worth trying for a first timer ;-)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kuey Teow Th'ng @ Papparich

On some days, I would prefer clear soup noodles for dinner, here it goes the kuey teow th'ng at Papparich...with steamed chicken.
and u know that when I dined at Papparich, it means 'late dinner' coz all other shops were closed and I dun have much option.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mid-Autumn Lanterns

*this is an outdated post
Mid Autumn nite is the day where we showcased our 'antique' lanterns.
These conventional paper type lanterns have been kept for years....while the older ones got burned.
Sis has the practice of keeping this 'tradition' alive...despite in her 30's
she is now a 'pro' in litting the paper lanterns without accidently burning them...
for the past years we had one or two lanterns damaged each year...but lately we managed to keep them in good shape.
see how colourful they are!
these are the 'survivors' from our 'treasures'!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Bali Escapade

Few weeks back I blogged about my late nite shopping for a sandal. Yea, I dun usually do late shopping unless is REALLY necessary. And I was desperately needing to get a beach sandal coz I dun have a pair since it has been ages since I last went to the beach!
Anyhow, as the title shows...I actually went to Bali during the long weekend when BERSIH 4.0 was held. Here are some of the snippets (of photos that I took).
Sunset at Jimbaran, this was taken on the first day where we dine by the seaside 'purposely' to watch the sunset...The view wasn't that spectacular as it was cloudy.
Flight meal - The veggie was overcooked and tasted like overnite leftover food.This was probably the worst flight meal that I took on MAS flight...after all it was the first day that MAB took over. Despite being hungry, I did not manage to finish the food.
 Grilled seafood served during the beach dining. Looks good but tasted awful...The fish and skewer were OK, but for the rest - eat at your own risk, coz they were not cleaned thoroughly.
Dinner at an Indonesian was so-so, but the fish dishes were excellent. Yea, I had a few types of fishes (steamed with different gravy and the crispy fried one)
and lastly the remembrance company photo...
yea, it was a sponsored company trip ;-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Beef Bulgogi @ MiNaRae

MiNaRae was the first Korean restaurant that i tried way before Seoul Garden or Dao Rae.
It was less crowded back then...
But now, this place has gotten popular in the neighbourhood and is usually very crowded during the peak lunch and dinner hours.
I tink they did the right thing in keeping the crowds coming...yea, their banchans are superb.
 it is not like those crappy cucumbers and beansprout that i got in those bigger Korean chain restaurant. Here in MiNaRae it has a variety and 'balanced' banchans consists of beans, potato salad, fishcakes, anchovies and nuts, kimchi, pancake and even cauliflower! 
All together a total of 10 banchans!
 and out of them, 2 are the kimchi stuffs...
 and nope i did not order some barbeque items but instead i was jst having a beef bulgolgi soup.
It was generous with ingredients and the soup was flavorful.
this meal costs only RM19.90, and after GST it is somewhere RM21.10
It sure was a hearty meal and value for money indeed.
BoN ApPetiT!

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