Tuesday, March 31, 2020

I've got spam....

yes, I mean the edible spam...We only bought a can and cooked it on last Friday.
 meanwhile, my meals are usually quite simple like porridge....This was my yesterday lunch...
 will be posting more home-cooked food...Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

MCO Extended to 14 April???

Oh no...it means i hav to continue to WFM for another 3 weeks! I'm so office-sick now....miss the office and everyting there - my comfy chair, personal aircond, the cats, the pantry cookies and...my colleagues 
 *these pictures were taken back in 2018...and my desk has shifted elsewhere
 And of course i miss the weekend outings...
 Salary already out on last Fri...that at least motivates me...'psychologically'
Anyway, hopefully after the MCO i dun put on weight but instead slim down after eating healthy home-cooked food for a month~~
To those who are working from home - Happy Working!
and those who are not...

Monday, March 23, 2020

Ichiban Ramen @ IOI City Mall

The day before the MCO enforcement I had lunch with my teammates as sort of 'farewell'...
We had ramen at Ichiban Ramen, with value lunch set promotion.
Each lunch set comes with green tea and a side dish of either tofu, gyoza or salad.
 I had gyoza side dish 
 meanwhile my colleagues chose tofu
 As I was rushing to bakery shop to stock up my bread supply, I simply ordered without deciding much - here's my impromptu order: Spicy Ramen with Teriyaki Chicken.
Quite generous portion with lotsa noodles and at least 6 to 7 pieces of well-marinated chicken cubes, so tender like those yakitori sticks chicken cubes.
The soup wasn't spicy at all despite looking devil red.
 ok la for a first timer
 another colleague went to buy bread too, so my camera 'eaten' his noodles - this is Chicken Ramen...looks good with creamy broth
 The extensive menu next to the entrance...I shall try out some other things next time!
 they have bento set too...looks good..
meanwhile, I went jalan jalan to kepoh in Tesco (while waiting for my noodles) to see what's left after the panic buying (the day before MCO)...Seems like all the groceries, dried food, noodles and canned food were gone...but there were some bottles of dishwasher left, selling at relatively cheap prices!
I wanted to grab some but put off my intention seeing the line was so long with most shoppers having full trolley(s).
Today is my WFM (work-from-home) Day 4.....Eating home cooked food daily, haven't been out of the house for 6 days ;-)

Monday, March 16, 2020

Burger King RM9.90 Promo Extended to Whole Day

The other week after I had the BK promo lunch with colleague, I saw the advertisement on FB and decided to drop by BK again, this time for dinner. Yes, they did a 'wise choice' of extending the promo till whole day!
To cater for late diners like me ;-)
 So, I left the office around 8:55pm on Thursday and reached BK IOI City Mall at 9:10pm. The place was quite empty...great! Only a few shoppers and most of them wore masks.
Got my burger without much waiting and seated comfortably in a near-to-empty restaurant enjoyin my quiet dinner..
 ah...blissful life!!!
 This shop was previously occupied by Fish&Co, it was recently took over by BK and the interior is tastefully renovated.
 u can see that the seats are mostly empty...coz it is near closing time
 After the meal, I still have some time left before the mall closing, hence I dropped by Tesco to stock up my instant noodles...
to check out on the toilet rolls....LOLx
just kidding, I m not those 'psycho' who hoarded the toilet rolls, I was just curious if there are still any stock left coz it was reported that many stores have run out of these...
Note: the BK promo is only until yesterday (15 March 2020)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dahmakan - 30% Off

The food delivery services are getting competitive these days with promotional discounts and....free gifts!
 After a few months of not ordering from dahmakan....I decided to give it a second chance (hoping that the service has improved).
Well, it was an impromptu decision after receiving an sms from dahmakan that they will be giving away free yogurt drinks with every purchase on International Women's Day (8 March), on top of the 30% discount (with minimum purchase of RM20) 
 hence, I reinstalled the app in my phone, revived my 'account' and started clicking away....
Here are my orders:
Hawaiian Chicken Pizzania
A combination of lasagna but with Chicken ham and pineapple cubes, sort of Hawaiian chicken pizza ingredients (minus the bread).
Quite filling but too cheesy for me.
 Garlic Black Pepper Rice
I did not taste this but my mom commented that the sauce was too peppery and the chicken are not those fresh chicken (frozen chicken)...Well, this sort of delivery can't compare to the 'chap fan' stall where they cook fresh chicken from the market.
 the delivery service seems to improve 'slightly'. I put the delivery time as 12:20pm and my food arrived around 1pm...So it is not 'overly late'...
 I was surprised to see 2 large bottles of Marigold yogurt drinks coz I was expecting the small individual bottles...but anyhow I kept those in the fridge for future consumption...lolx
Total damage: RM19.58 for all the above inclusive of delivery.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Foodpanda Delivery - Papparich

There was some delivery promotion goin on in Foodpanda with 30% discount (by applying the code: PANDAPAL) plus with free delivery charges.
I took this opportunity to try out the service and ordered from Papparich
Curry Noodles with thick & rich curry soup.
The soup was packed separately in a paper bowl/container
the noodles (and its ingredients) are packed in a plastic container which is microwavable....The ingredients consist of fishcake, chicken, long beans, beansprouts and 2 pieces of crispy beancurd sheets. I opted for vermicelli noodles (meehoon) mixed with yellow noodles.
 I also ordered Fried Kuey Teow...I kept it for lunch on the following day
Total damage: RM23.38 for all the above inclusive of delivery.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Burger King Promo 12-3pm

Me & a colleague went to try out the Double King burger as it has promotion from 12-3pm daily (not sure about weekend). Double King means it has double patties hence u'l get mouthful of meat when u bite into the burger....yummmzzz….
It comes in either beef or chicken at RM9.90 per set meal, inclusive of fries and drinks
 both of us had the beef Double King....
the usual price for this is around RM12.90...hence it is quite worth to try at such discounted price...not to mention that the quality is much better than McD...well at least the fries are thicker!
Hopefully I can have another round before the promotion ends...

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Lo Faro Caffe, Happy Garden

Annoying sis got her bonus and decided to give us a treat on last Saturday.
She suggested that we try out this cafe nearby our place...
It was a corner shop with ample parking space during the evening...
Order is made at the counter and paid on the spot...semi 'self-service'.
 ice lemon tea and chocolate drink
 all of us ordered chicken chop but with different sauces....We tried all: Hainanese sauce, Mushroom sauce and Black Pepper sauce.
Here's the bill...did u notice the funny slogan at the bottom?
If u prefer a quiet spot for a cuppa, this place could be the one as it has a variety of coffee and cakes available.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Malay Food Stall

The cafeteria nearby my office sells mostly Malay food. There is a stall that sells noodles such as Asam Laksa, Mee Rebus, Mee Bandung, Soto Ayam...etc...
Here's the Soto Ayam - a yellow spicy chicken soup with lontong or nasi himpit or ketupat and/or vermicelli or noodles.
I seldom eat this coz it is not filling enuff to last till dinner, but it is reasonable at RM5.50
 Here's what i had on last Friday...same price at RM5.50...can u guess what is this?
 Later that evening, the company was having its second Townhall, and as usual there were makan-makan....Just some simple dishes from the caterer...
Buffet style, can eat as many rounds, and even tapao..
Being cheapskate, i tapao the Pineapple fried rice and some green curries for lunch on Saturday...well, at least another meal is taken care of....

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