Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Meat One @ Sri Petaling

On the election day (19 Nov), I went for voting at the neighbourhood secondary school. By 10, the rain has stopped but still drizzling....It was a long queue in the morning, but it doesn't dampened my spirit in performing my duty as a citizen.
Done my duty after an hour queue...*while hoping for a better future for the country
By the time I've completed it was so sunny and i drop-by to the nearby eatery (Poppo Canteen) to get some cooling dessert....Ais Kacang!
Despite so much condiments, this ais kacang is a total failure...It tastes weird with strong artificial flavor from canned pineapple, peach and nutmeg...
The flavor is too strong that overpowers each other...not to mention it is overly sweet too. I didn't manage to finish the ais kacang...
Later I adjourned to the newest eatery in the neighbourhood - Meat One
Nope, i did not order the pork it for next round....
It is located at a newer stretch of shop....hence the shop is new. I like its simple, no-frills interior. 
This eatery occupies the ground and 1st floor.
I had fish & chips at RM15.70nett...
On my plate: fish, chips/fries, some purple cabbages, lettuce, a slice of tomato and a bun.
Just ordinary, nothing to shout about.
It's a family friendly restaurant, different concept from Brew House (pub/bistro concept) although both specialises in western/fusion type of food....

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Kwong Wah Ais Kacang @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

After reading some good reviews from fellow bloggers, I decided to drop by this outlet for a try.
The shop by itself....with proper dining seats...
I didn't expect a shop for selling just ais kacang, cendol (and light snacks) coz normally it is either a kiosk or some stall at foodcourt. Quite spacious in this corner lot.
I had rose syrup ais kacang....
subtle taste of rose syrup which is very refreshing...not too sweet, just nice!
The condiments are hidden beneath (at the bottom) - peanuts, cincau, red beans, corns....
The condiments blended so well with the rose syrup flavor.
I will definitely come back for this again!
Took a walk at Tsutaya bookstore....It was a weekday evening, hence the reading corner has ample seats...There is a cafeteria in this bookstore, where u can enjoy a cuppa while reading a book.
Some people just brought their laptop and work here...
Cosy, quiet corner
Somehow i think the lighting is too dim for reading....I might fall asleep here...

Friday, November 25, 2022

Delay No More Under The Sea Restaurant @ IOI City Mall

[Throwback] Last month the team was so stressed with multiple projects and to 'de-stress', the boss decided to treat us all a dinner at a seafood restaurant. It's a halal restaurant, hence no pork, no lard...purely seafood (and some chicken dishes, i think).
We made a booking for 9 pax, and arrived there around 7.15pm.
The place was still vacant by the time we arrived.
At the entrance, there's a showcase 'aquarium' with lively sea creatures...
The menu...the cover reminds me of some sort of kids' book.
Their logo with a miserable looking crab.
The boss did the ordering. We had:
Sotong kangkung
Fresh steamed prawns
Salted egg buttermilk crab and chili crab (not in picture)
Seafood fried rice
We also ordered scallops (not in picture)
Finally all dishes arrived, and within seconds we were busy digging in.
a pricey dinner, but boss is paying, so no qualm. Dishes were OK, but can have better ones elsewhere with that kinda price. The bill came to around RM1540nett.
Meanwhile, since my 2 furry friends are back, i take the chance to feed them whenever i m in the office...The white cat is rarely around. I suspect she has been 'adopted' by some staff from the office next door and was brought home after office hour. 
The black cat remains and 'guard' the office entrance. As usual, she's quite chatty (when she didn't see me for a few days) and has lotsa story to tell, although i dun understand. She even follow me to the toilet­čśĆ
I admire her well kept fur....silky smooth black fur, nicer than my hair....i 'jeles'....

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tokyo Town & Mitsuyado Ramen @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

This was my dinner at Pavilion Bukit Jalil on a quiet evening on Thursday, 3 Nov.
Was undecided on what to eat until i stumbled on this Volcano...hmmm....maybe next time.
The shop was quite empty during the weekday evening. Only a few tables occupied.
Ordered their Hakata ramen, with double charsiu and added an onsen egg.
Tastewise pretty decent...or i would say above average...on par with Ippudo standard. Onsen egg nicely done (not too raw nor overcooked), ramen texture is OK (not soggy), with creamy white rich broth.
This place specialises in Tsukemen (dipping noodles), but they also sell a wide range of Hakata & other types of ramen.
Pricewise is reasonable too, and way cheaper than Ippudo (which is above RM40 range).
This bowl of ramen costs RM24++. After include service charges and SST, it is RM27.85 nett. I will definitely come back again...
Perhaps, next round I shall also try out other eateries, such as Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen.
It is located within the Tokyo Town @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil.
Somehow i felt that this 'Tokyo town' is quite deserted and not many passer-by.
It definitely has the 'Japanese vibe', though I wouldn't expect any eatery/restaurant located in this 'ghost town'...I guess others would think so too...
*just look at another empty restaurant here....
There was a staff stood there with sampling of Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake). I guess that staff hardly see anyone passing by and was excited to see me. Too bad i have already eaten and too full for anything else.
At another side of the 'town', there is this wall being decorated with Japanese brand Nissin cup/instant noodles and other Japanese brands noodles/snacks. Very creative!
Further away (nearer to the entrance of Tokyo town), I saw some civilisation­čśÇ
At least a few people were dining at a Teppanyaki bar.
Hopefully the business here could survive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Seoul Garden @ IOI City Mall (new wing)

My colleague aka partner-in-crime invited me for a dinner after work. She was so eager to have buffet again after a few years (since lockdown).
The cheapest yet affordable buffet that we can find around the vicinity (from our office) is at IOI City Mall....
We reached there slightly after 7pm and the place was still empty. Lotsa seats available, hence we chose the one nearest to the food counter. 
But before that, we need to pay and ordered our preferred soup base. Dinner buffet priced at RM63nett per pax on a weekday. Different price range for weekday and weekend, as well as for kids & senior citizen.
For those who has no idea what sort of buffet is this, well it is a combination of steamboat and barbeque. Hence each table is equipped with stove & grill.
The food counter consists of marinated meat section (where you picked the chicken, beef, fish for barbeque), steamboat section (with lotsa seafoods available as well as fishballs/fishcakes/crabsticks/processed meat), fresh produce section (with all sorts of lettuces, mushrooms, tofu, eggs, etc to heat with the steamboat soup), ready-to-eat-dishes section (which serves fried rice, fried noodles, nuggets, deep fried finger food), salad section (which has ready-to-eat salads).
There is also desserts corner where you can have unlimited helpings of ice-cream and ais kacang/cendol.
For drinks, there are coffee, tea and all sorts of carbonated drinks available.
here are our picks...
Did our own cooking once we picked our food items.
While waiting for the food to get cooked, I had these ready-to-eat stuff as starter:
Fried rice, fried noodles (plain), nugget, potato salad, deep fried spring roll and some raw capsicum.
These are my picks for the steamboat later on...
We chose kimchi soup and creamy seafood soup.
Here are the marinated meats (chicken, fish, beef) waiting to be grilled...This is only my portion.
I only occupied 70% of the grill, whereas my colleague had the entire grill full! But we both had a second round afterwards too.
let's dig in....halfway eating and grilling the meats
we fully utilised the entire 2 hours to keep ourself occupied with eating, barbequing and cooking (steamboat).
By the time we finished, i was too full to have desserts...but nevertheless i still went to try out their ice cream.
Overall a good meal, and quite worth the price with a variety food choices.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Deepavali Celebration @ Office

[Throwback] Exactly a month ago, the office event committee organised a Deepavali celebration after the working hour, and everyone was invited for the occasion.
But before that, during lunch I had KFC 'Fill up' set. Price is still the same as last year which is RM8.99 nett.
And it consists of 4 pieces of nuggets, 1 piece chicken, 1 small coleslaw, 1 small whipped potato and a drink. Quite worth it....and this promo was available for only 2-3 days.
By 6, the staff adjourned to the collaboration area to listen to the CEO speech as well as to participate in a 'competition' organised by the event committee during that evening.
there were about 6-7 teams...
Each team was so talented in creating 'kolam', despite being a first timer for most of us.
in progress...
Another team with their neat & colorful 'kolam'
The end product:
Next....there is even a dragon(?) or bird (?)
Yet another colorful one....
Here's the end product after the final touch up.
Lastly, the messy one...haha...all members doing half-heartedly....
coz we were all thinking about food....
After done with that, we had our dinner at 7pm....
Foods were catered from Laksha Caterer...
Tastewise OK-la....
The committee ordered around 7-8 dishes, and I tried each of them.
There were briyani rice, varuval chicken, sambal prawns, mutton curry, aloo gobi, some deep fried potato ball (dunno what isit called in actual name), papadam...etc. Desserts include gulab jamun, some coconut-based sweet soup and watermelons. Simple yet filling.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...