Friday, May 31, 2013

Help, I'm stressed!!!

*This post is so much overdue and was written some time ago...Glad that I resigned...and now they 'appreciated' my contribution more. But people never learn...the same cycle repeated. Hopefully i could escape my tedious job very very soon...

I m supposingly to stay back and work on my tenders....coz i have 3 running tenders that is about to due soon.
Well, not that i dun care about it and act 'cool'...but i jst dun have the mood to do anything when things went "out of control".
"Out of control" due to resources shortage and time limit. Wish that i could have more time to deal with each tender but all 3 came in at the same time and submission was jst one week apart from each other!
There's nothing to be proud of being the sole survivor in the team, in fact all my teammates have now moved on and no longer touching or dealing with bids...IT IS A TEDIOUS JOB!
Yea, i knew that, but i stayed on, and now i m the LONGEST surviving team player (though there is no one else in the team). I have survived what is supposingly the 3rd cycle, coz the team that i m having now is a completely new faces ever since I joined. Not only that, but it is a complete 180 degree change of all new faces for the 3rd time! I guess i m now entering the 4th cycle with another new boss.
Yes, even my bosses have changed!
Imagine having see my boss-es left and another take over only to bid him/her farewell soon after a year or less...It is kinda demotivating.
It isn't an enjoyable job...I'd say that this current job that i m holding is not a promising one, and people will only treat us as 'office maid'?  Meaning, that someone who did all the work but the one who got fame and all the pride is someone else (could be the direct boss, or the account manager)...and soon enuff, u were left unappreciated, no one in the company knows your contribution despite you having worked hard and throw plenty of effort in meeting the deadline and ensuring the company wins the bid!
No commission, no appreciation. NOTHING! and then the same mode continues...they dragged us to handle another tender (yet another hectic and pressure cycle) and tells you to do it properly so that the company could win....(But what the heck of winning...i m SICK & TIRED of hearing all this WINNING thingy, that it got no impact in motivating me anymore). Not that i m getting any recognition and share out of it! Only more shits to come my way. What upsets me more, is that all the superiors (with manager ranking) knows our hardship but tried to avoid doing our job...coz they know this "bidding job" is mean for younger people who can sustain hardlife, work hard, tough, and have high endurance/patient coz the job is very very very (x billion zillion times) TEDIOUS (as in using mental power). It sounds like a superman's job to be able to know everything from technical knowledge of the company's product, vendor's product, to legal terms, and then financial calculation (project costing) and then putting the technical stuffs into nice written form (in terms of writing contents and sophisticated graphics). I would say it requires an all-rounder to be able to do such. Not to mention also good time, resources, and project management. But why project management? Coz u gotta plan also the project (yea, the project that u r bidding on!) timeline, resources, and the entire architecture of how that project should looks like and how it should be developed. So, not only u r planning the bid and how should the team execute the bid to meet deadline, but is also planning the project jst like any Project Manager does! and sad still, PM doesn't have to do all the writing and graphics and calculation and negotitation, coz this task has been distributed to dedicated personnel (or a project team) who do such tasks after the contract is awarded. But during the bidding one cares about it...coz to others it is just a waste of effort when there isn't a promising revenue yet.
Yes, it is true that there is someting is REALLY wrong with the management and with the work segregation here...but the top management doesn't realise it and only blame the lower level staffs of doing things inproperly. BUT why is it us to be blamed? It is not one person effort but also the entire company...IF they dun cooperate, there is no point we can whipped out MAGIC by ourselves...This is very very saddening case...even my new boss, and my new colleagues can SEE THIS ISSUE....and they are now looking for an 'escape'....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A twist in my final decision...

Have u ever felt so much doubt that u feel loss?
Well that is that kinda feeling i m havin rite now.
Am still doubtful over my decision of switching job.
It isn't about the 'switch' that makes a big deal, but is about leaving behind my current company and my 3yr++ of track record that gets me eligible for PMP certification, and leaving behind my comfort zone...and my hardship effort that gets me some lil' recognition in the current company...
And the awful feeling of the whole scenario in starting over afresh at an unknown place with strangers 'colleague', and climbing over the 'corporate stairs' again.
I'm not belittling my ability of not able to re-do all over again, but why re-do when u already achieved and is getting so near to 'it' over here?
Well i do miss the lil' luxury that i have if i ever leave:
  1. The allocated internal car park that is reserved for me under the designation of 'xxx manager'.
  2. The luxury of staying so near the work place and less (or near to zero) hassle of commuting to work. Staying up late in the office is someting i enjoyed :-) coz it is peaceful and quiet at night.
  3. Being a 'tai ka che' over here, being respected and well-known to most people.
  4. Monthly b'day celebration & bonding with ppl from other dept.
  5. Daily free lunches? hehe....
  6. $$$$$ the nice figure of counter offer
  7. Opportunity to travel to exotic countries.
  8. Working under a 'respectable' and 'understanding' boss who values my skills.
  9. Chances to polish my leadership and presentation skills.
  10. Those phone, mobile, parking, travel allowances/claims, OTs that i could claim.
  11. No cost of parking, lunches, mobile all are covered by company.
  12. Safe and green environment in TPM.
  13. Freedom of roaming around ;-) well, i can walk anywhere i wish when too bored sitting at my place.
  14. Freedom to do personal things, well, not during office hour of course...but the short travel time can get me anywhere and save me time to spend more on personal stuffs ;-)
  15. Less formal environment.
  16. Less office politics.
Why should i care about those lazy people that is spending company $$ but not doing a single work...i jst need to do my part and paid accordingly, that's supposed to be it.
I have been thinking so long and afraid of making another mistake that i did 5 years ago. Well, it is not easy to mend back...IT TOOK 5 GREAT YEARS!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Genting Membership Dinner Treat

As i mentioned in my previous post...i m now a Genting member which i could enjoy various nice treat from this well-known amusement place. We got to have this chinese banquet dinner at the First World Hotel Convention Hall...
The table was still empty when we got in
 The stage as seen from my place...yea...that was quite far
 Typical table setting for a chinese banquet
 starters - potato chips and fried anchovies with sesame
 now comes the real thing...
but first...the MENU
 me anxiously waiting for the first dish :-)
 and finally....
the hot and cold platter...
Thai sytle jelly fish, smoked salmon fish, deep fried cheese roll and pan fried clam & prawn with satay sauce (oppss, picture abit reddish coz of the dim lighting)
 fish maw, abalone voluta, dried scallop with seafood broth
 steamed chicken...everyone seems to be impatient for this dish (as u see hands busy picking the best part of the chicken!)
deep fried red snapper with soy sauce
braised abalone and fish maw with season grass 
 fried rice
 red bean dessert ("tong sui")
 which paired well with chinese pan cake ;-)
Bon Appetit!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Canteen Food - Part 6

(Clockwise from left to right) Stir-fried long beans, cuttlefish in sambal gravy, kurma chicken, hard boiled egg, yellow water melon,  chips and rice
i bet u'll be full after having this!

Harvest from the farm

Sis went to someone's farm and harvested some greens...
oh wait...there are greens, purple, reds too!
eggplant, persimmon, bittergourd, long bean, ocra, sweet potato leaves...and many more...
 and the giant size cucumber that u can see here.
Mum got a lil' too excited with the soursop that she cut it off and have it instantly
 bird's eye chillie...superbly spicy to the max!!!
the whole family is super happy with the fresh organic harvest! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Canteen Food - Part 5

Now, this is someting western
I had the most nicest ala "Kenny Rogers' set meal in the canteen
(Clockwise from bottom) Kueh seri muka (some local sweet delicacy for dessert), baked bean, roasted chicken, mashed potato in mushroom gravy, and bolognaise spaghetti...
Superbly full...coz i was served with such a big portion (of everything!)
greedy me...haha!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Serious Working Mode

 What would I do when i m stressed?
yea, in the toilet~~~~
one fine day, after lunch...instead of returning back to my place and continue working, my itchy hand started to snap
i dun prefer to sit (and face the dumb laptop) right after i find some "activities" to do, someting that required me to move around 
yea, i look stressed, and serious most of the time
i hardly can put up a smile, hence this forceable one!

The room @ Genting First World

It has been my third stay at Genting First World hotel...all thanks to the membership dinner treat where i got to enjoy free room & free meal (dinner and a breakfast on the following day).
Nice deal rite?
the elevator & corridor leading to my room
 the misty cloud and view from the behind of the hotel
 here's the standard room...well, not much to expect when the room is free
 my bed on the left
 mum's bed on the right
there is a basin next to the shower and the toilet rooms,
i like how they separate the shower and toilet in different rooms.
Hence, someone can go for shower while the other can use the toilet at the same time
and the basin is situated at outside of these is so convenient as it can be used separately from the shower and toilet
overall...i had a pleasant stay here
another free room will be on my birthday month ;-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Canteen Food - Part 4

well, this picture was taken from Week 3.
(Clockwise from bottom) Beef rendang, curry fish, egg omelette, stir-fried mixed cabbage with carrots, some chips and banana (for dessert)

Genting Highland re-visited...(Part 2)

Another series of Genting Highland seems like i went up the hill every 2 to 3 years....and my previous trip was on 2011
During then, i got registered as a world card member & we earned some points from the membership since
hence our trip to genting this time is FOC!
 me & mum gotta enjoy some sumptuous treat of Chinese banquet dinner at the Convention Hall...but before that, we went around for some walk...since the day is still early :-)
I walk around the Genting Indoor Theme feel the 'fun' among the crowd
 there are some known-brand apparel, bags, shoe shops....some restaurant with alfresco dining...and...
 CASINO!!! is it....the one and only legal casino in the country!
 i did not gamble...but to look-see around
 loitering at the non-smoking area...and sitting nearby their mini snack bar where patrons can have some light snacks while enjoyin' their 'game'...
well the food sold there is quite normal but expensive
 outside of the casino...u'll see some very-nice-english-window-frame
 all with different style & pattern
 some 'kopitiam'...very oriental 20's style...
 also food courts...selling local stuffs
 and back to the theme park...i m joyful to see the crowds, colorful lights & children enjoying their rides
wish i could ride on this Merry-Go-Round carousel again...
the mini car ride...for children below 7 years old?
the car is so mini!!! 
and this romantic setting of a bridge next to a chinese restaurant with dim lantern lights
very "old Shanghainese" scene
which normally seen in movies :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chai Kueh?

Eventually i don't know the name of this delicacy...
It is sold in morning market as breakfast or snack
 the jello-like-thingy is made of flour....and to be eaten with pickled veggie, sometimes with chilli sambal (chilli paste)
taste good with such combination
it is one of my fav breakfast though sometimes the jello-thingy could easily turn wrong...due to the flour used...
label me cheapskate...but i enjoy eating tis crappy stuff ;-)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Canteen Food - Part 3

Alrite, by now u should have know that this is a series of post that will be continued until i get fed-up with canteen food...hahah!
Things get a lil' surprising on the 3rd week.
i had sort of weird fusion (of eastern and western combination!)
well...let me introduced the dishes here:
(Clockwise from bottom) Bolognaise gravy, mashed potato with mushroom gravy, roasted chicken drumstick with mushroom gravy, boiled cauliflower...and all these to be eaten with rice!
and the butter cookies are the starter!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Daorae again...

When i m stressed...i tend to overeat
 look at those 'banchan'
they are so appetizing!
 and colorful!
my fav are korean pancake
 lotus root
 and kimchi!
 not to forget the kimchi soup that i ordered as the main dish
 to be eaten with rice....
Bon Appetit!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...