Friday, September 30, 2022

Lunches @ Good Luck Foodcourt, SkyCasino

Had my lunch at 'Good Luck' foodcourt which were claimed using points.
Before getting in, the patrons have to queue at the order kiosk to order and made payment (via membership voucher). It's an automated process, as nowadays there is no longer any cashier counters in this foodcourt anymore.
I had wat tan hor (flat rice noodles in egg gravy) which came with 3 fresh prawns. Taste not bad and quite worth my 5 points.
Can't expect much if you are dining in foodcourt, but still this is above average. Tastewise meet expectation, just lacking 'wok hei' only.
Meanwhile on another visit, I had dry soy sauce noodles with yong tau foo...
the yong tau foo were just pieces of 'fu chuk' (stuffed deep fried beancurd sheets) and fishballs....
5 pieces in total
not even a single leafy green...
I dug out all the YTF pieces....there are the rounder shape 'fu chuk', the thinner shape 'fu chuk' and a fishball....
I think i prefer the wat tan hor better (which is at the same price).
Here is one snapshot of the sunset scenery taken from the hotel room during my last day stay at Highlands hotel...
It was a great staycation.
stay tuned for updates on this...

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Poppo Kanteen again...

I went to Poppo Kanteen, but not for their nasi lemak...instead i had this...
Having tried their nasi lemak several times, this time i wanted to explore on other foods in the menu...
so noodles, perhaps?
I had wat tan hor (flat rice noodles in egg gravy).
The noodles were hidden in a pool of gravy😂
But nevertheless it was okay....nothing to shout about...just mediocre. But it has lotsa chicken chunks and a few prawns, quite reasonable for the price of RM10.90
I also ordered potato wedges (RM7.90).
Freshly deep fried and served hot upon order.
A very filling meal...Total damage for this is RM19.95nett inclusive of service charges & tax. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

'Nasi Budget'

Back then when i was a student in campus, we had 'economy rice with student price'. But it was the stalls that took the initiative to give us discount rather than a subsidised meal organised by the student council.
These days, the 'kids' are so blessed to have numerous subsidies and financial aid not just from the gah-ver-men but also the student council...
They have such subsidised meal all over the campus as seen in one of the local university cafeteria.
For RM3.50, u get to have a decent meal with rice & 2 dishes.
Nope, i did not try coz i'm not a student...maybe one day i shall disguise myself as one for the sake of trying the nasi budget😄
Instead, i had the usual nasi campur with begedil, chili catfish and cabbages at RM7. Tastewise OK, just an ordinary nasi campur from a Malay stall.
Having my lunch in the comfort of the office pantry. My 'bestie lunchmate' were busy settling her stuffs so her pack of rice were still 'waiting unopen'.
meanwhile somewhere nearby the pantry where we had our lunch....there is our office entertainment area.
Despite many years of working here, i have never play this foosball before.
nor the pool game😑
These things are hoarded by the youngster, so i better stand aside & watch them play😅

Saturday, September 24, 2022

MST Golf Arena @ The Gardens

Our much awaited team activity was held at MST Golf Arena at The Gardens mall.
It is an indoor golf centre which spans over 40000 sq feet.
It also has a restaurant known as 'Tee Box'.
We went there in the evening after work & had our dinner at this restaurant before the golf game.
Since this was a team activity (using our team fund), we have allocated budget for the meal and the games.
For starters, I had 'tom yum chicken karaage. Each of these boneless chicken piece is coated with tomyum flavorful (but not spicy). Tasty and good for sharing.
Another colleague ordered some deep fried jalapeno popper bites...Don't be deceived by its look...this is superbly spicy...
As for the mains, another colleague ordered seafood pasta, quite decent servings with generous amount of mussels and prawns.
meanwhile....if u know me well...
I would order something meaty and heavy😀
their 'Arena Burger' suits my appetite well
According to the menu description '200g black angus, brioche bun, beef bacon, chili, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles with homemade fry sauce'.
It made me salivate just by reading i pre-ordered the burger without expecting its gigantic serving...The burger came with fries too!
This is how a RM55 burger meal looks like...
The patty is indeed thick!
I did not manage to finish the bun, but rest assured all others on my plate were wiped clean. After all, I would be having some golf games after this which burn out the calories.
That entire green chili is extremely spicy till made me cry😂
We took an hour to finish our dinner before the game starts at 8 sharp.
This corridor is decorated with pictures of the famous golfers...Unfortunately i dunno any of them except Tiger Woods!
By 8, we started to warm up and practiced our 'swings'....all of us were amateur in golfing game....except for our boss and another colleague who are a regular golfer. They took turns to show us the right way to 'swing' the golf club😖....definitely not an easy one!
We rented 3 'tech bays' with huge virtual simulator screen. There were 12 of us, hence 4 person in each bay.
The golf clubs are available at each bay.
There are five categories of clubs which caters to different needs: woods (including the driver), irons, hybrids, wedges and putters.
We had a few simple games and compete among ourselves in 3 teams.
My team won the first place and i received a Starbucks card, yay!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Ah Guang Lamb Pot @ Puchong Jaya

The same colleague who lose bet to me back in July lose again for the second time and this time he gotta treat me a bigger meal😂 (padan muka!)
Nope, i did not choose this was his suggestion coz he want to utilise his membership card.
We ordered the default lamb pot.
which is cooked by their staff on-the-spot
it came with the veggies such as enoki mushroom, some greens, taupok, shiitake mushroom and carrots.
We also ordered ala-carte black cuttlefish balls and lamb rack.
We were enjoying the lamb rack while waiting for the pot to be cooked.
The lamb does not taste gamey, so i m OK with it. The soup in the lamb pot is refillable.
Total price came to RM91.10 after membership discount and some 'lucky draw' for further discount (of RM7).
well...this fella is not shy of losing bet to me....and he still owe me another meal coz he lose again on another bet😂😆 (for 3rd time straight!)
Meanwhile some of the lunches i had in the office these days:
Nasi briyani with condiments from nasi lemak, sausages and a piece of fried chicken from the nearby Malay stall. This costs RM7.
'Seafood Fried Rice' from the cafeteria in UPM Golf Course. This costs RM13.
Below is 'Kampung Fried Rice' from the nearby Malay stall. This is super affordable at RM4.50 only....but there is only small pieces of chicken chunks, kangkung and anchovies.
Back in the office, we have longans in the pantry. On-and-off, the 'office' will supply us with fruits and it's on first-come-first-serve basis...
there were oversupply of beers too.....Heineken, Carlsberg, Tiger, Edelweiss, Guinness Stout, Apple Cider...u named it we have it!
The office admin must be crazy thinking that we are drunkards😂
Since i seldom drink, i can only consume the eggs (apart from the longans).
Made 'steamed eggs' (in a cup) using microwave. Added some soy sauce and pepper and it is good to go.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Friday evening after work...

It was one fine Friday evening that i decided to leave the office early to 'relieve' myself after a long week.
Went to 'window shop' at IOI City mall, and also had my dinner at Ah Cheng Laksa.
Decided to have their curry noodles again, but this time i choose 'meehoon + kuey tiaw' mix, instead of yellow noodles.
Tastes consistently good😃
If i ever discover this place earlier...i would have come here more often.
But as mentioned in my previous post, my first try on Ah Cheng laksa wasn't that impressive, hence it never cross my mind to dine in at Ah Cheng before this.
Well, i guess this outlet in IOI City nailed it! 
and i can see that they are doing well coz of the long queue (compared to other Ah Cheng outlets).
IOI City Mall Phase 2 has just recently launched sometime late Aug but many shops/restaurants are yet to open...among some newbies in this Phase 2 mall are Taco Bell, Big Fish Small Fish, Jollibee, Chef Wan, Madam Kwan's, The Travelling Duck etc....
I must make my visit again on one evening (sometime next month) when these are opened.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Happy Mooncake Festival

Bought this mooncake using my Genting points😀
it is without salted egg yolk, but i m OK with it.
The taste is not too sweet (coz it's low sugar) and has nice gooey texture (not the oily type).
The taste & texture is somewhat similar to the mooncakes that i bought from Wing Wah HK some time ago...It gets me to eat more coz it is so chewable...
Sadly I only 'bought' 4 pieces of this mooncake (all the same 'low sugar lotus paste' flavor)...and now we are on our last piece.
Meanwhile...i finally tried Tealive Boba popsicles...It is sold at RM2.99 at CU mart.
Tastewise OK, very much similar like boba milktea, but i prefer the boba pearls to be in chewy qq texture rather than frozen. So i would just stick to the boba milktea next time.
There are plenty of ice-cream to choose in the CU mart ice-cream freezer...i m so spoilt for choices.
Also....lotsa Korean ramyeon too!
Aluminium foil bowl is provided with each pack so that customer can cook their noodles in-store, just like how i see in those kdrama/mukbang.
Perhaps one day i should try cooking ramyeon in CU mart too😂
just for the sake of experiencing it!
Happy Weekend and Happy Mooncake Festival!

Family Dinner Dine-out @ Tasty Wok, Bukit Jalil

Back to our usual dinner spot because it is so convenient to get a parking here and the dishes are usually OK.
We had:
Sweet & sour fish fillet
Stir-fried romaine lettuce
Minced pork tofu
Deep fried salted egg squid
'Kam heong' chicken cubes
5 dishes for 5 pax (the Kam heong chicken came last, so it was not in this picture)
All of these were ordered in 'small' portion except for the romaine lettuce that was in 'big' portion.
The dishes taste OK except for the 'Kam heong' chicken which was lacking 'ummphh' from the dried shrimp...maybe because there is no lemongrass too. Just not up to par😐
Total price for this meal is RM119.90nett which is reasonable.
Besides the price, one of the pulling factor that we keep coming back is the dishes are not heavily seasoned (with msg), and we never get thirsty after eating it.
This shop is also located at a quieter/less busy street which mean a better & cleaner environment compared to most 'dai chow' eateries in popular spots. Service is OK too.
The only thing that we would avoid ordering from this restaurant is their pork-rib/pork dishes coz they are dry & tough.

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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