Monday, May 31, 2021

Original Burnt Cheesecake & Cheapo Ice Cream

This was bought by annoyin' sis in conjuction with Mother's Day...
She ordered the cheesecake via online and collected from the shop in Arked Esplanade Bukit Jalil.
The price for this cake is around RM45 if self-pickup from the shop.
this is probably one of the dense cheesecake that i've ever has the texture and slight lemon sour taste similar to Secret Recipe's New York cheesecake (but without the crust bottom).
We cut the cake into 12 pieces which lasts us 4 days to finish.
Averagely RM4 per piece which is quite worth-it with the quality on par with Secret Recipe's.
meanwhile on another day....
bought these cone ice-cream (Big Value brand) from AEON Big at a very cheap price....
guess how much?
it is just for 20 cents each!
I believe this costs RM1 each (at normal price). For this one, the taste is still OK, though the cone has gone soft.
Well, can't expect much in terms of long as the taste doesn't go bad and still within the 'best before' date should be alrite😁
btw, the best before date is 19 June 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Kenny Rogers Roasters

I have been eating mostly home-cooked food since the lockdown started.
There are times that i missed dining out and fast food...
To 'kepoh'....i went on to browse Foodpanda just to look see if there's anything interesting nearby
and ended up buying 2 boxes of Kenny Rogers quarter chicken meal
I requested for chicken thigh for both. For the side dishes, one with mashed potatoes & garlic parsley potatoes, and the other is with mashed potatoes & coleslaw.
Here's the top down view...the chicken thigh is OK-lah....nothing fancy....tender meat with black pepper sauce provided separately (in the small container)
The other looks abit dry, but still OK when eaten with the sauce.
Total price is RM24.75 nett for 2 boxes, inclusive of delivery.
Tastewise was just so-so but i decided to order again (on another day) when there is further discount by using the code 'Tapintofood' in Foodpanda.
The second time, i bought the similar set meal at RM17.75 nett, inclusive of delivery....what a bargain!
well, i think these days i would click on Foodpanda more often seeing that the lockdown would be prolonged with the high number of cases (and keep rising daily!)

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Last Dine Out before MCO3 @ Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee

I had my last dine-out on 3rd of May, sensing that another MCO will happen soon. True enough, MCO is enforced a few days later (starting from 7 May in KL and 12 May nationwide).
Went to have chili pan mee at a neighbourhood shop.
The menu is simple....i had tasted item A1, A2, A4 and A5 in my previous visits
The side orders....i would usually order wanton or dumpling soup to go with my chili pan mee, coz the pan mee is too plain (with only ikan bilis & very lil' amout of minced pork)
There goes my chili pan mee...i put in 1 teaspoon of chili flakes into the noodles and stirred it evenly...It is still spicy, but bearable.
The noodles come with a small bowl of 'manicai' (马尼菜) soup....or known as sayur cangkuk manis.
the wonton soup....with 8 pieces of wontons in it.
Tastewise just mum cooks better wonton than these!
The total damage for this meal with service charge is RM16.45 nett
Hopefully this MCO shall not be extended again...*with proper enforcement & no flouters, the situation should improved right?
Alot of eateries & businesses are affected especially when dine-ins are not allowed in restaurants...
Till then stay safe & take care!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Berry's Cakes

Bought more cakes...This time from Berry's...
Was craving for cakes since annoyin' sis no longer supply us with her homebaked cakes😜
Here's the Pandan flavor layered cream cake at RM7.60
Texture is fluffy (like sponge cake).
It has a thin layer of cream with crushed nuts on top....Tastewise OK, passable. Best eaten cold.
Also bought a box of choc chip walnut cake at RM14.60
The choc chips are visible on the sides too....
Firm texture, but there is no butter taste in the cake.
Instead it has plenty of choc chips which gave some 'flavor' to the cake...
I like the crunch of walnuts and choc chips....I will be buying this again whenever there's a chance!
*only one left when i bought this

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Say Cheese!

It has been quite some time since i last had cheesecake!
Annoying sis 'bakery' is closed for months...hence there is no longer homemade cheesecake 'supply' from her... 
These days she is into green tea desserts/ we kinda miss the cheesecakes!
To satisfy our cravings....i bought Secret Recipe cheesecakes.....
New York cheesecake, marble cheesecake and oreo cheesecake.....
U can easily guess which is which from the picture below....
The price for each is roughly RM9.80 i round up to almost RM10 per piece...OK la....RM30 enuff to satisfy our cravings!
On another occassion, i tried the beef foldover from McD.
Bought the set at RM16.50 coz i opted for Coke rather than ice lemon tea. The original set (with ice lemon tea) is RM17.90
Here's what it looks like inside....
Sadly there is not even a slice of tomato as depicted in their advertisement...the entire thing looks dull & plain....
There is alot of 'special sauce' applied on the naan bread, but i still couldn't identify what sort of sauce it is...
The taste is somewhat unfamiliar to our local cuisine...kinda 'middle eastern' taste...It's just indescribable!
But overall the taste is acceptable....i wish it has more lettuce and tomato in it for more crunch!
anyhow, i think they are goin to 'phase out' this soon (or already taken down from the menu?) coz currently they are promoting the Samurai burger....
I have eaten Samurai pork burger (in Thailand) numerous times, so i shall skip the Samurai burger this time...
It's back to MCO in KL starting tomorrow...stay safe & take care! 

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