Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sushi Zanmai revisited

It has been awhile since i last visited Sushi Zanmai. I decided to drop by again one fine evening since there wasn't any queue as it was a non-peak hour.
 i did not take lunch earlier and decided to have an early dinner. Hungry & without further hesitating, i got in, and started ordering within minutes...
top in my list is always their unagi rice.
The unagi is fresh and tender, cooked to perfection.
u dun go to a sushi shop without having any sushi, don't u?
they were havin' a promotion on this particular sushi item...somethin' mayo crab....
dun care, jst ordered!
my mind couldn't think straight for being too hungry :-)
ebi tempura is next in my wishlist whenever I dine in a japanese restaurant...they can't go wrong with tempuras!
BoN AppetiT! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Teatime - Egg tarts and Cakoi

What's in the box?
(by default) as the box shows, one would think there would be some "siew bao" (pork bun)
nope, u r wrong....
I dun usually buy "siew bao" from this shop, but instead I bought egg tarts.
Normal egg tart or Portuguese egg tart???
I'm indecisive, and thus I bought one each, and both were delicious.
Not far from this shop, I passed by a stall that sells various fritters and one of them is youtiao/cakoi/Chinese fried breadstick!
yea, my fav!
and I bought a stick to dip with soybean milk...super yumz!
this made a perfect teatime ;-)
Bon Appetit!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Park Bo Ram - Celepretty (연예할래) MV

Let me brighten up your blue Monday with a MV featuring cute gals...

she is such an eye candy, don't u think so?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Complimentary Stuffs

Here's the complimentary meal...
The starter and...
the desserts seems to arrive first?
 now's the main course...the grilled chicken chop
 alrite now back to my dessert after completing my main course...i'm still trying to figure out whether this is cake/pudding/custard? not sure as it has different texture for each layer...
 here's my overall complimentary meal ;-)
 After meal, took some rest before i went to watch a complimentary show. Yes, it is "iluminate", they were once a finalist in America's Got Talent few years back.
 My usual 'long weekend getaway' would normally be on top of hill....well i mean Genting Highlands.
coz of the nice 'cloud' view...and during clear skies, i can even see KL from afar.
 nope, i did not stay in this room, but wish i could get this complimentary room at Resort Hotel...nope, luck is not with me.
 someone is so lucky to get this room and i tagged along, jst to look-see what are to be offered here.
 apart from the restroom is much 'bigger' than its neighboring First World hotel, there's nothing much to shout about. Anyway, it is complimentary, so what more can you say?
 even the hanging art is more colorful and add vibrant to the dull wall.
 i wish to bring home this's so artistic!
till then, ciao!

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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