Saturday, March 24, 2012

At least...God is FAIR

Those who did evil things will not be able to escape. The world may seem unfair, but this time I m so thankful for having getting this evil colleague being brought to justice...and now, my reputation is CLEARED....after so much damage and defame being done by her.
Of course, there is no one being expelled here, but some warnings have been given. Too lenient?
Well, at least some people has lost trust on her, and that's enuff to kill off her future. There's just too much forgiveness v had given her but somehow she took them for granted and betrayed our relationhip over and over again. We no longer can tolerate so much of her antics, selfishness and bossy attitude!
Thankfully, boss has been fair and not seeing things at the surface. Appreciate his effort in trying to go into details and investigating from various angles.
It was good that he brought this issue in meetings in his effort in hinting her of such deeds. Creating clan in the office, being selfish (in job assignment and excluding me in many discussions), defaming people, taking credits of people's work, and tring to be 'hero' by being 'solo' in some critical and urgent assignments. But all these are worthless when her work quality deteriorate and not even up to par, with her attitude that is pulling the entire team down. She shouldn't hav been promoted, coz her attitude and arroganess sucks!
I jst hope that she eventually leave this place rather than giving negative aura to others. While i dun care mch of her making her own clan, but defaming me publicly with various lies and false accussation is too much to bear!
Thankfully people are smart, as they know how to judge for themselves, and knowing my skills are not lousy, having right attitude and being professional in workplace. I created my  name and qualities based on my own effort and I dun take people's credit.
Now that the team doesn't side her, and sad to say, we are not goin to tolerate anymore for her evil deeds in the future. There is a limit to my tolerance, and once the trust is broken, it is hard to mend them back.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam

With so many things happenin' lately...i was sort of miserable...uh, well moody...
to cheer things up, i went to get my dosage - of my fav food in this neighbourhood kopitiam...
a very localized 'bistro' which serves coffee and tea instead of beers or alcoholic drinks
so there i went, at 10:30pm to hav my dinner cum supper
I can't believe my eyes as seeing a huge crowd patronizing this place at late nite!
Despite that, i got myself a nice corner with cushion sofa, but my purpose is not to linger on that comfortable cushion....
i was there to FILL UP MY TUMMY
 so, i quickly browsed thru the menu and started ordering verbally rather than filling up the form which was placed on each table..
oh man, i was darn too hungry to even think and write!!!
 Guess what i had???
 my humble meal but very high calorie...
root beer float!
this was very filling!
 and our typical "Nasi Lemak" comment on the food...
the rice was fragrant
the cucumber was juicy and fresh
the sambal sotong (squid in chilli paste) was spongy and very flavorful
the chips, peanuts and anchovies were crispy
in short, everything was nice!
either i was hungry then or the food was really really (multiply by infinity) superbly yummy!
i will definately go there again...

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