Friday, April 30, 2021

Mr.Wu @ Sri Petaling

After reading some 'fairly good' reviews from both PH and Mun, I decided to drop-by the outlet in Sri Petaling to try out the braised pork rice set.
Went there quite late on a Monday evening, hence the place was quite empty with only one table occupied. Food ordering is done through the counter and paid on the spot.
After taken my seat, my food arrived in less than 10 minutes. That's very efficient and quick!
The braised pork rice is superbly good! It was served with pickled cabbage (which is sour), 3 slices of Taiwanese sausage, braised egg, braised tofu and generous serving of minced pork!
Instead of having the chicken chop (as sides), I tried the salted crispy chicken which came out like this...popper size chicken which is just as good! It was served hot & crispy like those deep fried chicken poppers sold in pasar malam. And they are seasoned with chili powder too....yummzz! It was a huge serving and can easily feed another 'small eater' or perhaps one can order a bowl of plain rice to go with it!
I'm gonna drop-by again to try out the other items....

Monday, April 26, 2021

Munching Mob @ Bukit Jalil

Annoyin' sis decided to bring us all to try out the set meal at this place...
The usual price for a meal is RM25 per pax inclusive of drinks and salad.
There were 4 of us, and they have promotional price for 4 pax as well.
RM89++ for 4 pax set meals with drinks, salads (2 pax) and soups (2 pax). 
The total price inclusive of service charge & tax is RM97.90 nett.
I shared the soup & salad with annoyin' sis. Here are some pics:
Mushroom soup
Caesar salad
I had fish & chips...quite a huge portion. Taste OK, not bad, just ordinary.
Whereas my parents had chicken chop each. It was served with salads and mashed potatoes as sides.
I tried the chicken chop set on another visit. I prefer the black pepper sauce over mushroom sauce.
We also had cheesecake with liquor (can't remember the exact name), sprinkled with almonds...It was so good, creamy with slight bitter and sweet, but can't take much coz the liquor taste is strong...Good to be shared. The cake is about RM15 per piece.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Texas Chicken Zesty Crunch

After trying KFC Zesty Crunch, i realised that Texas Chicken has its own version of Zesty Crunch set meal too....this 'Zesty Crunch' term seems to be a popular choice for set meal name.
Here's what it looks like:
Texas Chicken Zesty Crunch meal comes with one-piece chicken, mashed potato (which i changed to coleslaw), a chicken tender wrap and a drink (ice lemon tea is available).
Note: The other 2 'nugget-looking-thing' next to the fried chicken are not part of the set.
This set costs RM13.99 nett. I added-on another coleslaw for my colleague by paying an additional RM1.60. This add-on special price (RM1.60) is only available for set meal.
In return, she exchanged 2 pieces of Jalapeno bombers with me (the 2 piece nugget-looking-thing).
These 'bombers' are spicy though they taste good...
My tears flow after finishing the meal....coz the chicken, chicken tender wrap and the bombers are all spicy!
Good that the drinks are free-flow!
Satisfying meal and a wonderful evening catch up with my colleague!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Quick Lunch

There goes my typical quick lunch at home....RM6 Cheeseburger & Fries from McD😅
That's my once-in-a-week McD meal...My choice for the 'mix & match set' is same all the time coz i only prefer this familiar taste since young...The earliest McD burger i remembered eating was beef burger....sometime at age 5. Similar taste except that beef burger is without cheese.
While WFH, i found this hidden gadget from my home 'office'....looks like a weird magic wand except that it has no magic....
This does not belong to was a Christmas gift some years ago which never been used...
Somehow, i might need this to scratch my head to de-stress?😆
Have u try this before?

Sunday, April 11, 2021

KFC Zesty Crunch

Been back to the office at least twice per week...The team took turns to go to the office and this time i was assigned to turn up on every Monday & Friday.
Went to tapao KFC for lunch from the drive thru...I saw an online ad on the new KFC Zesty Crunch and decided to give it a try. From the appearance, the chicken looks crunchy with a thin coating of chimichurri sauce.
The sauce tastes slightly tangy (like tandoori) but towards the milder side. Overall quite enjoyable with crispiness from the chicken skin...and at one point, the crunchiness reminds me of murukku/kacang putih.
I also ordered 2 small cheesy wedges at RM2.50 each (promotional price)
Here goes my hearty meal...I had these in 2 meals (lunch & dinner). Ate half for lunch and kept half for dinner.
KFC Zesty Crunch 2-piece-chickens set meal costs RM15.99 with drink....Hence my overall meal below inclusive of wedges totaled up to RM21.
Satisfying meal....yummmzzz!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Spring Roll with Vermicelli @ 24HoursVietnamese Restaurant

Back in Dec, I did not manage to try out the Thai restaurant that my annoying sis recommended. Hence, i went there again on last month for the second time. Unfortunately the place was closed for aircond repair service, so again i have no 'fate' with that place....
From the latest update, annoying sis told me that the restaurant has closed down for good in April and shifted its business to 'delivery mode' which cater only around Sunway area. Aiseh!
I was again 'forced' to eat something else....Went next door for the Vietnamese food as this place is quite empty (compared to the nearby eateries and kopitiams)...
Ordered a bowl of spring roll in rice vermicelli (dry version). It was served ala salad bowl but is still a hearty meal coz of the generous portion of rice vermicelli. There are various chili sauces & chili oil on the table that i can mix into this bowl.
This bowl costs RM12
I also ordered a glass of mango smoothie @ RM8 which is just so-so....
I was full to the brim after finishing these.
I prefer soupy beef pho than this coz the taste of the vermicelli bowl is quite bland & dry.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Kiraku Ala Carte Buffet @ Cyberjaya

Had team dinner on 19 March in this Japanese restaurant located at Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya.
We booked a dining room for 13 pax and were seated in the largest room located at the far end corner of the restaurant.
It is an ala-carte buffet where the patrons order the food on ala-carte basis, instead of having a buffet spread at stations.
Here are some of the food that i ordered:
Soft shell crab rice roll 'temaki'
unagi rice in bowl
some sort of tempuras....forgot lio....
prawn tempuras
grilled salmon fish head
and another round of sashimi platter
We replenished our orders while eating....The menu is extensive but be prepared to wait long for huge orders.
There are free-flow ice-cream (limited flavors), green tea and fruits at the counters in the common area.
Overall food is OK, but the service was slow due to understaff and the far distance from our dining room to the kitchen. Besides, it was a Friday evening with lotsa customers and some event hosted by a group of people from another company. Despite the pre-order (I did my order before reaching), the chef will only prepare the food when I reached.
I reached there about 7pm but only got my food served by 8pm....
My other 2 colleagues waited so long only to realise that theirs were missed/left out. They re-ordered on the spot and waited for another hour.
We were there until the restaurant closes at 10.
Pricewise around RM100++. I would prefer Jogoya over this for such price.

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...