Monday, May 30, 2022


One of the itinerary during the recent company trip was a team building program at ESCAPE park.
This park is located quite nearby our hotel, just 5 minutes drive away.
We arrived quite early before it opens at 10.
After a short briefing by the program organiser, we headed in by checking-in using these facial recognition turnstile. Paperless and swift process.
As we were the first group of visitors (of the day), the place was quite empty, neat and clean.
while waiting for the place to officially open at 10, some people went to get ready with their sports attire, meanwhile yours truly loitered around the souvenir shop and snapped some pictures.
We were given option to either join the team building activities or free-and-easy. I choose the latter, coz the team building activities are too strenuous for my physical body....old liao... 
I would say many of those activities here are super 'challenging' in jumping from 5th floor to the ground....although with strings attached (to slow down the motion) it still looks scary to me once at the top. I somehow don't trust the strings.
The park has dry area and wet area (water activities/pools). The wet area only opens at noon.
Here's me and a colleague comparing our matchy matchy coz the shoes were bought from the same shop!
After tried some 'challenges' (flying fox, balancing on rope etc etc), i was exhausted and looking forward to the lunch!
It was provided by the organiser FOC. In case these foods are not enuff, we can still buy from the A&W kiosk located in the park. There is only one miserable food option in this park....nothing else besides A&W.
i had Coney dog, fried chicken and a plain bottled water...
Can't eat much coz later at noon i wanted to go for the longest water slide in the world, hence tried to avoid bloated stomach.
the chili for the coney dog
Just like a kid, i look forward to play water...but not these kind of slides....this is too steep for me....
but instead i had 3 rounds of world's longest slide - The 'Guinness World Record-setting slide', measuring 1,111 meters (3,645 feet). It wasn't scary coz the waterslide doesn't go fast. Instead, it was a cooling and windy 'ride'!
The water park has a huge pool with swings and slides too...very much like a kids is for kids but adults can enjoy it too...the bucket at the top will pour gallons of water once full.
Enjoyable time at ESCAPE despite some bruises here & there due to the activities.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Company Dinner @ Grand Ballroom, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The so called 'company dinner' was held together with the company trip, at the hotel ballroom.
It was a simple event with some games...and well...good food!
the Company Trip aka Spring Vacation (as the committee named it) was held from 24 to 27 March, kickstart with this buffet makan makan on 24 March.
Due to SOP, the committee arranged the seating with ample distancing. Only 5 person per table.
The entire ballroom was used, despite only a small number of us (less than 60 pax).
Before the dinner starts, we were given some challenges/ of it is solving a jigsaw puzzle. The fastest to complete will get a grand prize...
At the end of the day, everyone will get a prize whether it is consolation or top 3 prizes.
My team won the 1st place. Woohooo!
After then, the makan makan starts....we were served by the hotel staffs
Here are some of the dishes:
Fish fillets
I think this is chicken
Prawns in dark soy sauce
Beef...can't remember the exact dish name
Baked eggplant in cheese
Pumpkin dish
desserts....jackfruit sago soup
assorted local kuihs
assorted tarts and mini cakes/pastries
Belgian choco cake
(below) Dunno what cake is this...
(below) more cakes with weird decoration....LOL i m so lousy in describing food
yea....there's lots more till we couldn't finish...
and of course, we have fruits too...
and what is Hard Rock hotel dinner without the cocktails?
(below) this is not milk but some sort of smoothie....taste weird like melted ice-cream....I didn't manage to finish it!
Anyway, foods were great and everyone enjoyed the free flow of cocktails that evening.
Looking forward to the next day...
Here's daytime view from my room

Monday, May 23, 2022

Chang Jiang White Coffee, Ipoh

Me & colleagues managed to drop by Chang Jiang White Coffee while in Ipoh.
It was during peak lunch hour hence the place was packed when we reached there.
Menu and order chit were provided at every table, but the order chit has to pass to the counter and pay on the spot. The food were delivered to the table by their staff.
I had iced cold white coffee...It came with a jar of iced cubes and a mug of white coffee separately.
To enjoy the coffee, just pour that coffee into the jar and instantly you will get a super cold yet thick white coffee.
We also shared the kaya butter toast among the 4 of us...
nicely done toast!
this eatery place has a section that sells their Chang Jiang white coffee products. More details available in this link.
Overall, the toast and their white coffee taste good. Quite a popular place among locals and tourists, as it has a variety of foods in the menu such as rice & noodles too, something like 'Old Town Coffee' sort of eatery, but this is more localised one and most likely is a non-halal.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Family Mart - Vanilla with Sakura Sofuto

New ice cream on the menu!
well, not quite....
vanilla ice cream is too common, but somehow Family Mart made it creative by offering a free topping - Sakura Blossom Topping!
I was so eager to try out this so-called Sakura Blossom thingy....turns out it is just some crunchy but tasteless pink coloured bits
and this ice cream costs RM3.90
Would you try? 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Room @ Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

During the last company trip, I stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, which is located quite far from Georgetown.
To reach there, one gotta drive through the long and narrow coastal road & along the hill...that's how secluded it is!
Nevertheless the seaview along the coast is breathtaking. After a quick check-in, I went up and was impressed to see the tastefully furnished room.
 The room is facing the pool (and the sea). It is quite spacious and can fit in an extra bed! The huge tv is even framed in gold!
The purple carpet with purple lights underneath the cabinet and wall made the place looks vibrant!
even the toilet is creatively decorated!
This portrait of Elvis is seen in the toilet...though kinda scary when you are taking a bath or doing business in the toilet at 'someone' is watching u!
anyway, the toilet is not haunted....quite clean and new....
Provided with the standard cleansing stuffs such as soaps, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/brush, and all the other sanitary items.
Just like any other hotels, there is also some standard amenities provided such as safety box, iron, kettle, mini fridge and minibar...
also complimentary bottled water and tea/coffee/sugar in packets, replenished on daily basis.
Now, let's have a look at the bed...super comfy single twin beds. Another portrait (this time is John Lennon) hung on the wall...a legendary star. Some rooms have Marilyn Monroe too...
At the corner, there is a dressing table with a shaped/curved mirror. The table can be doubled as working desk as it has 2-3 plug points.
a lazy couch next to the balcony
The balcony is facing the pool (and the sea further away)....a drying rack is attached to the wall where one can dry the wet towels/swimsuit. 
I had a jolly good time sitting here enjoying the sea breeze at night.
During the day, i enjoyed the view of the extensive pool. There is even a pool bar/cafe in the middle....are u able to spot it?
to be continued....

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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