Monday, June 27, 2011


I treated myself a simple meal after months of hard-days...
 normally i'd prefer someting similar to my taste bud, like the fav Popeye Fried Chicken, but this time i opted for a difference.
To be exact, a different dining environment
 This time, i went to Italiannies @ The Gardens
 I was past 3pm when i reached there, hence it was all quiet and the entire place filled up with only jazzy tunes...
 Here's my drink, it's called "something" ocean, which turns out to be apple juice in blended ice
multigrain breads as starters...
 and the main course, meatball bolognaise spaghetti
the meatball was not the usual fishball-like size, but surprisingly the size of a snooker ball, and it was rolled on top of the spaghetti, hidden underneath the bolognaise sauce.
btw, this couple was staring at me throughout my entire meal!
bon appetit!

Friday, June 24, 2011


go forward
How often do u feel satisfied with your decision?
I'm not mentioning about major ones but the tiny lil' things that u do, that made u feel so good as if a burden has been lifted off!
This week alone, i hav been doing some chores which i hav long-planned-but-has-no-chance-to-execute. This week has been chosen as it is less hectic now when boss isn't around!
And here's what i've did:
  1. Sent my car for carbon cleaning. For the first time in its entire life, my car gets internal engine cleaning and it was FREE. My last attempt to do so was last year but due to work commitment, it has been cancelled.
  2. Drove out for lunch for the first time, somethin' tht i dun dare myself doin coz it's always hard to get a parking once i m back.
  3. Had McD Big Mac for lunch. It has been months since my last Big Mac!
  4. Applied for a-day leave and did not cancel it despite having some stuffs that are hard to let go in the office.
  5. Went to Italiannies. HAVE BEEN WANTING TO TRY THEIR PASTA ALL THESE WHILE. Turned out, the food wasn't that impressive though, but at least now that i knw!
  6. Went to the Gardens, parked my car at underground Gardens instead of the overcrowded Mid Valley.
  7. Had a very oriental bowl of assam laksa at the Gardens ground floor walkway. Nice ambience, though pricey for a bowl of hawker fare.
  8. Shopped til i drop! bought new clothes, facial cleanser...etc etc..
  9. Withdrawn some $$$ for more shoppin'. I knw i hav overspent for this month. Heck cares! Coz that is my life enjoyment.
  10. Done some research on my next mobile phone - HTC Wildfire Android...luv its sleek design!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I 'heart' Ramly Burger

Here's an extension series followin' my previous burger-related posts.
Other than instant noodles, the second 'mou-liu' item that i mostly blogged about is...B.U.R.G.E.R
see, how much i m into food lately?
 introducing our most localized burger,
which u can find it all over the country
and the signature of this specialty is...
the overflowing sauce!
well, it is highly customized too...
and that's the reason why i like it so MUCH!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Maggi Mee

Warning: This is another "mou-liu" post.

Bloggin' about instant noodles is one of the senseless thing that i would do. Til' now, i may hav more than 5 posts that are related to instant noodles, particularly Maggi Mee!
and that's my way of expressing my luv towards it!
yea, i m a hardcore fan of Maggi instant noodle!
and i prefer chicken flavor more than anythin' else.
coz it gets my creativeness running wild!
 i luv it how the way it is....and sometimes with lotsa garnishing...
most importantly, it is highly customizable...
dun u tink so?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Seriously in need of a D.I.E.T P.L.A.N

With the recent two-week school holidays, there have been plenty of family occasion around, which involves feasting.
My weight has grown from 47 > 48 > 49 and now 50!!!!!
i need to undergo some aggressive diet plan to get back into my original weight before it shoot up uncontrolably...
Instead of having instant noodle with lots and lots of garnishing...
i oni hav this, for brunch
 and since i dislike dairy milk, it was replaced with soy bean milk
still tasted as good!
crunchy and golden,
not to mention, appetizing as well...
but only ONE BOWL per consumption...
so darn restricted!

Rice Dumpling

Last week was Dragon Boat festival (or known as "Duen Ng" festival). Living in the city, i dun witness dragon boat race on that particular day, nor having seen one in my entire life.
Instead, i had rice dumpling, and luv it to the MAX!
 My mum don't cook this, we bought it at some stall. Despite that, it still taste as GOOD.
I like how the glutinous rice blends with beans, pork, shitake mushroom, egg yolk...all fattening stuffs, wrapped with layers of leaf. It took hours and lotsa patience to produce a good dumpling with all ingredients being blended together so well.
Lets not talk about the dumpling, coz it isn't special anyway, jst an ordinary one.
Zoomed into the chopstick...
What did u see?
Some chinese characters
Yeapz, it's the family name...with the origin story written in microtext.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Finally. After some 'hard' work, I've got what i want. Indeed, having achieved my mid-term goal earlier than projected made me proud of myself.
*yea, it sounds like i m boasting on my ego rite now...

Being on a level higher does made things different. The big boss who never spoke to me all these while notices me, and started to initiate conversation. I was indeed surprised coz this sort of ego and stern boss approached me and started his story of uh...well, life experiences!

Weird weird weird...still a long way to go...and lots to learn.

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