Thursday, August 30, 2018

Nasi Lemak Bungkus

I prefer nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaves rather than those premium version that you get in Papparich (or some other fancy kopitiams).
Was so excited when someone in the office bought a bagful of nasi lemak bungkus...and treated us 'breakfast'.
By noon, there were still plentiful left, so I took it for my lunch
 this is how nasi lemak should be eaten...all piled together in a mess!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

McD Rio Burger

The Rio Burger was firstly sold during 2016 Olympics, but it made a comeback (for a short duration) during the recent World Cup.
The burger box is so colorful and eye-capturing, much like a coloring book cover
 This is how the burger looks like, the bun with the shape of a football.
I can taste some spiciness in the sauce, but I can't figure out what sauce is that...
As for the burger, it was lacking shredded veggies, and no sight of shredded purple cabbage & carrots...
definitely not the colorful burger that u see in the advertisement

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

NY Steak Shack @ Mid Valley

Had this NY Striploin sometime last year with coleslaw and fries. I shared this with my parents as we dun take red meat much. They preferred garlic flakes for toppings hence plentiful of it covering that slab of meat.....
We were given complimentary side dish (deep fried scallop bits), which was served in a separate bowl.
We had this for our lunch plus some snacks before continuing with our shopping.
On our way back, passed by NSK Kuchai Lama and did more grocery shopping.
On the top floor, there is this shop that sells pet fishes & aquariums
I did not buy as i'm not too keen in keeping pets, especially in a small compound.
So, I would just enjoy the 'displays' at the shop...
These fishes even look directly to my cam while I snapped them!
overcrowded in their aquarium
nice to see but not easy to maintain....
Hope u'll find a kind owner soon so that you can move out from this overcrowded place...

Monday, August 27, 2018

Lobbee Thai Connection, IOI City Mall

Sometime ago, a 'generous' colleague treated us lunch to celebrate his promotion. We went to Lobbee Thai Connection for a simple lunch.
Among the items that we ordered:
Spicy mussels with rice
Tom yum fried rice
 Fried glass noodles with seafood
The food was ok, pricewise between RM10-20 (depending on what we ordered). For set lunch, it was served with soup and juice (mostly watermelon juice).
This place would be a cheaper option for Thai food compared to Absolute Thai (which is crowded most of the time).

Monday, August 20, 2018

Phase Out: Menya Shi-Shi Do @ Sri Petaling

In this 'Phase Out' series, I will be posting some of those F&B which I have visited, and thought that it served rather 'good food' but the outlet did not last long. One of it is this ramen place called 'Menya Shi-shi Do' 
The menu may not be extensive, basically it offers about 5-6 variety of ramen flavour and the toppings/ingredients can be gradually added with extra price.
When it was firstly opened, this place was super crowded that patrons would have to stand outside to wait for a seat...
I went there 2-3 months later and on a weekday, hence there wasn't any crowd at all. I had a set meal which consist of the ramen + gyoza + green tea.
The ramen was cooked to perfection, springy noodles, flavorful pork broth, tender chashiu and not overly/under cooked egg...It was one of the best ramen I ever had (in my entire life)...
gyoza were just so-so, but it doesn't matter as this is not their core item....
I thought of giving another visit again a few months later, but that place has been replaced with some other eatery...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Phase Out: New Orleans Barbeque - Monte Carlo Genting Casino

Back then when SkyAvenue was still under construction, there wasn't much dining options up there....
It is either in First World Plaza, Genting Grand or in the old Monte Carlo casino.
The New Orleans BBQ is one of our frequent dining option due to its free-flow coffee/tea and scenic view (if u r lucky, otherwise it was just mist of clouds).
The food was just so-so, very typical western fare that you can get in 'kopitiams'...
 but served in colorful plates...
kiddo like me likes these colorful plates so much!
We had coleslaw and potato salads
and grilled chicken chop (with sauces to choose: mushroom/bbq/black pepper).
I would usually go for the black pepper sauce...
Their fried potato wedges were good....
unfortunately this place has closed for almost 2 years now....

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sate Kajang Haji Samuri

Some time ago, we had our team lunch @ Sate Kajang Haji Samuri….that was loooong time ago....during the time when the MRT station was still under construction.
This antique carriage greeted us at the front entrance...
*real carriage but for display only
 this place is sort of like a museum of antique collections...
 anyway that's another story....we were here for the food...
The prices stated on the menu board (which might have differ by now)
 This place is a two storey building with open-air and air-cond dining areas. We choose the cooler option as it was a hot noon.
More antiques as we walked further into the restaurant
 gramophones, clothes irons, and the bottom ones I'm not too sure....(betel containers and tea sets?)
 now.....our foods...
the ketupats, peanut & chili sauces arrived first....
 the satays took quite some we ordered huge amount
 beef, lamb, chicken and rabbit satays....poor rabbit....I dun meant to eat u....
well, that was our once-in-a-while satay outing...

Monday, August 13, 2018

Random Food again

Just posting some random food pics that I found in my laptop...
Nando's quarter chicken with mild sauce, coleslaw and mashed red potato (RM20++). Looks plain and bland, taste alrite, would have prefer Kenny Rogers' instead.
Genting SkyCasino
 Stewed mui choy with pork belly, a traditional Hakka dish @ Good Luck Restaurant, Genting SkyCasino (price around RM19)
 Stewed ginger pork trotter (RM19) and bak kut teh (RM29) @ Good Luck Restaurant, Genting SkyCasino
 Good Luck Restaurant is a food court with stalls selling 'chap fan', porky rice, western food, noodles, soups etc.
It has a large seating area with bright interior
 I dun usually dine here unless given free vouchers :-)
it has a very 'instagrammable' mural and long bench table
Somewhere at the Casino's first floor, there's another restaurant that sells all sorts of Chinese pastries
 besides the dim sum & chicken rice. I have yet to try them.
Little Penang Kafe
Kampung Fried Rice @ Little Penang Kafe, IOI City Mall (price range somewhere RM15.90-18.90, can't remember!)
Curry's flavorful with santan milk & not spicy
Pie tie and lorbak (halfway eaten)
The 'kopitiam' interior
 Looking at the lunch 'crowd', this place is just so-so...U can get better Penang food elsewhere.
Bought this okonomiyaki at AEON mid valley (around RM10-12)...out of curiousity
tastewise not bad, could be better if I reheat it. It was filling with lotsa cabbage and squids.
Dave's Deli
And lastly, my fav hangout place with my lunch buddy.
I usually have their Hainanese chicken chop or chicken parmigiana....but somehow that day I decided to have something different...Fish & Chips.
I had that before but I did not expect the size of the fish pieces to have shrunk like a 'pisang goreng' size...Well that's what u get with a 30% discount...
after this meal, the Dave's Deli is no longer our fav dining place due to it has also replaces the mixed veggies with mostly sweet potato and carrots...We want our broccolis & red cabbages!!!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ozen Zanmai @ the Gardens

Instead of going to the usual Yoshinoya or Sushi Zanmai, I went to try Ozen Zanmai, which is located at the lower ground floor @ the Gardens
 saw the 'Summer Specials' menu and decided to order 'Iroiro Tamagoyaki' @ RM13.80
It has my fav unagi on top of the tamagoyaki.
The tamagoyaki is on the sweet side which I dislike. Would prefer it to be mildly sweet. Anyhow, I like the toppings.
 As for my main meal, I had spicy chicken ramen @RM13.96.
It was loaded with lotsa chicken chunks, napa cabbage, carrot strips and a whole soft-boiled egg.
Kinda value-for-money with such price!
 ocha drink @ RM1.13. In total, my meal here costs RM28.90
 after then, some window shopping to burn off the calories...

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Throwback: Port Louis Escapade & short stroll at Bagatelle Mall

 It was a Saturday noon when my senior (who stayed a couple of doors away) called and asked if I would like to go downtown.
why not? while she has been to Mauritius 4-5 times, it was my first.
Surely I m ON!
We took a public bus from the nearby bus stop (just outside the hotel). It was a short wait (5 minutes wait) and 15 minutes ride to Port Louis.
Their buses are not like our RapidKL type with air-condition and automated ticketing system, but of those that we had 30 years ago. No fan nor air-cond and they are using manual ticketing where the bus conductor will approach each passenger and issue them ticket. It sort of brings back childhood memories bus ride that I had back in the 80s/early 90s.
It was a sunny afternoon on a summer day
clear blue skies with some clouds.
the city center is not as busy as I thought, perhaps it is Saturday. 
Offices closed after mid-day, and most of the tourist spots (such as museums) are closed too.
There isn't much shopping malls around Port Louis despite being the capital city. They do have markets and street performers...but other than that it is a pretty quaint town.
We walked around & enjoyed the sight of these yacht at Le Caudan Waterfront
Passing by the Aapravasi Ghat which is a UNESCO heritage site, unfortunately it was closed.
The old colonial Post Office building
it's a one storey building, and it was closed too....
then back at the waterfront to enjoy the sun, sea
and sands shops
a lot of Africans lingering around this area
even the street performers are Africans, rapping/singing in their language which I dun tink their locals would understand too...
getting some shades from these umbrellas
clear signboards everywhere....anyway u won't get lost in this small compound
more yachts parked further away...
on the right is a hotel building facing the waterfront. It is one of the best hotel in Port Louis
I wish I could stay here and watch the sunset...*as my senior had sometime ago....
Weather was hot, so i had pistachio and irish cream softserve ice cream for Rp60 at a nearby food court.
Then continue one of the nearby craft market that sells souvenirs (similar to our Central market)
These posters show the places of attraction all around the island.
It was a short trip downtown as most tourist spots are closed by noon. After a two hour walk, we went back to our hotel in Moka.
The day was still early (for dinner), hence I decided to drop by Bagatelle mall for some light shopping and sight seeing.
The mall has set up a stage for the Indian musical performance later that evening and these troupe were practising when I passed by...
the actual performance will be recorded....
Now I wonder where did the cameraman went....coz I can go as near as to touch that camera/recorder and do some hanky panky stuff on it
The makeshift stage is set up next to the foodcourt….So I might as well go 'kepoh' on what the food court sells. The below is a stall selling Chinese dumplings, Yay! Yes, here u can find 'siu mai' and assorted dim sums.
Another stall selling a variety of food ranging from fried stuffs, rice, noodles, sandwiches. The menu (board) is in French
As it was still a Diwali week, the assorted Indian sweets were on sale too
the Ladoo….
Mawa….don't ask me what are these....All I know is that they all taste super sweet!
The mini 'kolam' decoration on the floor...
They have 'kolam' at all their entrances....still looking good despite having no railing surrounding it...

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

Curiosity brought me to this bar... Sometime last year, I saw a promotional menu placed on the table at the walkway outside this bar. It has...