Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tesco Coffee Bun & Sukiya Ramen

In certain days where I had my lunch in IOI city mall, I would also drop by Tesco to look-see if there is any promotion in the bread/pastries section.
I spotted this Mexican coffee bun which is sold for RM1 each. It may not taste as good as Rotiboy, but RM1 is kinda great deal and the bun could filled my hungry tummy in the later evening.
On another day (unrelated to the bun), I followed my colleague to Sukiya again. After my disappointment with their curry rice, I dare not order the rice again....
This time I wanted something soupy...and I had chicken ramen...
Since this shop is 'halal', they dun sell pork ramen...but the chicken was quite good, well marinated and tender...This bowl of ramen looks ordinary compared to those established ramen shop, but at the price of RM12++, u can't complain much.
Bon Appetit;-)
this post marked the 1001st post in this blog which is also the final one for this year.
till then, Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

KyoChon Fried Chicken

This was my second time tasting KyoChon fried chicken. The first time, I ordered the chicken drummets...they were so small that I dun feel like having the 'ummphh' after eating it.
So, this time I decided with the real drumstick....meaty and hearty ones...
And since I was dining with my fussy-eater parents, I can't go for the spicy version...hence I ordered the honey glazed drumsticks...
The skin was crunchy and well coated with was sweet (sort of like eating pop-corns)...and the chicken meat was eaten while still hot...yummmzzz!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

myBurgerLab - Part 2

After my first visit to myBurgerLab, I thought of getting another try with a more 'extravagant' burger...Hence this time I ordered the Ultraman 3.0 set meal. Instead of taking fries, I had mashed potato. The meal did not disappoint me this time, it was indeed a huge burger with overflowing salted egg yolk sauce...That's my kind of burger! well, this set is almost RM30 (after tax), but nevertheless it satisfies my cravings for huge & hearty burger!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lunches @ Hutong

Dropping by Lot10 for an event on last weekend....Since we were early, we decided to drop by Hutong to try out some of the 'famous' foodstalls.
Ordered this beef noodle set which comes with a drink (Chinese tea), blanched choy sum, a bowl of soup with offal and beef balls...all for RM12.90.
I tried some of the noodles, tasted ok (nothing to shout about) but the noodles were bouncy.
 this plate of duck egg CKT has 3 pieces of prawns and lotsa 'lap cheong' (waxed Chinese sausage)...very KL-style sort of CKT...priced at RM11.90. Full of 'wok hei' and got me thirsty after eating this.
The entire Hutong foodcourt is just too confusing with stalls scattered here & there. For a first timer, I found it hard to find a 'specific' stall and got lost when finding my way back to the seat.
Pricewise & ambience...I still prefer the nearby Food Republic @ Pavillion.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All things Christmas!

I think by now I have lost count over how many X'mas deco I hav captured in my phone cam...
Before I delete them, lemme post up some for your viewing pleasure...
Guess where is this?
yea, my usual 'lepak' place...IOI city mall!
 and to enjoy the season, I also had lime mcflurry! I tink this lime mcflurry is sold during this X'mas/New Year season only
lol...ok, this was a treat by our boss...
 since it is less than a week away, most shops and bakeries already put up their X'mas deco, some with so much creativity, such as this santa gift box display @ Lavender bakery...
 the colorful macaroons....ok, macaroons are sold all year round but quite a plenty buying this as 'gifts'. Well, I dun mind receiving macaroons as X'mas gift!
 fine cakes & delicacies in display glass shelves
 meanwhile @ Pavilion, crowds thronged the main entrance to get a good snapshot of the X'mas tree.
 and there are lotsa's a smaller version inside the mall
 and the centre stage is filled with more trees and a 'Swarovski' carousel.
it was a weekend...a week before X'mas & the streets were busy with shoppers and photo-enthusiasts like me...
ok, am done with the trees now....

Monday, December 19, 2016

Unmaterialised date

Couple of weeks ago I got a free ticket to Julio Iglesias concert...
was quite excited and anticipating the show coz it's a once-in-a-lifetime to ever see him sing in 'realperson'...(well, he's an old man in chances is that he might not travel again to this continent to perform at such old age).
but unfortunately, as I said...he's is an old man...and there could be some 'risks' on whether he can make it or not.
True enuff, I got a bad news that he had cancelled this concert due to spinal injury....huhu~~~

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kids Meal @ Old Town White Coffee

This set of kids' meal looks interesting on the comes with a small size orange juice for RM10.90 (after GST & service charges)
Yes, i like fries, sausages and nuggets and this set suits perfectly well...
*the top left is cauliflower, broccoli and carrot in mayonaise
Bon Appetit!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Tenka Ramen @ Tenka by Bentoya

Ramen is one of my comfort food...
who can resists the warm broth and springy noodles?
well, just looking at it makes me drool.....
yea, i m still craving for this Tenka ramen...soupy and with flavorful pork, seaweeds and corns!
i slurped the whole bowl clean...with satisfaction
Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dim Sum @ Phang Kee Sri Petaling

 This was a brunch treat by sis...both of us were so hungry that we over-ordered...but nevertheless we managed to finish the nothing is wasted!
we had various siu mai, prawn dumplings, custard buns, glutinous rice with chicken and mushroom (lor mai kai), and fried radish cake....
here's the total damage:
things are getting expensive these days...
Anyhow if u r wondering how much each type of dim sum's the menu for your is categorized in plate sizes - small, medium and large plates...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Lavender, IOI City Mall

Usually after lunch, my lunch kakis will drop by Lavender to get some breads/pastries for our 'evening teatime'...
i dun usually have 'teatime', but i follow suit, hang out looking and enjoying the 'scene'...
yea, they do sell baked cheese tarts but i'm not into aiming for Pablo & Tokyo Secret instead...
On certain days, when i feel like working late, i would however got myself a soft & fluffy bread...just a normal bread with no fillings inside...but still good to go...
but when i wanted some nicer 'bread' i would go for roti naan!
yes....dunk it in thick curry gravy...nom nommmmm!!!
well, u know where i would usually get my 'fix'!

'Tag Me' Bar @ Sri Petaling

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