Sunday, April 14, 2024

Just a Typical Day in Barbados

While some of you would dream of going to the exotic Caribbean, i can assure you that life is totally unglamorous if you are there for work (instead of holidaying)😂
My typical workday is quite a boring one.
It was a full-day office job from 9am - 6pm ++ daily.
By the time i'm off work, the skies were already dark, and not much for sightseeing...beach also closed 😂
Let me elaborate my typical day in this Caribbean island....
my typical lunch was usually at the Coffee Bean cafe (just across the street from the office)
I was a 'regular customer' until the staff knows my order😂
Anyway, apart from my 'usual wraps' i also tried the jerk chicken panini (BBD22.50 = MYR55.08)
It was tasty with succulent & tender chicken meat and crispy panini.
Dinner would usually at Panenka coz it is within walking distance from the apartment. Only on certain days when we want to have something fancy we would venture out of the Rockley Golf Club/Resort area.
There are daily 'specials' at Panenka. This round, I had beef burger with chips (and drink, not in pic) for BBD25 = MYR61.09
(the conversion to MYR was from the credit card statement...sigh...everything seems so expensive after conversion)
I would think twice if this is paid from my own pocket😢
But well, it was a good meal, the beef patty is thick, juicy and nicely cooked. My colleague who doesn't eat beef happily 'donated' the patty to me and i had double beef patties! The chips are made of real potatoes...not those crappy ones in fast food restaurant. Overall, this platter has standard equivalent to TGIF.
Next is my typical office attire... tis pun kena take picture?!?
of course, coz i don't always wear formal/semi formal😆
Then you have a typical scenery while on the way to the office....just some local residence area
These are houses along the narrow street of St. Michael in Bridgetown.
Weather is just as gloomy and unpredictable, some days it rains in the morning or just cloudy. 
Some days with clear blue skies...
Chattel house is quite common in Barbados.
It is small moveable wooden house that middle class people would occupy. 
And their humble bus-stop with the signboard clearly shown. Similar to our kampung bus-stops but they are well-maintained.
Typical mini mart at the gas station. It sells buns/donuts/pastries/hot beverages too, like our 'Kedai Mesra Petronas'.
And lastly, fun fact: Smoking is banned in public places in Barbados since 2010. Such a good move to keep the environment and air fresh. This is the second country (which I went) that enforced smoking ban (Bhutan is the first). Honestly, the air is way fresher there.
Kudos to their government for enforcing this👍

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Rockley Beach, Barbados

The place where i stayed is quite nearby the beach, about 20-30 minutes walk.
But i prefer to take the free shuttle that departs from the apartment on scheduled time.
[Below] The shuttle van drops off the passengers nearby this lifeguards watch house.
[Below] The drop-off/pick-up point. I took this picture (soon after I arrived) so that I don't forget this spot and waited elsewhere later😂
After walking some distance along the beach, I found KFC!
The most scenic view I've ever seen in a KFC - facing the Caribbean sea😀
It has outdoor seating, but it was too sunny and hot to dine outdoor during the daytime.
[Below] The menu board. Nothing fancy, items are same like ours.
This outlet has a drive thru too.
Just right outside the KFC, there is a pedestrian walkway that connects back to the Rockley beach so people don't have to walk along the narrow and dusty road out there. You can see that the road was under construction from the above picture.
You get to enjoy the sea breeze & sea view along the walkway.
Sun, sea and sand!
Quite windy here.
to be continued....

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Fu Man Yuan Dumpling City @ Sri Petaling

Passed by this shop a few times. It is located opposite Jojo Little Kitchen.
I like pork chives dumpling so i went in to try.
Ordered a plate of steamed pork chives dumpling which came in 10 pieces. 
Since this shop specialises in dumpling, there is a bottle of vinegar & chili oil on every table.
I prefer eating it plain without any sauce. The dumplings were quite good and juicy with flavors coming from the minced pork and chives in it.
I also tried their suan la mian (sour and spicy noodles). It looks devilish spicy with red hot soup from this picture.
The noodle is quite doughy like pan mee. There are a few pieces of minced pork and bok choy in it.
I scooped out the noodles from this big bowl and eat them from the small bowl. Tried a few sips of the soup. It has nice sourish spicy taste but quite oily.
I usually don't drink the soup when eating noodles. This was the remaining soup left after finishing the noodle. Almost half of the bowl is the soup.
This meal costs RM27.60nett after SST.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Bubba's @ Rockley Christchurch, Barbados

One of the weekend i ventured out to the Rockley Beach again to have brunch.
I took the free shuttle van from the apartment which departs at 10:30am.
It was a 5 minutes ride and drop-off at a beach front carpark. From there, i walked along the main street which is a touristy spot with souvenir shops/restaurants/hotels/home rentals and even a real estate office for expats who consider long-stay.
Contact WIMBA if you are into buying houses😂
There is also a rum shop, but it was too early to open. Mount Gay is their famous rum brand.
Most of the buildings here are wooden/bricks with blue or turquoise paint, matching the sea colour😁
I went to Bubba's Sports Bar which seems to open early.
It is a fully air-cond restaurant/bar with a huge screen displaying football match.
There were already families dining & watching football on Sunday morning.
[Below] The menu.
I had flying fish burger (aka flying fish sandwich), with jacket potato and pineapple juice.
tartar sauce & tomato ketchup are provided with this platter. There is also salt and pepper (on every table)
This meal costs BBD40.15 (RM98), it was a good one. The fish burger and jacket potato were prepared fresh and warm. The jacket potato reminds me of those i had in Wendy's many years ago, but this one has melted cheese topping😋

Thursday, March 28, 2024

St Michael, Barbados

During the weekdays, the driver would picked us (me & colleague) from the apartment at 8am daily. Sometimes he would use different routes to reach the office. I got to see more sceneries and captured the daily street scenes when he passed by the town center. Most of the buildings in Bridgetown (the capital of Barbados) are low-rise, and the streets are narrow. Sometimes they are flooded during the heavy rain/storm.
Nevertheless the streets are clean, and well-maintained.
[Below] A school girl waiting for bus.
[Below] A statue of some prominent person (I dunno who)
[Below] Traffic light at junction. This country adopts driving on the left, just like ours.
Dinner at Panenka again. This restaurant is located at the golf course, and is within our walking distance.
We wanted to try other items besides their daily specials, so we ordered ala-carte for sharing.
We had:
Chicken tenders with salads
[Below] Deep fried flour....i mean deep fried shrimp tastes exactly like cucur udang, minus the chili sauce.
Instead it came with mayo.
Buffalo chicken wings and fav!
Our hearty meal!
This meal costs us BBD82 (USD41).

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Kit Kat Ice Cream Stick

First time trying Kit Kat Ice Cream. Bought this from Family Mart at RM5.50
Vanilla flavored ice cream coated with crunchy Kit Kat bits.
First bite reminds me of Magnum....tastes almost similar with thick & creamy vanilla. The crunchy coating added texture to the ice cream. Surely a quality ice cream stick, as good as Magnum. 
Went to Bai Wei again. This time i had 3 dishes. The soup is FOC self-service.
I chose cabbage with pork slices, sweet & sour fish, and onion omelette. 
RM20.15nett after sst.
This would be my favorite go-to place for chapfan dishes at late night😂

Another mini bowl franchise which i frequented, is WangDeFull along the stretch of the busiest junction in the neighborhood.
This place is slowly getting popular with lunch & dinner promos.
I had 2 dishes with rice, soup and refillable tea at RM9.90nett.
But the dishes for the promo set are limited. Just good to fill the hunger if you are not too fussy.
I had fried potato with pork and mala deep fried fish (2 pieces in a bowl).
The seaweed soup is given by default and is not refillable.
They have FOC warm water/tea which is refillable, whereas Bai Wei only provide plain water from the water dispenser machine.

Just a Typical Day in Barbados

While some of you would dream of going to the exotic Caribbean, i can assure you that life is totally unglamorous if you are there for work ...