Friday, November 30, 2007

IQ Question

Hey people, u r invited to answer the below question ;-)

Each sweet has a wrapper
Each sweet is sold for $1
3 wrappers can be exchanged for 1 sweet

How many sweets can you get for $15?


Put on your thinking cap and think carefully!
Answer to be out soon ;-)

Petronas Promotion - Malaysia Only

This promotion is valid on Nov & Dec 2007. Please click on the picture for larger view.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, I m not bloggin’ on memorizing bizarre stuffs as in mnemonics methods, but instead, posted some bizarre items found around the house. My house is indeed full of junks – all thanks to my innovative dad who simply converts any recyclable items to something practical, but eye-soring.

Here are some examples:
Earlier, v hav bought an energy-saving light bulb, but it is too bright when placed in a small space. To solve the problem, a plastic ball was used as lampshade.

Wonder what is used to support this electronic clock? A toothpaste box! (with a childish sticker on it)

And a so-called plant pot, made from unused water bottle (from Ribena free gift).

Finally, the greatest entry of all, toothpaste clipped with a paper clip, tied with a string and hanged on the wall! i wonder why need to put in such position when v hav a proper place for that toothpaste!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh, it's Patrick!

While digging out some soft toys to be given away to VBS kids, I stumbled upon a red and roundish creature…
OMG! It’s Patrick!
I din know that Patrick is hidden among the pile of soft toys that we hav. All these while I thought tht we only hav Kitties, Teddies, Winnies (Pooh), Stitch…but now, I officially hav a ‘dog’…

Since X’mas is just a month away, we decided to put up our mini X’mas tree as well.

Oh btw, the Coke isn’t an ad. It just happened to be there while I took the picture.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hey there, try out and hav fun with tis game...

One Day Outing

I was on leave on Thursday, but still woke up quite early, as i'm pretty excited with the outing plan that i hav arranged for myself. Not those sort of an adventurous outing but sight-seeing is indeed fun and does help to forget all my miseries... 0900: Fetched sis to work, and parked my car nearby her office. After having breakfast somewhere nearby Old Klang Road, i took a bus to Petaling Street. Well, taking bus is a much cheaper and convenient way if u r to travel to KL city (well, i mean centre of KL). After years of not boarding any public bus, I noticed that there is some enhancement to our local public transportation, a TV! Well, currently it only features trial programs and is run by Asia Media, a private station headquartered in Shah Alam.
1000: Well, my main purpose for this outing is to get my dental checks. So, here i go, to the government dental clinic! scary eh??? Many of us might not aware of its existance. Loosely translated as 'SunLight Dental Clinic' (Klinik Pergigian Cahaya Suria), this clinic is located on the second floor of a building next to Mydin.

I did scaling....and oucchhh! my lips, tongue, and teeth went numb for almost an hour after performing tis! Guess how much does it costs? Well, RM2 for scaling + RM1 for consultation...Rather cheap!

1200: Went to Petaling Street for jalan-jalan and look-see, look-see. Not much special, with the same ol' stalls and shops...
1300: Since there is nothing much to see, i decided to head to Mid Valley...On my way to the Pasarama Kota bus stop, i saw a building with rather interesting balcony and window panes...Mayb not special to u guys, but i fancy tis design alot!

Ok, here are some items displayed at some stalls (which i passed by earlier)...COLOURFUL handbags!

And fresh apples!

Some blossoming roses

And various sorts of flowers! OK, i m done with sight-seeing now...

1440: Up next, LUNCH! so damn hungry...Lunch @ Lil' Vietnam, Mid Valley. They hav set meals (priced at RM9.90) from 2pm-6pm. Oh great! without tinking much further, i headed inside. Ordered eggplant rice. Fruits and drinks came along with the set.
1530: When u r full and with nothing to do....wut will be the next agenda? Ladies, it's ur fav past-time! Window-shopping! Well, the photo below (and the one above) are taken illegally...anyway, who cares?

The Gardens @Mid Valley. The stupid guard forbids me from taking any pictures, after i snapped tis one! Sorry guys, no more pictures after this one!
1700: Time to go home, otherwise will get stuck in the evening traffic crawl as city folks head back home. Went home with aching feet but a broad (pleasant) smile and my shinning teeth!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Movies

Hurry up, redeem your free tickets! Click on the picture to view participating branches.
For additional info, please click here.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007


This time, sis has been assigned to teach junior class, consists of kids aged from 9-10 years old.
The teaching materials are ready…Let’s see what’s in store for them for this coming VBS…sneak peek…

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Plain Naive

Yeah! it's weekend, and i'll be out of 'jail' soon ;P

I hav been quarantined (due to some contagious disease!) for more than 3 weeks now...and will be back to office on next monday! woo-hoooo! shiok giler...
Anyway, lazy to blog now...just posted a video frm You Tube. Kinda 'not-so-funny' if u r to laugh at other people...but then, some of the answers given by the public are really amazing! I guess it happens everywhere too...not just in the United States.
Perhaps some people are just too naive, who can be easily tricked by some (reporter) who disguised himself as Prime Minister John Howard. Meanwhile, certain people couldn't even name a country that starts with the letter 'U'...Well, they are not 5 year-old kid! I wonder what they did in school last time?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, and Black

A girl came for a job interview.
To test her English, Boss ask her to create sentences with the colour:
green, pink, yellow, blue, white, purple, and black.
She answered:
I hear phone 'GREEN GREEN', then i go and 'PINK' up the phone, and i say 'YELLOW BLUES' that?
'WHITE' did you say?
oh wrong number, don't PURPLELY' disturb people and don't call 'BLACK' okay?
Boss say: You can go black now and wait for the phone green green.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Stuffs that you will not want to eat…

Ok, I m not featuring any disgusting food over here…so, sit back and relax!
Introducing....err…I dunno wut shall I call it…
A simulation of nasi lemak but, without anchovies, nuts and boiled egg….
Instead, it has boiled edamame (a type of beans, not peas!). It’s so ‘green’ and ‘vegetarian’.
The preparation is simple, and doesn’t cost much. Well, with the increase of price in consumer goods and food items, I can only have this at home during weekends…LOL…
Dull? Not for this, coz it tastes….good, and healthy! Feels like eating some sort of ulam…

Below are the ingredients
Cucumber, doesn't cost much, around 19cents/100g

Sambal belacan, home-cooked or bottled ones...

And finally, Edamame beans. This sort of beans are available at all Jusco stores.

*tis meal is unsuitable for carnivorous-style eater

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Of Local Varsities and Rankings

The ranking of our local universities dropped again?
I m indeed very disappointed with it…
Our prime Uni, which was once ranked amongst the top 100, is now placed at over 200th (246 to be precise).
The ‘dropping scene’ is also much felt in our neighboring country (NUS for example). But well, theirs is still ranked below 100.
What had happened to our local varsities? For sure, there is something lacking...
Besides the quality of the infrastructures, our undergrads are just not up to par with the international standards.
The most obvious one is the lack of critical thinking. These under grads are so exam-based. When it comes to exam, most of them will just pour out whatever they have memorized from their notes, like what they have practiced throughout their schooling days in secondary school. Well, I m not sure about the rest, but this was from my personal experience some 3 years back.
Apart from that, it is a shame that most local undergrads can’t even communicate in English properly. It took them a huge effort to even string a sentence.
Well, that’s fine with them, coz these undergrads are the product of National schools (Sekolah Kebangsaan) which uses Malay language as the medium in their syllabus.
Frankly speaking, I was also one of them, though I've tried to improve over the years. I admit that I m not much better than them too.
To educate the younger generations, we should at least cultivate them from young. Otherwise, we will get what we have as of today – Undergrads with lousy grasp of English. And I strongly oppose the suggestion of some UMNO members to revert back to Malay language in Science and Mathematics subject, just because students from rural area unable to catch up.
Totally ridiculous!
They are using such a stupid excuse to escape from using English, by taking one step backward…thus, demolishing our hopes towards the younger generations.
If we continue to be in our comfort zone, we will no longer be able to catch up globally. Agree?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ich liebe es

What you'l see below are some of the McD customization menu according to countries. Well, similar to them, we (M'sia) hav bubur ayam McD (chicken porridge) and Ayam Goreng McD (spicy fried chicken) to suit our local taste...Let's see what do the rest of the world have...
In India, there are no Big Macs because the Hindu people don't eat beef.
However, they have the Maharaja Mac, which is a Big Mac made of lamb or chicken meat. There is also a vegetarian burger, the McAloo Tikki.
In fish-loving Norway, they have the McLaks, a sandwich made of grilled salmon and dill sauce.
It's bottoms up in Germany, where McDonald's serves - Beer!

In parts of Canada, have a lobster dinner with the McLobster lobster roll. Pardon me -"McHomard" (in French).

Japan totally reinvents McDonald's with its Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burgers), Koroke Burger (mashed potato, cabbage and katsu sauce, all in a sandwich), Ebi-Chiki (shrimp nuggets) and Green Tea-flavored milkshake!

In Chile, you can dress your burgers with - not ketchup - avocado paste!

In Costa Rica, unsurprisingly, you can order Gallo Pinto, meaning rice and beans.

It's not Greek without pita, so when in Greece, have a Greek Mac, a burger made of patties wrapped in pita.

Rice-loving Hong Kong, has - of course - Rice Burgers, where the burgers are in between, not burger buns, but two patties of glutinous rice.

In Israel, McDonald's has 3 kosher restaurants where cheeseburger and dairy products are not served because Jewish Law forbids serving "the child (cow/beef) in its mother's milk (dairy)." They have McShawarma, meat in a pita bread roll.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I dun want to get too emotional but, the piano which has been with us for the past 13 years will part away today.
13 years sure do left lotsa memories…well, rather than being left to rot (and collecting dust), we made a hurtful decision to finally sell it.
Flashing back memories, I can still clearly remembers those days we went searching for a suitable piano and how we ended up with the current one.
That was year 1994 and it seems like just yesterday.
It was the hectic moment of traveling around, as mom did not drive. We took buses (and interchange buses) almost every weekend. Sometimes, we even started our ‘search’ as early as Friday noon after the school ended. I was pretty excited for having a plenty of outings during those days.
We went to numerous shops and some ‘auntie who sells second-hand pianos’s houses. Those places were scattered around Klang Valley, from Sentul to Subang, and some shops in Pudu, PJ and KL areas…
And lastly, after nearly 3 months of searching, we ended with a Kawai piano which costs us RM5K++. (that was a huge amount back then!)
Despite that, we have sold it for less than half the price now! Sob..sob…I m in a somber mood now…
And the weather today didn’t help as it is still raining out there. Such a gloomy day…

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Arabic Wedding

Here comes the brides, dressed in all white...
Their head are fully covered under the veil! Poor bridegroom, how could they identify their wife?

The mysterious woman
More mysterious women
Source: getty images

Smart Politician

  • Samy Velu on pos laju "BESOK KIRIM,HARI INI SAMPAI" wow! that's too advanced!
  • The one on TV when in trying to say he was ashamed, he said: "Kemaluan saya besar"
  • On drugs, "Jangan hisap dada" no breast sucking! wtf!
  • Samy said in a ceramah "Kita akan bina satu jambatan untuk orong-orong kampong di sini", one pakcik asked, "Datuk, sini takde sungai, buat apa bina jambatan?" and Samy glorious replied, "Kalau takde sungai, kita bina sungai!" oh, pandai betul dia nie!
  • Samy's favorite quote on national television "Toll naik sikit, manyak marah saya. You ingat semua ini toll saya punya bapa punya kah!"
  • During the water shortage crisis : "semua orang diminta jgn membuang aiyerr..!" no peeing?
  • During blood donation campaign in Sg Siput: "..marilah kita semua menderma dara.." wuahaha, i like tis one alot! donate our virginity...
  • During the opening speech of various function: "...selamat datang saudara-mara semua.." (actually is "saudara-saudari")
  • At an opening ceremony: "mempersilakan Datin Paduka Rafidah Aziz naik ke pentas utk membuka kain" mari sama-sama buka!
  • Commenting about his modesty: "sebenarnya, kemaluan saya sangat-sangat besar" OMG?!!!
  • And lastly u know why our N-S Highway concessionaire is named PLUS. PLUS=Pungut Lebih Untuk Samy. Is this a slogan? smart ass!

The above are just some jokes, no intention to offend anyone ;-)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Two Words

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Eye Care

To those who spent long hours at their desk, and looking at the computer screen throughout the day, here are some eye care which you might need to practice:

Step I : After every 20 minutes of looking into the computer screen, turn your head and try to look at any object placed at least 20 feet away. This changes the focal length of your eyes, a must-do for the tired eyes.

Step II : Try and blink your eyes for 20 times in succession, to moisten them.

Step III : Time permitting of course, one should walk 20 paces after every 20 minutes of sitting in one particular posture. Helps blood circulation for the entire body. Circulate among your friends if you care for them and their eyes.

They say that your eyes are mirror of your soul, so do take care of them, they are priceless...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

What do you think about these ads?

I'm sure some of us have seen these ads (from circulated emails or in reality!).
Anyway, i found them quite attractive and would like to share these again with you guys...
A print of a cup of Folgers coffee was placed on top of manhole covers in New York City, USA. Holes on the print allow the steam to come out. Wording around the cup reads, "Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers."
An innovative idea on a large billboard in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It really makes people want to grab that "Heineken". I want some beer too!!!

Life-size stickers of people were stuck on automatic sliding doors at a mall in Mumbai, India. When someone approaches, the doors move apart and it feels like the people on the door are moving away. The person entering finds the message, "People move away when you have body odor". WTF! u mean i'm stink??!!! very insulting indeed!

An advertisement found in Malaysia. A sticker was placed on the high voltage box depicting that powerful Duracell batteries were used. Oh, all these while we are using Duracell??? wuahahaha....

Advertisements for a job-recruiting company in Berlin, Germany depict people working in vending machines and ATMs.
It delivers the message, "Life is too short for the wrong job".
I like this alot! It clearly shows a message to its viewer and enlighten us to find a better career...

Cool, it looks as if this guy is so STRONG!!! one hand holding dumbell and another, a mag! uh-ohh!!!
And lastly, some train station at Zurich, it depicts a small size car but able to fit in a huge number of passengers. Well, in fact, those ppl are coming out from the transit station staircase.
Interesting, isn't it? Well, creative minds with their clever ads...

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...