Thursday, February 28, 2019

Office Tour

These are pictures taken from all around the office, after the renovation (in 2017).
It used to be a very typical mundane office with monotone colour, but after the renovation the place has became brighter, colourful and lively.
The working space
The pantry in next block with high table and benches.
another angle view to compare the height of the dining table with the nearby working desk height.
and this is a smaller pantry but with no dining table, just some artsy fartsy coffee table/chair & basin made of cylinder tanks.
colorful working area (front view)
(back view)
 and in another block, there is a recreational area with pool table, darts, ping pong table, foosball and couch lounge for u to zZzzzzZZ day dream.
The dart game that I have only played once.
And this pool game that I never play before...coz I m so lousy in it.
Now the main pantry, with proper dining table/chair (instead of higher table/benches or weird tanks)
Those flowers are fake, but better than least it 'add colours' to this area...
And below is the old pantry which is so plain-looking.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Genting Grand Hotel

I have stayed in most of the hotels in Genting, except Awana.
Last year we got a free stay in this old hotel, as it was a low season and on a weekday.
But why 'old'?
Apparently, this hotel was built in 1978 as the second hotel in Genting (and originally known as Genting hotel). This was way back before the 'First World' hotel exists.
The lobby has been refurbished since, but the rooms are still....
impressive looking lobby at the ground floor, with high ceiling and lightings resembling a 'rose'
We were given a joint room which has a door connecting to the other room, but we don't occupy that room.
The room is spacious, and can even accommodate 2-3 extra mattresses.
However, it is an old hotel room with outdated layout, as the empty space is not fully utilised.
All the tables are with glass top and metal frame, which made it look very 90's
Nevertheless the utilities are new, such as coffee machine, mini fridge and kettle are in tip top condition.
Huge tv with multiple channels, which i did not watch much, but instead fully utilised the free wifi ;-)
Here's the office/working desk, which i used as my dining table.
In front of it is a very old sofa, the colour has even faded!
Next to the tv, there is another glass rack with wine glass and ice bucket.
Unfortunately there is no wine in the room...*u gotta order from the room service!
Here's the overview of the room entrance, the toilet/bathroom/walk-in closet is situated behind
looking out from the window, i see a half-constructed 'Fox Studio' theme park which has been abandoned.
This was my lunch which was brought from was from some AGM that we attended earlier (not related to Genting). 
Now...the walk-in closet, with iron board, laundry bag (to send to laundry service), and benches which doubled as shoe cabinet.
the usual hygiene kit consists of soaps, shampoos, lotions, shavers, toothbrush/paste etc.
The basin is made of see thru can see ur feet underneath!
Huge bath tub with a view....But the view outside isn't that nice coz everything was under construction!
This is by far the biggest hotel room that i have stayed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Wedding Gowns

Definitely not my wedding....
I'm just the bridesmaid....
And i have to fulfil my duty as a bridesmaid to accompany the bride to look for her wedding gowns
And helping her to choose which looks best...
Here's the conventional white wedding dress
and the more 'princessy floral' dress.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Noodles @ Genting International Room

Genting International room is just another section for 'silver' membership and above. Don't be fooled by its name, it is not about it being open to international visitor.
Anyway, being a foodie, i 'sneak' in for the cafeteria food.
It offers a generous soup noodles in the menu, and it is not available on daily basis, only during certain days.
Since this is so exclusive, i must try it at least once.
It was a huge bowl of kuey teow th'g (clear soup flat rice noodles) with lotsa fishballs, shrimps, chicken chunks, and slices of fishcake....and of course the soup taste very flavorful too because of all these ingredients!
 this bowl can last u for many hours!
Another thing that is exclusive in this cafeteria is the curry noodles. Similar to the kuew teow th'ng, it is just as huge and full of ingredients.
On the right is fried beehoon with otak otak.
Price might have increased now, but during then it was around RM19 for the noodles soup. As for the beehoon, it is around RM7 since it is pre-packed.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Lunchbox Delivery

Some time ago (during Nov 2018 till Jan 2019), there were Lunchbox delivery provided to our office.
The menu were published on Sunday via WhatsApp group and whoever who wish to order can place their order 24 hours before the delivery date.
Different menu were provided on each day and the best of all, it's non halal and cheap!
Standard menu consists of 1 meat dish (chicken or pork), and 2 non-meat dishes
Normal portion at RM4.50, meanwhile the upsize portion is RM5.50
I ordered this regularly, but unfortunately the service only lasted for 2 months....
Hopefully they will return again...

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah

nope, not this one....
The below is not Nasi Kukus but some fried noodles with omelette and begedil (Indonesian fried potato patties).
This was my lunch bought from the student canteen for RM4, super cheap! (but oily). I rarely eat 'mee goreng' coz the yellow noodles are very oily, but that day I wasn't fond of eating rice, and this is the only non-rice item sold at the counter.
 Now...the Nasi Kukus (below)...
 My colleague and I ventured to a new place in Desa Serdang foodcourt and found this gem.
I had fried chicken leg with jelatah (onion, cucumber, pineapple, carrot salad) and curry rice.
This costs RM7, kinda worth-it as the chicken leg was huge and freshly fried from the wok.
Succulent meat, tender inside, with crispy skin....yuuuuummmmzzz
Another satisfying lunch!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A&EM Corner Saigon

I have been procrastinating on blogging about my 2016 HCMC trip that I totally forgotten about it...
Anyway, before I delete all these photos from the laptop, I might as well just put it up here for record keeping sake.
During the 4D3N trip, we stayed in this 'corner' hotel in District 1 which is the central urban district of Ho Chi Minh City.
 As it is located in the central area, the land are restricted and hence the hotel is not that spacious.
Nevertheless, it has a decent corner to chill out & a bar right next to the lobby at ground floor.
 it was quiet coz I took this photo way past midnite
 yea, wee hours in the morning (around 2-3am) when the cleaning were done.
 I stayed at somewhere 2nd or 3rd floor (thankfully!) coz the elevator sucks and most of the time I used the stairs to reach my floor. The elevator is small and slow, hence it is faster to use the stairs, although the stairs are somewhat narrow.
The downside of staying at low floors is that you have to bear with the traffic honks from the streets, but since we don't stay in the hotel most of the time, the noise were still bearable.
The 'Victorian style' room with comfy beds
 tastefully designed although the room is small
 the snack bar...*snacks/cup noodles are chargeable
 The rooms were well maintained and new, coz they were newly renovated about a month ago before our stay.
I like how everything was so in detailed. Even the bathroom door has a nice pattern on it!
Despite a small room, it can still fit a bathtub!
The bathroom is impressive
 here's the view in front of the hotel entrance...many street peddlers trying to sell stuffs to visitors/hotel guests....I dare not to step outside of the hotel entrance to avoid being pestered in buying stuffs. 
 Hence, we only wait for our bus at the lobby.
Below: lightings at the lobby
 As for the breakfast, I did not take much coz the cafeteria was crowded and I feel 'claustrophobic' in the small compound. Anyhow, they served delicious beef pho and various local dishes....Overall, breakfast was good.

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