Friday, February 21, 2014

Peak Time

Life has been hectic for the past months and yet it's not gonna end yet...Hav been maintaining a high stamina to keep up with the pace and yet tasks being continuously pilling...The moment I slowed down, the load will drag til infinity high.
And I wonder, is this LIFE?
all about work and no play, no suxxxxx!
sometimes enough is being I being paid to work like a cow???!!!
I guess cow's life is much better than mine
Today is Friday evening, yet there's tonne of to-do in my list...seems like never-ending.
Well, I "stole" a few hours to sit back and relax @ KFC, and enjoyed some "people watching"
sometimes, it's just amusing to seeing couples or family-with-chaotic-kids having their meal helps me to temporary forget about my keep-on-pilling tasks....
and without noticing, I spent an hour plus enjoying my meal while watching people!
so, there goes my Friday evening.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

High School Sweetheart

With V-day around the corner which also coincides with the Chinese Lunar day-15 (which happens to be Chinese V-day too) cannot resist in picturing the romantic atmosphere which gonna filled the air on 14th!
dining out in restaurant or even bistro bar will be impossible as those fancy places will mostly fully booked by couples...or group dates!
alrite, putting aside those fancy mancy stuffs of dining in-style and having luxurious gifts as V-day present, I somehow reminiscence of my high school sweetheart...
well...erm...hmmmn....which I never actually dated, LOL!
this is kinda weird...coz my recollection of him almost fade since I left school more than a decade plus, and it somehow pops-up into my mind again reminding me that I actually have a high school sweetheart! *at least a superficial one....wuahahahaha!
 And I wonder who's idea was it back then, coz it was our classmates who started with pairing us up which eventually I began noticing him...but well, high school ended fast and soon, everyone else have moved on and some are now married with kids....
and before I realized, I m no longer in my teens nor twenties...
seeing my classmate's kids (who are now schooling kids, not toddler!) even makes me realise that I m indeed old...and high school sweetheart seems like very "yesterday"....
Do you reminiscence of your high school sweetheart?

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