Monday, August 31, 2020

Weekend tapao...

These are some of the take-away food during the kitchen off-day (weekend):
My all time favourite siu yuk (roasted pork) rice. Yummy pork belly with fatty layers...
 Sometimes I had Cantonese style yee mee
 or wat tan hor (Cantonese style fried flat rice noodles)
 The noodles are bought from the neighbourhood kopitiam stalls. Price ranging from RM7-10 each.
Decent price and very filling due to its huge portion.

Friday, August 28, 2020

3 for RM33

There was a 3-day promotion from 17 Aug - 19 Aug.
3 sets for RM33.
Here's what I get for each set:
2-piece chicken with mashed potato, coleslaw and drink
I requested for chicken thigh (original) with drumstick (spicy)….
The staff at the counter may not be too pleased ~~ coz I requested for the nice pieces.
heck cares...
It was noon 'lunch hour', I'm sure they will fry more chickens to cater for the customer orders.
This was my dine out 13 @ KFC Kuchai Lama.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

This Week Lunches @ Office

I was craving for something spicy and the sambal chicken crossed my mind. So I went to the nearby nasi campur stall and grab a chicken drumstick with some sambal potato wedges
'add-on' some peanuts onto my rice...
look at the fiery red sambal! spicy giler~~~
This pack of rice is just RM5, tastewise can't expect much, so-so only.
My craving for spicy food was still 'on'....
Hence the following day I scooped a handful of sambal (meant for nasi lemak) and some rendang gravy.
There goes my pack of rice with half salted egg, begedil and 3 mini sausages @ RM4.
I did not finish the sambal as it is too salty and spicy....

Monday, August 24, 2020

Dine Out 12 @ Canton Kitchen, Happy Garden

We had our monthly family eat-out on a Friday evening (14 Aug).
This round we chose to dine in the nearby Canton Kitchen based on good reviews from some 'makan blogs'.
We were 'transported' back to the 1950s/60s with old shops and cinemas inside the restaurant.
We were seated in front of the good ol' Lido Cinema!
 I m looking forward to the upcoming Bruce Lee film!
 There is a 'stall' next to the cinema selling ais kacang, bottled drinks and candies...Old charm!
I would be so excited if these are real!
 And not far from there, a tailor shop.
I wanna book a tight fitting tailor-made cheongsam for the next!
It's so 'happening' at this old street...but my eyes are on these mooncakes!
*yes, these are real mooncakes
there are samplings too, but I did not try.
Soon after 'visiting' each shop and the mooncake kiosk, our dishes arrived....
We had:
Sweet & sour pork (RM18)
nicely done and flavorful to go with rice
Fish head curry (RM28)
thick curry but not spicy
Guangxi stuffed taupok (RM13)
looks plain, the stuffing is similar to our yong tau foo.
we ordered 5 pieces (one for each of us)
Salted egg french bean (RM15)
this is my fav, I can finish this whole dish!
and Chinese wine chicken soup (RM23)
if u like strong Chinese wine taste, this dish is for you!
5 dishes for 5 pax
Let's dig in...
Overall the dishes are quite OK, we don't get thirsty after the meal and price is reasonable too.
Total price for this meal inclusive of rice, tea (RM12), plus 5% service charge and 6% service tax is RM123.00 nett.
We will definitely be back here again.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Durian cake, anyone?

Saw this durian cake in the display fridge at Secret Recipe, Mid Valley mall. This is only a dummy cake, but it is placed together with the real cakes in the fridge. The durian 'aroma' is too strong and could affect the other cakes, hence a dummy is made for display purpose.
The description label shows:
Layers of premium vanilla sponge and pure D24 durian filling.
Dine In: RM12.90
Take Away: RM11.80
Whole: RM130.00
 It has been some years since my last SC durian cake. Can't even remember how it taste like....
Feels like buying it but ended up not coz I was on my way to some places and prefer not to bring the cake along in the car.
Other cakes available...
 All look good and fresh...alrite save it for next time!
 Meanwhile in the mall...
i wonder if these are the decoration for this year National Day?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Dine Out 11 @ Pho Vietz, MidValley Mall

It has been some time since my last dine-in in Pho Vietz. That was before the outlet in my neighbourhood closed down (roughly more than 2 years?)
The nearest outlet is now in MidValley. I went there during a weekday to avoid shopping crowds.
Ordered a '2-combo beef noodles soup' (RM20.66). The 2-combo here refers to the beef balls and beef slices. The soup is superb and packed with flavour….I like the crunchiness from the beansprouts & onion. A handful of basil made the noodles even more aromatic.
 I did not order the '3-combo beef noodles' coz I wanna save my stomach for the deep fried spring rolls...
It came in 3 pieces for RM10.28
 There goes my late lunch....
A satisfying meal...soupy noodles and deep fried spring rolls go well together~~~
 Picture taken around 3pm - Not many people coz it was after-lunch-peak-hour
 The colour theme is quite standard in all Pho Vietz outlets, with blue and yellow walls and chairs. Lively colour!
Total damage for this meal: RM32.80 inclusive of 6% service tax.

Monday, August 17, 2020


We got this box of mooncakes on early August.
complimentary from Genting☺ (claimed using member voucher)
The box packaging is kinda plain but matchy with our marble floor...LOL
All four mooncakes are different in flavor. We have the low sugar mooncake, white lotus paste, and also the conventional with salted egg yolk.
 White lotus paste with black sesame (in the center) - not overly sweet, just nice!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Dine Out 10 - Lo Faro Cafe @ Happy Garden

It was a Saturday evening. We had family dinner in this corner shop café.
 Looks empty and quiet on a weekend evening....
 this was taken around 7:30pm....
 We ordered the same item from the menu - Grilled chicken chop but with different sauces each.
I had mine with black pepper sauce.
The other available sauces are Hainanese sauce and BBQ sauce. 
Dessert was home-baked choc chip butter cake, from annoying sis.
 After our dinner, we dropped by the neighborhood KKMart to buy bread. It was hustling and bustling in the neighbourhood busiest street....such a big contrast from the café area that we dined in earlier. Where are these people heading? Makan? Pub? Karaoke?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Takeaway Meals

During the days where I work in the office, I would tapao my lunches from the nearby foodcourt.
Choices are limited and most stalls sell nasi campur, with a variety of Malay dishes.
Here's my lunches on last week:
deep fried chicken drumstick, sambal potato wedges and rice. The yellowish gravy on the rice is from 'masak lemak cili api' dish.
Nasi lemak but i opted for blue rice (rice that is used for nasi kerabu). I add on with a piece of begedil (potato patty).
Meanwhile during the days where I wfh, some days I would have tapao-ed food, especially during the kitchen off-day.
Here's a roasted pork belly rice and char kuey teow.
I shared these with my parents.
 I miss CKT so much!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Hearty Dim Sum Meal @ Dolly Dim Sum, IOI City Mall

It's time for our quarterly team lunch again!
This time each person was given a budget of RM90 (out of our RM300 yearly allocation per staff).
 Our boss decided to have dimsum for lunch. We booked a table for 8 prior to our team lunch day. Due to social distancing SOP, we were split to 2 moderate size tables where each table only can accomodate 4 persons.
Each of us ordered separately though some preferred to share so that they can try out more variety.
Here's what I had:
Belacan Crab Fried Rice (RM24.50)
 Salad Prawn Dumpling (RM9.70)
 Thai Style Prawn Parcel (RM9.80)
 Crystal Prawn Dumpling (RM9.50)
 Har Gao (RM10.20)
Siu Mai (RM9.50)
and a pot of Jasmine tea (RM3.70)
I had these dim sum with fried rice and tea by myself!
Yes, all of us seem to over-ordered coz we want to try out everything and max out our spending...lolx!
At some point we exchanged dim sum with each other, hence I got to taste my colleague's orders too.
 An overview of my orders and my colleague's order...
 My colleagues ordered the following:
Golden fish cracker (RM8.50)
 Loh mai gai (RM8.90)
 Szechuan Dumpling (RM11.20)
 Chewy Meat Croquette (RM8.20)
 Fried Chicken Wing (RM12.60)
  Panfried Radish Cake (RM8.90)
Scallop Cheung Fun (RM15.90)
 We were so full of these till cannot breathe...LOLX!
Pricewise, the dimsum is on a higher side than our usual ones...but this is the only place (available around our office) to get the halal dimsum.
Tastewise OK-lah, but those that are originally pork-type-dimsum such as siu mai should be better with pork...coz the chicken version lacking flavour.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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