Sunday, February 27, 2011

McD Breakfast

This isn't the first time i had McD Big Breakfast, but the first time of me having it FREE.
With their recent promotion of spending MYR5 for 2 FREE Big Breakfast, i got hooked.
 So, here it is, the "take-away" version to be enjoyed @ home, as it was too packed to eat in the outlet!

Friday, February 25, 2011

December 2010 - February 2011

Dec 2010 til Feb 2011has been a very busy period. Never in my life to have such a hectic, fast-pace and chaotic lifestyle and i admit tht my life went haywire. I found myself constantly chasing after time, and left no choice but to neglect this blog for good.
Here's some updates of happenin's around
 Had donuts for Christmas, plenty of them
 Some gifts to give out
 And those that we received
 a simple gift for me, from myself
 and some very traditional greeting cards from Thailand,  thanks Woody!
 And i bought myself another book, am currently digesting it...
Will take some time before i post a review of it
 another dear colleague lend another book, seemingly she knows i m still adapting to a new environment, a constantly changing, fast-pace environment...she thinks this book would ease my suffers
 and this was the meal i had on the 15th day of Lunar New Year, consists of vege soup, steamed talapia fish, chicken with black soy sauce, and "yee-sang"
 here's a close-up picture of the take-away "yee sang" bought from Esquire Kitchen
it was yummy...but too bad, i dun have mch time to savor each of these...
hopefully next year will be a less chaotic time, so tht i could enjoy the festive season more ;-)

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