Thursday, March 31, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Subway & Lou Kai Fong

I made use of the 'Hightea' evoucher to try out food that i usually don't get at cheaper of it is Subway. Without discount, the Subway is quite pricey. The last round i had Subway was during their RM6.90 daily promotion which was....hmmm...a decade ago(?)
Back then it was 'Sub of the day' which i did not get to choose the flavor as it rotates with different days.
This time, I ordered a 'Steak & Cheese' and a 'Chicken Teriyaki' to share with my elderlies.
Total price for both is RM15.79 inclusive of delivery...which came to roughly RM8 per sandwich.
Tastewise OK, but for such price, my 'young at heart mum' would prefer to have Mozza burger instead😀

Lou Kai Fong
Meanwhile, on another day, I decided to try on a restaurant in the recommended is 'Lou Kai Fong' (at Old Klang Road)...
It has a free delivery despite located some 6km away. Hence i made good use of the 'free delivery' and 'hightea' evoucher to order these:
Cantonese yinyong noodles, sweet & sour pork rice and kamheong chicken rice
The sweet & sour pork rice looks nice but the pork is too mum disapproved😠
kamheong rice is super flavorful, the taste is not bad....but there is too little meat in it....such a rip-off !
the only thing nice is the yinyong noodles, which has a decent gravy with pork slices and 2 pieces of fresh prawns....
Total price for all the above is RM16.25nett (inclusive of delivery)
Hence, averagely each set is about RM5.42
Well, can't complaint much with such price....for sure there are some hit & misses

Not goin to order from Lou Kai Fong again, at least we've tried once.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Club Med Cherating - Breakfast & Lunch (Day 4)

Day 4 is our final day in this club....also my last chance of eating like a 'king'😁
On my last day, i had nasi lemak (their nasi lemak sambal is quite nice), fried meehoon, scrambled eggs, bacon and hashbrown all in one plate.
also some pastries, fried sunny side up egg, Japanese tamago egg, Chinese herbal boiled egg and some kimchi...
and porridge...
After done with breakfast & room checked out, I headed to the bar...
I ordered a mid-morning cocktail....can't remember what this is....
Despite already checked out, we can still have our lunch in the cafeteria 
(but most of my colleagues have already departed to KL after breakfast)
As for lunch, i had kimchi fried rice with miso soup
the kimchi fried rice looks fiery red but is not spicy at all...and tastes bland....just like normal fried rice
i also had some fries, steamed chicken, stir-fried leafy greens, chicken nuggets and steamed dim sum.
The dim sum are lousy....basically all processed meat mixed with flour.
took a small plate of teriyaki chicken coz was curious to try it...i did not manage to finish this as it tastes so-so only...probably i was still full...sorry for the food being wasted!
again...this seems like a 2-person dining, but it was just me....
my other colleague joining me later when i almost finished.
and last cocktail before we departed....
After a few days of food & cocktails overloaded, i definitely gained a few kilos...which took me months to shed off😐

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Club Med Cherating - Breakfast & Lunch (Day 3)

Started my 3rd day with a sumptous breakfast....
My regular picks are: Croissant, hashbrown, fried sunny side up egg, bacon, cinnamon roll and a muffin cake.
then, to the local breakfast...half plate nasi lemak + mee goreng
a small portion of porridge from the Chinese section...yes, with lotsa fried dace and black beans😀
and finished off with a bowl of miso soup with tofu puffs and tofu
here's the spread of what i had in the morning....i eat like a 'king' for breakfast! Took me some time to finish...i was the last person to leave the place.
Proceed to the Rembulan beach after was a short tram ride (3 -5 mins) from the main building (where the cafeteria is located)....or roughly about 15 - 20 minutes walk. 
the beach was much merrier in the morning, despite the cloudy weather
at some time, it was sunny
when the weather was slightly better, people went for kayaking...
Unfortunately sailing was still unavailable (since Day 1)
There is a drinks/juice bar even at the beach...where the residents can order any free-flow drinks from the menu FOC.
i went to the beach to soak up my feet and to feel the sand...
the water is cold!
here's a much quieter spot
so calming
then i headed to the Zen Pool to join my other colleagues....
The Zen Pool also has a drinks/juice bar....but with limited selection.
There is a jar of cucumber and lemon water if you opted for non-sugary/non-juice drinks option.
The Zen Pool has plenty of benches and beach decks, i got one facing the sea.
Nice to grab a book to read while getting some sea breeze...
When noon reaches....i went back to the cafeteria for lunch.
I had....a plate of junks with some mixed veggies and a small plate of chicken karaage.
i also tried some quinoa...this tastes bland...
did not manage to finish the food coz i was still full from the heavy breakfast earlier.
As for dinner...pretty much the same, so i shall skip blogging about that for Day 3.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Club Med Cherating - Dinner (Day 2)

 Dinner was served at the same cafeteria in buffet style, from 7pm to 9:30pm. Late diner (who can't make it by 9:30pm) can opt to dine-in at their noodle bar which is a smaller eatery located next to the cafeteria.
Anyway, i would usually had my dinner at 8pm plus to avoid the dine-in crowd and also coz i wasn't hungry yet at 7 (due to the heavy breakfast and lunch earlier).
The dishes served were almost the same as lunch with various cuisine sections such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Indian, and Western. There are also Salads & Fruits bar, Cold Meat section (serving cold meats such as ham), Desserts section (serving all sorts of cakes, custards, desserts, waffles and ice-cream)...Abundance food to choose!
Here's my plate of fried noodles, curry chicken, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, and some greens.
I also had a portion of raw salmon and tuna rice from the Japanese section.
Can't stomach so much food, but i still wanted to try their chocolate cake & cupcake.
*The fruits are for digestion purpose only...
After the heavy meal...i went for a show and later checked on the next day itinerary.
'The Reef' which is a 30 minutes stage show comprises of modern dances, some stunts and variety action which is family-friendly.
Here's the 'next day' itinerary that is posted in their bulletin board on every evening (so that the residents can plan ahead on which program to join). Club Med has several organised daily activities and residents are free to join as they wished.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Simple Garden Cafe & Dim Sum House

Simple Garden Cafe
I was browsing on Foodpanda and discovered some new restaurants in the recommended list.
Browsed on the menu at one random cafe and saw 'lei cha (thunder tea rice)' in the list. So, i ordered one to try.
To qualify for the 'Hightea' evoucher, i need to reach a target of RM21 total purchase.
hence, i have to add-on another item - Cantonese yinyong noodles.
It came with lotsa gravy and it was super thick. 
So we divided into 2 bowls and kept one in the fridge (to eat with rice on the following day)
Simple Garden Cafe is a vegetarian eatery, hence u don't expect any meat nor prawns in the yinyong gravy. The ingredients are mostly Shimeji mushrooms, black fungus, veggies, carrots....
Total price for both items is RM12.15nett (inclusive of delivery)...definitely a good deal!

Dim Sum House
On the same day, I also ordered a sweet & sour pork rice and 3 pieces of stuffed bitter gourds for our dinner.
The rice was packed in a partitioned box so that the pork dish and the rice does not mixed.
My mum scooped them onto the plate for reheating purpose.
The pork was tender and not overcoated with flour, hence suitable for my elderlies.
Meanwhile the stuffed bitter gourds were just OK, nothing to shout about, but overall a good meal😁
Total price for the above is RM15.31 (inclusive of delivery).
Quite a good deal too coz the sweet & sour pork rice set came with a drink.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Club Med Cherating - Lunch (Day 2)

 Remember this?
5 months have passed since this enjoyable trip....
Let me revive back some bit and pieces about the Cherating trip...
here's the continuation of my previous post
After a 'sunbath' in the middle of the field under the cloudy weather, soon it was time for lunch.
I headed to the same cafeteria (as the morning breakfast) and helped myself with the buffet spread.
dun be fooled by this table setting (which got you thinking that there were 2 people dining)
It was just me and all the foods on the table were strictly mine😂
And despite sitting next to the pool and expecting some nice view of macho guy in swim trunks, the restaurant and the pool were quiet as not many people swim nor taking lunch at noon. 
Where did everyone go?
Most of my colleagues were busy with various outdoor activities at the other side of the beach such as rock climbing, some beach activities, surfing etc...
Hence, i got to enjoy my peaceful lunch😋
i had....
yes....Italian platter of pizza, bolognaise spaghetti and creamy carbonara macaroni
I also had....
Japanese cold noodles with lotsa seaweed (as I wished!)
the child in me wanted to have chicken nuggets, sausages, burger patty and fries.... childhood wish granted! 😁😁
that's for my lunch...
all sorts of junks, ain't it?
After the lunch, i had more 'lazy' strolls to burn off the calories....
By evening, i took the tram to the other side of the beach...coz i wanted to visit the Zen Pool...
While at the Zen Pool, i ordered another drink...
and enjoyed the sunset by the beach
but, it was cloudy
and the beach is quieter coz swimming is not allowed due to high tide
definitely a much peaceful beach in Cherating, compared to the one in Club Med Nusa Dua (Bali)
probably due to lacking of foreign tourists, but i felt that the Cherating Club Med is less grandeur compared to the Bali one, as this is a scale down version.
Anyway, i will continue to post more about this place, hopefully to be completed before my next holiday trip....

psstt...another trip is coming soon, organised by the event committee

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