Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Rich Man House in Kathmandu

 During my previous biz trip there, we were stationed at the local partner's office which eventually located at some residence...
The resident place are turned into office, but the front block still maintain as a residence...( u get what i mean??)
the front block is somewhat like a 70's is modest, and very homey
surrounded by lush greenery...and decorated with a man-made pond at the garden/courtyard
and not-to-mention...a huge bird cage for the parrots
and this is the building at the back...which is the so-called "office"
this family has a full-time gardener who help maintain the garden at the back of residence
their neighbour are kinda  rich as they built a 4 storey-high house
and in contast to that, he only have a double storey house
but surrounded by a huge garden
well...the quiet & peacefull residence area is indeed a total contrast ambience compared to the hustle & bustle of their streets!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Late Night Dinner at Annapurna Hotel, Kathmandu

It was almost 10pm (Nepal local time) when we reached the restaurant for our late dinner...
it seems like the people in Bangladesh & Nepal used to have late dinner...coz the place was still crowded at such hour!
i was sleepy (and so was my boss)
the yellow dim lights and candlelights doesn't help at all!
soon after some long wait (~30 minutes, perhaps!) we were served with food, but before that was some starter which consists of papadam (crispy flat chip) with some condiments such as mint sauce, some spicy-but-weird-taste-sauce-kinda thingy, and onions (yes, in whole chunk!)...
after awhile, i was bored with papadam and started snapping on the cutleries to keep me awake!
yea, they have fine cutleries....thick metal spoon, fork and knife...and very thick & heavy bronze cup
finally the main course arrived, which were all so yummie...but unfortunately i can't take much as it has passed my biological clock for dinner (imagine having dinner at 1am!)
Anyhow, we had mutton briyani rice, some beans cooked with spices, naan bread, and dhal
the food were quite common...and i dun have issue adjusting with such flavors, despite some slight differences with M'sian Indian food
with a stomach full and a sleepy head...i can oni snap pictures to keep awake
and there it goes, some remembrance that i had my dinner at Annapurna Hotel!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu - Part 2

The typical weather in Kathmandu is fair, not-too-hot nor too-cold...
it was just nice during my trip there on last month
clear skies and windy....
minus the chaotic street is actually a cool place to be...much cooler than M'sia...and the air is fresher as this place is located at high altitud
back to the hotel...i enjoyed my stay at this new wing, mainly bcoz the facilities are modern and of course...NEW ;-)
it is somewhat a contrast to the old wing...which looks abit dull and outdate in design, but well, that isn't my concern as long as the basic necessities are provided
here's the view from my room...
I'd say that Radisson hotel is one of those tall buildings in Lazimpat...and all other buildings are mostly like 5-6 stories high only.
the slums of Kathmandu, as viewed from my hotel room. Well, it might NOT classified as 'slums' yet...but the buildings really look rundown in the entire city.
again, this is a high-density city...the streets are narrow, the buildings are close to each other and their property prices are high (as told by a local)...
I guess i'll need some survival skills if i m to live in such place ;-)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Breakfast @ Radisson

 Breakfast at the new wing was somehow similar to the old wing...but with a better ambience.
the services is more cordial mainly b'coz the dining section is smaller and is easier for the waiter to serve the patrons.
it has a variety of food category, and i didn't notice that they have such a variety of fruits & processed fruits
and u got to have 3 types of juices daily...i had mango, apple, pineapple, guava and orange juices on different days
and the 'cold' section..consists of more fruits, salad, hams
the pastries and buns
the dining area is much organized compared to the ol' wing which is easier for the waiter to notice us if we need them to serve something
my plate of breakfast, consists of french toast, baked bean, hot dog, stir-fried mixed veggie and a hard boiled egg
 they served a fusion of eastern and western your choice is not limited,
as here you can see, they have fried potato with onions, fried rice, even grilled chicken wing for a breakfast!
btw, their cinnamon bun and butter cakes were good!
bon appetit!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mooncakes from Genting

Ever since we took up Genting membership, we hav the opportunity to purchase their mooncakes using the points earned from our card. It is worth the 'purchase' seemingly that you dun have to fork out a single cent for the purchase.
besides, the quality of the mooncakes is excellent
We have already had quite a few pieces of mooncakes eventhough it isn't the 8th lunar month yet!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu - Part 1

After 10 months of my first trip to Kathmandu, i m finally back there again...stayin' at the same hotel but at the new wing.
 The rate was somehow higher than the rooms in the old wing, with USD10 differences for a standard room.
And of course, the new wing is mch nicer as the facilities are new! 
 it is well equipped with all the necessities & a 42" tv with 60++ channels
 some colourful menu cum instruction book for the guest to browse
 another instruction book (or was it introductory of the Group's hotel listing?!, can't remember!)
 the transparent glass from the room's washroom/bathroom. The shower is just rite next to the bed, separated by a glass panel.
And the washroom has all the equipment & gadgets for cleansing & polishing...
  this picture below is the reflection of the room's bed from the glass door...sort of creating an illusion that the toilet bowl is rite next to the bed! dun be fooled!
the soaps, syampoo, conditioners, earbud, comb, towels...etc etc
a robe in the wardrobe...but why oni one?! should have two instead since this is a double sharing bed room..
the safety box, iron board & iron in the closet 
 snack bar, with lotsa teas, coffees, sugar, creamer and a water boiler
 as usual, the complimentary mineral water
 some alcohols, and canned drinks/juices in the fridge
 wall arts
 more and more wall arts
 i just simply like this room coz it is spacious and has a compartment to put our luggage bag
 well, last but not least....greetings from me...HEY YA ;-)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

MAS Airline Food: KUL - Kathmandu, Nepal

Last month it was sort of "Amazing Race" where either me, my teammate, and my boss were all involved in rushing over job and travelling over to places for submission...
and back to the full force of working while at the airport, hotel, and partner's office 
 and having airline food...
i had this during the morning flight...
some western breakfast with omelette, sausage, sauteed mushroom, tomato, hash brown. It comes with wafer, yogurt (yea, again!), fruits and juice...
very typical MAS airline food, can't they change their menu??!
the journey took like 4.5 hours and the flight was full-house with mostly nepali laborers for both journeys...
well, i guess MAS having a good business earning from these foreign immigrants!

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