Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Club Med Cherating - Breakfast (Day 2)

My first breakfast starts on Day 2 (coz Day 1 is check-in/arrival day).
Was kinda lazy to get out of the bed coz it was a Sunday!
Anyway, i made my way to the cafeteria which is a good 8-10 minutes walk from my room....Yes, that place is huge...
Not many people around coz most people would have already taken their breakfast by then (9am ++).
I had a quick one too before the place closes at 9:30am. After then still can linger around in the cafeteria (once u got in) but there will be no food replenish at the buffet counter.
I had plain porridge with lotsa condiments....
yes, salted eggs and fried dace with salted black beans...sodium overloaded!
I seldom get to eat these at home...so this is the only chance where i can indulge!๐Ÿ˜†
i also had miso soup with lotsa seaweed and Japanese tofu puffs
now back to the usual breakfast platter...
croissant, cinnamon roll, chicken sausage, baked beans, fried egg, kimchi radish and kimchi cabbage...
so tasty and filling!
and finally gulped down with a glass of guava juice to digest the food.
After done with breakfast, I went out for a mid-morning walk around the area...
It was a cloudy morning
but that does not dampen my spirit in exploring the place and even got myself some cocktail at the bar. The bar opens from 10am till midnite and offers all sorts of free flow mocktails, cocktails and juices.
This drink is called 'Blue Lagoon' which is a mixture of Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sprite and lime juice.
Too early for a cocktail? dun care lah...since it is Sunday!
good thing is that i can take the drinks along with me back to the room or anywhere else within the club if i dun feel like enjoying it at the bar.
so i chose a good spot in the middle of the green field...and got my tanning under the cloudy sun....
Here's the surrounding view.....the long wooden house which are the rooms. I stayed a few blocks away, thus it is not feasible to bring the cocktail back to my room.
alrite...that's all for now....i will upload more pictures in my next post.
here's a Sunday morning song for u (although it is not yet Sunday๐Ÿ˜)

Friday, November 19, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Choo Choo Chicken

 My last visit to Choo Choo Chicken was back in 2018, when it was newly opened in the neighbourhood. After then I have totally forgotten about this place coz there were many Korean fried chicken outlets mushrooming around.
With the recent rising cases, I'm now back to mostly WFH. Just last week, there was 1 reported positive case in the office and the entire office has been sanitized during the weekend. Luckily i did not go to the office on last week, but those colleagues who went have to do a self COVID test.
Now that i m WFH, so it's back to Foodpanda delivery! Ordered from Choo Choo Chicken but i wasn't in the mood for K fried chicken....so...i had these instead....
chewy texture but more towards firm if eaten cold
deep fried potato wedges....crispy outer layer coz these were freshly fried
and Choo Choo chicken burger in honey soy sauce
Total price for all the above inclusive of delivery is RM21.69
Overall food is OK and filing....i had these foods separately for lunch and dinner coz the burger itself is huge enuff for a meal.
Meanwhile, here are the groceries for the week...
also some random pictures from my recent Cherating trip....
i miss walking barefoot on the sandy beach and soaking my feet into the seawater
peaceful & calming beach
hopefully i can be back here again...
till then

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Dine-out @ Boran, Sri Petaling

Went out to run errands on 14 Oct & got everything settled by noon. As I was nearby the neighborhood 'makan' area (where most of the restaurants/eateries are located), i decided to dine-out again instead of take-away.
Tried out this new Thai restaurant - Boran
they were having a lunch promotion with set meals starting from RM13.90
I ordered a green curry chicken with rice, omelette, drinks and dessert.
The green curry came with generous chunks of chicken breast meat.
Other ingredients are long beans and brinjals. Quite alot of them. I couldn't finish the chicken meat.
The gravy is thick and on the sweet side coz of the coconut milk 'santan'. At some point it taste like bubur cha-cha. I suspect that they added sugar in it too.
The dessert was served together with the main meal....This is kuih tako which has corns in it. It is similar to kuih tepung pelita from its appearance.
i chose honey lemon green tea which was served in a bottle with a mug of ice. I only poured a little of the drink into the mug coz the drink was too sweet. The remaining drink (in the bottle) was brought home.
The shop interior...full of bottled drinks from Thailand.
simple interior....
Only a table was occupied by another solo diner during then. The place is quite 'open air' as it doesn't have a door despite being air-conditioned.
here goes my very filling lunch...

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Late Dinner @ McDonalds, TPM

Was working till late in the office on a Friday evening. On the way home, decided to stop by McD to grab something. Seeing the drive thru queue was super long, i decided to park my car and dine-in.
Surprisingly there was no one dining-in...so i excitedly went in only to find out that the staff purposely off the aircond in the premise to prevent spread of COVID thru air. No wonder it was so stuffy inside and no one wants to dine-in. I'm still OK with the warm stuffy condition, after all i would just be there for about 20 minutes max (as I can finish my meal quite fast).
Ordered a set of Nasi Lemak McD with a piece of fried chicken and ice lemon tea.
quite a big portion with a huge piece of spicy fried chicken. Was given the chicken rib part.
the sambal, despite its small portion, was super spicy!
i also had a sundae cone for RM1.23 coz long time never had that....ever since the lockdown in May.
my 'happy meal' costs RM14.60 inclusive of service tax.
Overall, the nasi lemak tastes good with fragrant rice and super spicy sambal. I think i will order that again when i crave for spicy food.๐Ÿ˜€

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Club Med Cherating - The Room

Despite opening a day before our arrival, some of the rooms were still not ready. I only received the key to my room slightly after 3:30
In Club Med, they have their terminology to address the residents. We are known as G.M (aka Good Member). Info in: https://faq.clubmed.com/en-us/article/KA-01810
I'm assigned to Block N, which is located quite far from the lobby. Some good 5 to 10 minutes walk passing by various blocks and have to climb stairs to reach the room at the 1st floor (thank God it is not 3rd floor!).
As soon as i opened the door, there was a strong floor wax smell. They've just recently polished the wood flooring till shiny....
The room is well....quite standard. This is the view i get when entered the room.
The toilet is separated from the bathroom/shower...which is good. Can do 'business' separately without hijacking the bathroom.
the usual soap and lotion...
and a hair dryer too....I did not use it coz it was dusty.
the shower room next to the basin
standard tea set, kettle and a small fridge (at the lowest compartment)
the room has a huge build-in cupboard (which came with more than enuff hangers to hang our wet towel/clothes).
On the side, it has an extra bed, which i used to put my stuffs/luggage.
there is also a safety box and laundry bag inside the cupboard.
surprisingly there is a door connecting to the neighboring room...which is useless to me.
and last but not least.....
my comfy crib for the next 3 days!
my roommate canceled her trip a day before, hence i got to occupy these 2 beds! woohooo!
next to the bed, there is a sliding door to the balcony...I got a nice view from the balcony.
Green grass and the sea (far left in this picture).
Well, overall a good stay, air condition temperature is adjustable (unlike some hotels with central air-cond). The only drawback is the smell from the floor, though it is still bearable by opening the windows.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Dinner @ Tasty Wok, Bukit Jalil

We had our first 'post-lockdown' dine-out family dinner on 30 Oct.
Went to our usual place in Bukit Jalil and ordered our favourites...

Lala soup
Taste sweet with plenty of lalas and superfine prawns...unfortunately the lalas were not cleaned properly...as i can taste sand in it. Luckily no diarrhea the after the meal.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves with fermented beancurd paste (fu yee)
It has subtle flavor from the fermented beancurd paste

Claypot tofu
this dish is just so-so....ingredients include carrots, mushrooms, napa cabbages, prawns, pork slices and tofus. However the taste is just mediocre

Deep fried squid with salted egg
This one is excellent. I can polish up the entire plate coz i like the salted egg with the aromatic curry leaves. The squids were chewy and bouncy.

Sweet & sour fish
Instead of ordering the entire fish which we could hardly finish, we decided to go with fish fillets. Tasty and the gravy is nice to go with rice.
Overall a good meal except for the lala soup.
 Total price for all the above with rice and tea for 5 pax is RM113.20

Friday, November 5, 2021

When the room is not ready....

We reached the resort at around 3. Most of my colleagues had reached there earlier and checked-in to their rooms.
Despite arriving after 3, my room was not ready then. A few of us got to wait in the air-conditioned seminar room.
I'm not those type of person who can sit still even in the comfy cooling room, hence went out wandering around and snapped some picturesque sceneries.
Blue skies, green grass, sandy beach and clear blue sea....such a paradise!
more greens....
i was shielding under the verandah while snapping these pictures coz the scorching sun is burning my skin
for some reason (high tide?) they don't allow anyone to swim or walk nearby the beach. See the red flag?
The red flag indicates that it is not safe for swimming. This area is guarded and the guards will tell u off if u attempt to swim๐Ÿ˜“
the shady verandah with couch, facing the sea...
these wooden houses are the guestrooms
My room was ready some half an hour later...Will blog about it in my next post....
Meanwhile...food first.....
Here's my first dinner in Club Med:
Salmon and tuna sashimi
And all sorts of foods from the buffet counters...
I tend to take deep fried stuffs such as fried fish fingers, burger patties, potato wedges and paired with a mug of beer๐Ÿ˜†.
Can't imagine the calories!!!
I chose an outdoor seat by the pool coz the indoor was too crowded. Too bad, the pool has closed, else i can get a good view of people swimming in bikinis and trunks...
My colleague got me a plate of foie gras...but is too oily for my liking.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...