Thursday, September 29, 2016

Clue #2

Getting really suspense? LOL!
well, here's another 'similar' picture of that wonderful place...the building in the middle changes color from pink to red to purple to blue to green....can't remember the sequence, but it was 'wonderful' watching the lightings...
 on the opposite side of the building...a row of billboards...I guess that company is very rich to afford billboards featuring the same brand!
the leftmost building in the first picture looks like below when viewed in the daytime...
ok...I tink by now u should already know where I went....
So, let's move on with the next scene....
the airport....nice view and clear blue skies....
 nope, am not taking Cathay nor plane is way further....
 and here's the wonderful meal I had in the flight...very palatable and I dun mind to have a second helping (if anyone wants to 'donate' their portion to me!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I'm B.A.C.K!

Hav been abit 'quiet' & inactive over the past few days
and if u r wondering why....
there it goes
I was away over the weekend to this wonderful place...
being a committee for the company trip wasn't easy...thank God all went well...
stay tuned for more photos/blog posts on the trip :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lonesome Dinner - Part 2

Continuation from the earlier 'Lonesome Dinner' post, here are a few more pathetic-yet-not-so-pathetic dinner that I had while stuck in the offis.
I'm grateful coz I got 'giant' pau to feast on, with free-flow fruits courtesy from the company....
and sometimes I snack on junk food, such as this pack of keropok!
if u dunno how the keropok taste like, go get one from the nearby local sundry shop...once u r on, u'll get hooked!
alrite, am done writing and posting nonsense...
*runs away fast fast so that I dun get thrown with rotten eggs for posting this lousy blogpost~~~~~

Monday, September 19, 2016

Shook! @ Starhill Gallery

I was eating 'luxuriously' throughout the training with 3 meals per day. The training was interesting and I dun feel bored nor sleepy even after a heavy meal.
yes, that was a heavy lunch...consists of starter, main course and desserts!
Our lunch was not the usual hotel buffet (thank God, otherwise I will stuffed myself silly)....
but still it was a hearty one in a restaurant located at the lower ground of Starhill....yes, that dim place! (if u ever been there...u'l know what I mean...)
their signature flower, I think that is to mark the table 'reserved' for training participants.
Starter was some italian bread with olive oil dip. No picture coz it was just bread!
I ordered a guava juice from a few choices given.
and I had this fusion Japanese teishoku consists of main course - beef teriyaki with rice, miso soup, some pickles & chawanmushi. The plate of beef teriyaki is huge!
Dessert was dorayaki...I only took a bite as I was too full after having rice...Ok, am done with's one 'bonus' picture of the restaurant...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

M136 Coffee

Sometime ago, I went for a cuppa at a colleague's fren place.
 unfortunately I was not in the mood for tea & dun take coffee, hence i ordered a fresh mango took like some good 15 minutes to arrive~~~
and I told myself that must be a very nice mango juice since it takes time to prepare
yea, it is pure mango without cordial...hence it wasn't sweet with subtle taste, which i thought it should be.
 and I thought it is specially made without sugar coz it wasn't sweet despite having a 'concentrated look'...
a moment later (halfway into drinking) the owner suddenly served me the peach tea...
She admit that the mango juice shouldn't taste like this and offer that peach tea to compensate it.
*slap forehead
well, i got this peach tea for free! but ended up goin to toilet coz of drinking too much. 
 never in my life went into a café drinking 2 glasses of juices instead of tea!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Starhill, Pavillion and....

I hardly go to KL city centre unless for some 'special' occasion...
This time my boss sent me for training and it was held at JW Marriott hotel...adjacent to Starhill
 for 3-consecutive-days, i was eating luxuriously...
 well, we had our breakfast, lunch and teatime fully fed during the training.
 and also a brief 'escape' during lunchtime to the nearby shopping mall...I was just too full to get back to class...hence loitering in washroom and wandering around places after a full meal!
 on the second day...i went lepaking @ has not changed despite some F&Bs hav been replaced. It has been years since i last went to Pavillion. I no longer can find John King durian tarts here :-(
Starhill, still as 'green' as ever.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sukiya, IOI City Mall

This is my 3rd visit to Sukiya. Previously it practice the 'order-from-the-counter fast-food' concept. But during my last 2 visits, it has changed to menu-based ordering. And yes, since the waiter is serving u, there is a 10% services charge now (if not mistaken).
Sukiya is famous for its Gyudon (beef bowl rice) but i would normally order their chicken teriyaki bowl. However, during my recent visit, i tried out something different - curry rice.
I regretted ordering this as curry rice isn't their core. The curry doesn't taste & look like Japanese curry. Besides chicken chunks, there is nothing else. Shouldn't it be some carrots or potato cubes too?
I think i better stick back to Gyudon next time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pat Kin Pat Sun Cafe, IOI City Mall

It was another 'F&B exploration' day with my group of lunch 'kaki-s' in  IOI City mall again. This time we try out Pat Kin Pat Sun café. This would be another outlet which u can jst give it a miss, besides the lousy Ayam Penyet.
I ordered a set meal which comes with herbal tea drinks. The mac & cheese portion is equivalent to a kid's meal, and couldn't feed my hungry stomach.
the taste was too bland with just few pieces of ham toppings...and the rest is all mac and well, cheese...
each of my colleague ordered different item from the menu and all of us were dissatisfied with the food and found that the price not worth for the small portion and lousy quality.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Penyet Express, IOI City Mall

My 'ambitious' colleague has once mentioned of 'conquering' every F&B outlet in IOI city mall, which is nearby our office. There were a few hit and misses while exploring those eatery of the worse that we have tried out would be ayam penyet...
just by looking at this picture, i guess ur appetite will be gone within second....
oily soup, very dry chicken, rice without gravy, and raw cabbage???
besides, the chili sambal was tad too spicy even for myself (who can handle spicy food)
 we have 8 person and all of us agreed the same...
no more ayam penyet next time...
i guess the only stuff that is passable is the sirap bandung...which is only RM1 top-up with every main meal order
 that place has moderate interior...but i guess this place wouldn't survive long in that mall with so many other competitive F&Bs.
 Here's the menu. Click for a larger view.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Typical Lunch - Fish Paste Noodle

This is one of my typical lunch with colleague at some stalls in Serdang. This fish paste noodle is kinda great bargain as it is only RM6 for a big bowl with 6 pieces of fish paste! This is a new stall hence I tink the promotion may not last long.
u can opt not to have milk in the broth, but I prefer mine to be 'creamy' hence the whitish broth.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...