Monday, August 28, 2023

Sushi Zanmai @ Pavilion Bukit Jalil

[Throwback post, back in June] I didn't notice that there is a Sushi Zanmai outlet at Pavilion BJ until i browsed thru the mall directory.
It is located at the upper floor - Level 5, instead of the 1st floor where most of the eateries are located.
It was a quiet weekday evening.
The restaurant occupies a corner lot and it is spacious with plenty of seats.
I ordered my favorite assorted tempuras. Their tempuras never disappoint, freshly cooked and served warm.
For main, i had the unagi don. I was surprised that it came with a small pot of dashi soup.
Tender, flavorful and succulent unagi, which goes well with Japanese rice.
Unagi don is still my fav item in Sushi Zanmai.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Maito @ Coco del Mar, Panama City

The GM of Panama office took the courtesy to bring us (visitors) for a dinner before the Project Manager flew out to another office in the Caribbean region. He recommended one of his regular place, which is Maito Restaurante located at Coco del Mar. It is rated as top 50 best restaurants in Latin America.
We each ordered a cocktail, can't remember what's this called but it was not in the menu. It is specially requested by the GM who knows the owner very well.
The 'boss' GM who treated us dinner. He is a reputable lawyer who specializes in corporate and commercial law. 
This restaurant serves very weird dishes....sort of fusion and modernized Panamanian cuisine....
[Below] I don't know what this is called coz the menu is in Spanish, but this a dessert with strawberry & cream at the bottom. You need to break the piece of 'deep fried corn sheet' and dip it with cream.
Another dessert of 'coconut & tiramisu' ice-cream and 'lemony citrusy with coconut' ice-cream.
All these 3 desserts have distinct flavor.
if u r into dessert, these would be your favs.
Now, back to the mains.
We ordered a few dishes for sharing.
We had squid ink rice with some squid and prawns topping.
Grilled prawns
Smoked duck
[left] plantain chips and [right] squid with some kind of dressing.
He also ordered a ribeye steak. The waiter then cut it into pieces for us.
Duck 'chow mein' - fusion of Chinese and Panama style.
A table of us from different continents - Latin America, Caribbean, Europe and Asia.
Here's the restaurant website if you wanna know more about their unique fusion cuisine.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Tacos La Neta @ Casco Viejo, Panama City

[Below] The high rise buildings as seen from Casco Viejo.
My first time trying authentic tacos.
Before this, the only tacos i had was from Taco Bell, which is the Americanized version tacos.
A real tacos shop would have various spicy sauces, ranging from mild to extreme spicy 😁
Me & Mr-nice-guy ordered fish tacos and beef tacos, for sharing coz we wanted to try both tacos.
A chunk of fish with lime on the side. The fish tastes like dory.
I tried all the spicy sauces with the tacos. Both the beef & fish tacos taste good with the sauces. Yes, it was really spicy😖

Friday, August 18, 2023

Foodie Fest @ Atlapa Convention Center, Panama

Mr-nice-guy stays nearby the convention center and coincidently there was a foodie fest being held there on one of the weekend. It is an Asian Foodie fest, so he recommended me to go visit.
The foodie fest consists of exhibitors from various countries, namely Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, as well as some non-Asian countries such as Russia & Poland.
Entry ticket costs USD4.50
I did not buy anything coz the food there are quite 'basic' for me who comes from a country where food/cuisine are diverse.
Meanwhile, he bought a chicken kaarage which seems like a fried flour. It was just so-so....just like chicken pop, according to him. It wasn't cheap though, somewhere around USD6 to 7. Pricey by Panama standard, coz the locals can get a better meal elsewhere with such price.
Then i saw something that i missed most....bak chang! USD2.50 with pork fillings. Looks quite huge though, but i did not buy....I should have bought one to try😐
I wasn't in the mood to buy anything when there's a crowd. Afterall i can get it once back in the country. 
Among the foods sold by other stalls are Nasi Goreng (Indonesia), Pao/Dimsum (China), Boba tea (Tiger Sugar & Xing Fu Tang), tempuras & takoyaki (Japan) etc.
There is a stage in the centre of the hall. 
Earlier, on that stage, there was lion dance by some Chinese lion dance troupe. It was such a noisy affair with loud drum beats. It was then followed by some cooking demo by local/international chef, but it was all in Spanish. I don't understand a word at all😕
I left the hall not long after, coz i dislike crowds.
The following week, a new washing machine arrived to replace the old unit. Well, actually the old one is still functioning well, although there is one button malfunction, but still can get with it with some workaround. I told the 'agent' that the owner doesn't need to replace the whole unit, but she doesn't seem to get it. OK, let her be. The owner must be so rich to buy a new one.
The new washing machine (white) below the dryer.
And the following day, a new microwave pulak....
After this i dare not complaint anything coz it will get 'changed' to a new unit😐
Well, talking about efficiency....

Monday, August 14, 2023

Trying out Krispy Kreme in Panama

As mentioned in my previous post, I made a note to come back to the Krispy Kreme 'building' coz i wanted to try out their donuts and see if there's any difference with ours.
Well, flavors all the same. The only difference is the price😆
and somehow they don't have the half dozen box, but instead double dozen (24 pcs)!
buying a piece is not enuff to satisfy my craving, so i went for a dozen, since there is no smaller option than that.
The classic Krispy Kreme box!
I simply pick and choose by pointing and mumbling the flavors in my lousy Spanish pronunciation.
Total price: USD14.49
Feast time! woo-hooo!
most of my picks are choc, honey glazed, and sugar coated.
Only one cinnamon (top right).
All are delicious, though slightly sweet. Sugar-overloaded!
I finished all these in within 3-4 days. 
It has been awhile since i bulk-eating donuts like this.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Oh-Toro Ramen @ Costa del Este, Panama

Unlike the previous business trips, I did not get to stay in the hotel during this month-long trip and I have to take care of my own meal, which is a good opportunity for me to explore😁
On one Friday, I went to try out the nearby Japanese restaurant which specialises in ramen and sushi.
It also serves various Japanese beers and sake.
The interior - a printed picture of Mount Fuji. Nice!
There is also Kikkoman soy sauce on every table. But it is imported from the US.
I had a miso ramen (USD13).
Tastewise not bad, very much like ramen served in ramen chains in Malaysia, except that the pork charsiu was abit tough. Other than that, all other ingredients were complete. I'm so contented with this meal.
I did not order any drinks, but they served me a glass of warm water FOC. Thumbs up for the service. I made a note to come back again to try out other items in the menu.
[Below] A typical public bus in Panama city. It has no air-cond, and looks very much like our ToongFong bus back in the 70s/80s/early 90s, but with slightly colorful exterior. They also have air-cond bus just like our RapidKL bus.
Sunset, as seen from the apartment balcony.

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Assorted chips in one pack 'Golpe con todo ranchero'

I discovered this pack of assorted chips from the convenient store below my Panama apartment. It was the last pack, so I thought it must be good.
I grab the last pack. Can't remember the exact price but it is cheaper than Lays. It is somewhere USD3.50~ for this huge pack of chips. It is imported from Colombia.
Inside this bag, there are:
#1 plantain chips....
#2 Tozinetas Fred chips....
Upon googled I found out that it means bacon chips, but i did not taste any bacon in it, more like just potato starch.
and lastly, 
#3 crinkled cut potato chips.
Such a clever way of having 3-in-1 chips in one bag. Definitely for someone glutton like me😀
[Below] A glimpse of my quiet nite/evening in the apartment.
Yea, the dining table is also my working desk when at home. The house owner has the dining wall painted/drawn with a portrait. This masterpiece is drawn in chalk.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Don Don Donki @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

DDDK opened a new outlet at IOI City Mall new wing and it is a huge one. There is a dine-in area and food counter that prepares warm food.
Some ready-to-eat foods packed nicely.
Prices are reasonable too....I would prefer the variety over here than AEON.
There is so much to choose from, from chicken karaage to okonomiyaki, takoyaki....etc
There are bento boxes too.
Unfortunately i have already eaten, else i would have buy some.
Maybe next time...

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...