Friday, August 26, 2022

Zok Noodle House @ Pinnacle Sri Petaling

Passed by this eatery several times. It is located in the neighborhood tallest building - Pinnacle Sri Petaling.
Zok Noodle House has outlets in Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Puchong etc....but i did not try even once.
My first time trying Zok Noodles House - I ordered their signature curry noodles which comes with 2 pieces of prawn wantons, some cockles, long beans, taupok, crispy beancurd skin (fuchuk), charsiew and a few slices of fishcake. Taste good but can be better....If only there is chicken in it😊
this huge bowl of noodles costs RM15.50....which comes to RM17.05nett after included service charge and tax.
Sometime early last month, i ordered a lui cha (thunder tea rice) again...coz the promotion 'is so hard to resist'!
After deducting from the Foodpanda evoucher, the price was only RM7nett inclusive of delivery.
I added a sunny side-up fried egg (in order to reach the minimum RM12 to use the evoucher)
look at the pretty! Feels so healthy after eating this😀
Annoying sis bought this box of mooncakes from Ipoh...It is from a local confectionery and the mooncakes are way cheaper than the usual established brands.
we have finished up all the 4 mooncakes coz it couldn't be kept for long.
Here's the packaging box, just a simple cardboard box.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

TARcian Kitchen

Another new eatery sprouted after the MCO....
This one is quite unique coz the name is associated with a local college/university - TARcian Kitchen.
Not sure if it is related/funded by that education institution, but the staff there are mostly college/uni students.
The shop interior....
They tried to simulate the environment of dining at the roadside with a mock tar road?
It has daily promotion set meals starting from RM8.90 and above, which comes with a drink.
We choose curry noodles with some herbal drinks.
The drink served in a huge glass!
As for the curry noodles....well, quite is the Chinese type curry noodles...not spicy, but thick curry. It has crispy fuchuk, some taupok, chicken, long beans and beansprout. Sambal and lime are provided too. Portion-wise good enuff for a moderate eater.
We also ordered a plate of steamed chicken rice which serves with a bowl of carrot/daikon soup. Ginger and chili sauces were provided too.
We can choose which chicken part, subjected to availability.
The menu is also available at the counter
There are liquor displayed inside this shop too...Not sure if they are selling that.
Some mock 'shops' facade...for decorative purpose...There's just wall beneath it.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Baskin Robbins, Godiva, and imported Milo

There is a newly opened Baskin Robbins shop in the Pinnacle building...
It has indoor seats for dine-in customer...
Saw this fridge with display on various colorful ice-cream cakes...i feel so tempted to buy one too!
These are not cheap...above 100 bucks each!
After enjoyed looking at the Baskin Robbins ice-cream cakes, I went to the Urban Fresh supermarket (located a floor below) to look see look see...
Yea, it has a huge variety of imported snacks and ice-cream too
I m so drooling over these...Godiva!!!
and it also sells imported Australian Milo!
well, some people prefer this imported Milo coz it tastes better than the local ones...
More chocolatey & milky?

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Al-Majuna @ Sri Serdang & Bananabro @ Sri Petaling

This is yet another 'chapalang' (mixed) post😁

My colleague discovered a shop that serves tandoori chicken at Sri Serdang and invited me to have dinner with her on one fine evening after work.
Reached there at around 7.30pm and there were ample tables available.
The tandoori stall only operates in the evening (7pm onwards till closing time), hence we could only do it for dinner. Otherwise we would've been there for lunch instead.
Ordered a garlic naan, which came with curry, dhal and mint chutney. The naan was gigantic.
I also had the tandoori chicken. The chicken was nicely grilled, the meat was succulent and the skin a little charred, but that's OK.
It came with some fresh cucumbers, onions and lime.
The garlic naan & tandoori chicken cost RM12nett. I will definitely be back again.

On another day, I had banana leaf rice....coz i was so craving for curry rice....
The side dishes are as usual - mashed potato, cucumber salad, and deep fried bitter gourd which is my fav!
I had chicken curry gravy, fish curry gravy and dhal poured onto my rice.
The papadam and the deep fried bitter gourd were so good that i asked for a refill.
This meal costs RM11.50nett.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Foodpanda Delivery - Nasi Lemak and Curry Rice

[Throwback] Ordered this delivery on early last month when the evoucher code 'Allday' was still available with purchase of RM12 minimum.
Selected the restaurant 'Buharry Briyani' but the food preparation is from the Foodpanda cloud kitchen located in the neighbourhood.
I ordered a nasi lemak in basmati rice and a nasi campur with fried chicken, veggies & papadam.
The papadam, veggies and curry gravy were all packed separately by default.
After deducting from the evoucher, the price for all these was only RM9.79nett.
Such a budget meal and a filling one too!
I quite like their nasi lemak with the generous portion of rice & sambal. And they gave the entire hard boiled egg too😀
The sambal is slightly spicy but it's still bearable.
I will order this again if there's promotion.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Poppo Kanteen, Sri Petaling

My quiet dinner cum supper at Poppo Kanteen...
After many years of not eating at Poppo, i decided to revive my tastebuds with their signature nasi lemak.
It was around 9pm plus and the place was already quite empty with only 2-3 tables occupied. Great!
I had mutton curry nasi lemak. The mutton curry was served separately in a bowl.
Portion-wise not bad, quite generous serving of muttons, roughly 3 huge chunks of meat. Here's a top-down-view so that you can see the comparison of the bowl size and the rice portion. Obviously the mutton curry is way too much to eat with rice. If i have a bread, i would dip them into the extra curry gravy, as not to waste them.
Was super hungry, hence i ordered an ala-carte deep fried sotong.
This portion is good for sharing. But knowing me well, i can wallop this without any problem.
The deep fried sotong was just OK, it was prepared fresh, hence served hot and crunchy (at the outer layer). Not much of flavor, unless u dip it in mayo...
I had them in curry instead coz i have extra curry gravy.
Do they pair well?
Tastewise - yes
Calories count - no
Felt so guilty after eating such high calories and cholesterol food😝

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

126 Mixed Rice

It was a weekend and the home kitchen was 'closed'.
During evening, we went out to buy mixed rice from the neighborhood chap fan shop.
Here are the dishes:
Sweet & sour pork + Bitter gourd (RM7.30)
Sweet & sour pork + Lettuce (RM9.80)
3 pieces of Marmite chicken + 8 pieces of 'vegetarian chicken' ball....
This box is the priciest among all, despite only 2 dishes (1 meat dish and 1 non-meat)
Are u able to guess?
Well, the price of mixed rice these days has gone up tremendously after the economy 'reopened'.
Some 2 or 3 dishes can easily reached above RM10.
During these few months, I observed that many eateries now have shorter operation hours and closes earlier (than previous). Some stop taking order before/by 8.50pm despite closes at 10, even at shopping malls.
Not sure if this is due to manpower shortage or the increase of minimum wages.
Worse still is that some eateries only have 2 person manning the entire shop....with only 1 person in the kitchen and another manning the dining/counter/drinks area, resulting in slow service. Employer trying to cut cost?
I felt pity to the staffs coz they need to endure the 'hangry customers' and suffers burnout from overworking. There were times i waited so long in the eatery and just went back home to eat bread coz i see that the staff couldn't cope with the order capacity.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Baskin Robbins, The Alley, Black Whale & RT

From the title of this post you will know that this is a 'chapalang' (mixed) post....on various F&B.

Baskin Robbins
Me & my parents registered our BR membership some time last year and one of the perks is that there's free ice-cream to treat a 'friend'.
Instead of treating a 'friend', I send the coupon to my parents and vice-versa.
So, ended up we had 3 ice-creams...all of them are single scoop on cone. Here's our choice of flavor:
First: Choc Chip flavor
Second: Cookies n Cream flavor
Third: Macadamia Nuts 'n Cream flavor
I have tasted all 3 and my fav is Macadamia Nuts 'n Cream.

The Alley
Despite passing by 'The Alley' several times, this was my first time tasted 'The Alley'...It was an impromptu purchase as I wanted to try out other brands of boba and ended up with this.
So far, this is the priciest one (of all the bubble milk tea that I've tried) at RM14.90 for a medium cup.
And tastewise was just so-so...almost same as others.

Black Whale
On another day, I went next door to have Black Whale which is at a cheaper range. I had their signature milk tea at RM6.90 (or RM7.90 can't remember...somewhere there) and it tastes just as good. Really can't differentiate the quality between them, coz they taste somewhat similar.

I also bought 2 boxes of egg tarts from RT Bakery. 
Each box has 2 pieces at the price of RM5.40 per box (RM2.70 per piece).
I prefer this type of crust than the flaky ones sold in TK, so I will be buying this again whenever i see it.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Minus 2 Cafe @ UPM Golf Course

Here's one of the dine-out lunches I had with colleagues at a Malay eatery nearby our office.
Nasi Kerabu with sambal sotong (RM7)
The bright blue colour on the rice looks so artificially coloured, hence i decided not to eat this again although it tastes good. I like their sambal sotong dish, but i would eat that with white rice (on next time) coz it is too flavorful and spicy.
Meanwhile on another day, the same colleague brought me (and another colleague) to UPM golf course.
Such a scenic place to have our lunch😀
It was noon, therefore no one was on the field...
I gotta enjoy the soothing greeneries of the trees and vast golf course.
This place is located inside the UPM compound, but the public can access to this area since the golf club membership and restaurant are open to anyone.
It was a sunny noon (though it got cloudy soon)
The eatery place, known as 'Minus 2 Cafe' is facing the golf course. I wouldn't expect there is an eatery in this hidden golf club.
It opens from morning till late noon.
In the morning (from 7:30am till 11am) they have 'breakfast buffet' at RM10 per pax, and the menu consists of fried rice, fried noodles (kueytiaw, mihun, mee), fried eggs, soft-boiled eggs, nasi lemak, lontong and teh tarik/coffee/teh O/kopi O....
Perhaps one day i can have my brunch there
Anyway, back to my lunch...
Lunch menu are on ala-carte basis.
I ordered a sotong (squid) tomyum with rice
the plate of rice came with 2 pieces of cucumbers, a piece of omelette, and some chilis at the side.
My lunch for RM13nett.
The ingredients in the sotong tomyum soup consist of cauliflower, Julienne-cut carrots, lemongrass, coriander, and of course 'sotong'.
let me dig out a spoonful...
It was spicy, but luckily i had ordered a glass of iced water to standby😐
My colleague ordered a plate of seafood fried rice which has 'wok hei' taste and came with generous portion of sotong and prawns....I think I would try that next.

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...