Friday, August 29, 2008

High Internet Usage

"Dear All,
Kindly note that we have noticed you have been using the office Internet for surfing NON-WORK RELATED websites, resulting in a relatively higher internet usage than normal. Please take note that the Internet Usage is meant for work purposes only. Please act accordingly to prevent any further actions to be taken.
Attached is your internet utilization report
Some unlucky fella got this warning mail which was also 'cc'-ed to all of us in the IT dept...Well, a good move to track people who surf porn, and non-workrelated sites.
This mail even comes with a detailed daily report of URLs that the user surfed for the whole month!
The report is only partially-public (by cc-ing to IT dept, but yet to the whole company), but i guess it is enuff to embarrass this user, as his/her identity is revealed in the report!
I really begin to like this company ;-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well Fed

Just when my stomach growling due to hunger (and cold), someone sent me this kind of menu! Such an ideal effort to tempt me...
Well, what u r seeing here is not a banquet or hi-tea menu, but the foods that is to be served for TEA BREAK on staff orientation (@someone's company)...Very well fed hor?
On an unrelated story, i m on top-of-the-world, as i manage to book a free flight!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Rainy and cold Sunday evening, here I am listening over to Michael Buble's mp3 and tailing blogs when there are tonnes of things awaiting to complete. Procrastination, someting which i can't b separated with. Here is one nice song, but unfortunately, it isn't complete!

Well, petrol prices has gone down by 15 cent per litre. Though the decrease wasn't much, at least it can save me some $10 per month. Such a shame that i only got to know about this news on yesterday morning while reading 'metro' paper before my turn to do x-ray. The moment after completed the medical check-up, i was so excited and head down to Mid Valley as to celebrateSPEND $$$...
While i did not spent much (despite sales goin on), i salute my sis for splurging some $xxx on clothes bought at G2000! I dun tink i m willing to spend that much on clothes yet...I'd rather keep them for travel instead! Anyway, talking abt travel, i found this site a great guide, only if you r heading to HK...well, PinkPau has done a great job in compiling this list!

Olympics closing ceremony later on...Wondering if it would b as sophisticated as their opening? Let's see...

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Laughter

An amusing findings, no offend to the guys here...
Woman has 'Man' in it;
Mrs. has 'Mr.' in it;
Female has 'Male' in it;
She has 'He' in it;
Madam has 'Adam' in it;

No wonder men always want to be inside women!
Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...I never looked at it this way before.
Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown
AND ..
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

Sunday, August 17, 2008

10pm Sunday Nite

Myspace Graphics

I'm here spending my remaining off-load hours before i 'q' and resume the next day.
I found this graphic super eye-catchy and decided to put up here...Ignore those words...i ain't famous, okay?
Just finished reading a preview of UTOPIA from Review God...Very amusing though! and i couldn't help but started drooling when seeing that ol' Chang Kee currypuff picture...*while the air was filled with some aromas from neighbours kitchen! such a great combination came at the same time!!!
ok, tht's all for now...signing off...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lately, i found myself being obsessed with things that are neatly arranged or in an array form. Being a neat person myself, i used to arrange things accordingly and keep my workstation super tidy and clean. And i can't help but to steal these pictures from my sis camera, which she took during her recent company trip.

Neatly arranged desserts!
Don't u think these are COLORFUL?

Such a nice pattern of arranged tables & chairs at the open-air garden restaurant!
Well, the ambience is great too *^^*

i jst need another 3 months to be in paradise!


Switch off your mobile, will ya?

Please let the actor to die in peace, okay?

Out of Order

Just login and saw the blogger new dashboard layout...
It's saturday, one of my fav days (besides Friday)...H.O.O.R.A.Y!
today is meant for L.E.I.S.U.R.E. ! MITM travel fair is stil ongoin till tomoro..Would be good if someone can book a travel package for me without having me sardined among the crowds at the fair ;-)
I feel very 'lightened' now, and my depression mood slowly fades...

Get Cute Icons @!

anyhow i'm OoO...Only during weekend ;-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Going Gets Tough

It’s nearing mid August and I only have 2 entries for this month! (oh so proud of it!) Gosh! My entries r getting less frequent nowadays. No mood for blogging. To be precise, it is still in roller-coaster mode, sort of swinging pattern. I found myself hard to let go. No, I mean letting go my comfort zone. It seems like I miss a lot of the people back in my ol’company, not matter how much they sucks! Well, working here (in my new company) is bloody expensive, especially the parking rate! But anyhow, I hav found a way to cope with it…
However, each time I faced difficulties in the job, it reminiscences of my ‘comfort’ days back in my ex-com, in which it made me feel even more depress. Learning new stuffs is good but it seems like I m not that tough enuff to handle new environment (and people), and I realize how weak and ‘cry baby’ I am, coz I dreaded to work and just want to cling back to my mum. Laughing at me ardi? Go ahead.
Well, there are pro’s and con’s here…Hopefully I can get it thru.
“When going gets tough, the tough get going”

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Olympics!

Am blogging this at my new work a totally different company to be exact! Today marked a very historic day coz the date 080808 is an auspicious number for many superstitious Chinese, which is also the launching day for Beijing Olympics. Excited? No?
Me, neither. I ain't a great fan of sports, but whoever who's representing the country (well, refering to those athletes), wish them the very best!
A lil' updates on me: i'm still in the midst of 'culture shock' at my new workplace...well, my new colleagues r darn systematic and well-disciplined! Felt abit restricted too, despite having the freedom to blog...HARD TO EXPLAIN, i miss my ex-colleagues and the working environment in my previous company!
Well, this new place is lacking 'real interaction'.
I mean, besides being serious with work, they dun talk much, except via Instant Messaging, which is not a healthy sign. Struggling hard to cope with this new environment...

Friday, August 1, 2008


Had returned the company laptop. I'm now blogging from my good ol' desktop, for the very first time! There were so much configuration need to be done on this lousy machine. Earlier i couldn't login Facebook, blogger account, MyBlogLog and a few other sites that requires password. Not even able to post up comments. Sucks!
Changed a few IE settings here and there and voila! get back to the original state! Despite that, am yet to get used with desktop after years of being on laptop. The screen looks weird to me, and the noise from the CPU is so unbearable.
Am officially resigned from my company 2 days ago. Abit touched when some people do replied to my thank you & farewell note. But none of them are locals except one. Seems like my work were much appreciated internationally rather than local :-S
Well, these people might not be reading this blog (they dun even know me in blogosphere), but here i would like to thank them for the well-wishes...
Koleen Rose Priagula Matthias Wohlgemuth Rens de Haan Kunchalee Suportnuntaboon Seok Lee Kaori Kudo Mario Vicente Jinnathan Boonmeephat Jeffrey Tan Philip Su Iris Chiang Choy Wan

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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