Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sankolok Thai Restaurant

Recently i tried to get myself pampered with foods and hav been adventurous in trying out new cuisine at different restaurant...
Last week i choosen to hav Thai food...
 so, here i went...this humble place named "Sankolok"
 the ambience was so-so, nothing much to shout about...
 but they played cool music, and i like the air-conditioned environment especially on a hot day
 they served lunch promotion set meal, with starters, main meal, desserts and drink
 quite a reasonable price for such a restaurant setting...well, the food is jst ordinary, but the overall environment is okay for the price offered
 here is my jasmine tea drink served with the starter crispy snack
 and my main meal consists of veggie, spring roll, fried chicken wing and seafood tom yum
and the meal ends with this sweet coconut milk dessert, which i m not sure what-is-it-called...
but it was kinda refreshing and nice!
so, what's next???
japanese food perhaps...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mi Na Rea Korean Restaurant

Korean food is always the last on my list when it comes to selection from a handful of international cuisine. I would prefer Japanese than Korean mainly b'coz i m not used to the sourish taste of their preserved Kimchi...or those condiments that comes with it.
Somehow, i decided to have Korean meal one fine evening, coz i have no idea on what to have for dinner.
I was tight on budget, hence I did not order any drink, but the staff was so nice to serve me plain water in this cute mug!
after some 15 minutes of waiting, my Beef Bibimbap set arrived 
 it comes with soup and 7 condiments, i was surprised to see so much of plates on my table!
 i thought i only ordered the rice bowl, and never expecting someting like this to come along...
but anyhow, i took my time to chew each and every of the food...
it doesn't suite my tastebud, mainly b'coz some of the dish were to be eaten cold such as Kimchi, while the rice was steaming hot and the soup is room temperature...it was sort of like mixture of different temperature which almost damage my tongue!
nevertheless it was a good experience, perhaps i should try with a better restaurant next time.

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