Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Gardenia Twiggies

Have you tried Twiggies before?
Long forgotten snack as it has been more than a decade since i last had one.
Usually i had this for my breakfast/teatime during my Uni days coz i was constantly on the go. 
It is so convenient to pack in the bag and are sold in the campus sundry shops.
While browsing Pandamart, i saw Twiggies on the catalog.
Many years ago they only have chocolate flavor, but nowadays they have peanut butter cream filling & vanilla. Hence, i give the peanut butter cream a try.
Below pic shows the peanut butter cream filling....not so much of peanut butter taste, but more towards cream (like those Gardenia cream bread)
The outer 'cake' layer is of chocolatey taste....I'd say that the combination is not a great one as the peanut butter taste is overpowered by the 'cream' and 'chocolatey' taste. The taste just does not match nor complement each other.
Anyway, for RM1.60 (for 2 packs), it is a good try to satisfy my curiosity....besides i got RM10 off from my total purchases in Pandamart...I only need to pay RM11 for 6 items (inclusive of delivery)!
now i m so hooked into Pandamart to see what other snacks that i could try!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Buharry Briyani (3rd Order)

I quite like their thick curries, so decided to order again.
Shared these food with my parents.
There are 4 items here:
Chicken masala (in the bowl)
Fried mee hoon mamak
Rice set - with chicken, veggie, curry and papadam
Curry mackerel (in the larger bowl)
The curries were spicy, after this meal, we had enuff of spicy food and decided to stop ordering from this restaurant.
The price for all the above is only RM17.34...quite economical to fill up the tummy😃

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - Canton Kitchen

We missed the 'dai chow' dishes in Canton Kitchen. We had previously dined in and quite like the dishes there.
When it is available in Foodpanda 'Pandabox', i quickly tap tap and ordered my fav dish:
Sweet & sour fish slices
The portion is just enough for 3 (though it is written for 2 to 4 pax)
Meanwhile, this is the first time i tried their Guangxi chicken.
It is cooked with lotsa ginger and topped with fried shallots. If you dislike ginger/shallots taste, this is not for you.
The portion is small, about a quarter chicken and I wasn't given the lower chicken part (thigh/drumstick part). I would say it is just enuff for 2 pax (for moderate eaters).
The price is quite standard for restaurant dishes:
I prefer restaurant dine-in than ordering delivery for such dishes, but it is unsafe to dine-in at this moment....Hence the delivery shall make-do for the moment.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Foodpanda Delivery - BSS Sate Tulang

I was craving for satay hence ordered some from a neighbourhood stall.
Not the best satay, but still OK (passable). 
Ordered the set of 30 sticks:
consists of 20 sticks chicken satay + 10 sticks beef satay.
Nasi impit (compressed rice) and cucumber were included with the set.
each chicken satay has a chunk of fats/skin. Not recommended if you dislike chicken fats. But i think it is quite standard everywhere (except those premium satays sold in hotels/established restaurants)
As for the beef, it was tough but taste good. Nevertheless we are not ordering the beef satay again.
Pricewise quite reasonable - RM26.49 inclusive of delivery 
We shall order this again but the next round shall be all chicken satays😋

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pork Trotter

This is some non-halal section in NSK Kuchai which sells various oink oink parts and Chinese cooking sauces/wine/ingredients. It is like a huge one-stop-shop place to get all sorts of China/Taiwan/Korean imported cooking products that are hardly found in conventional supermarkets.
We were here to buy some roasted pork. Next to the roasted pork stall there are plenty of ready-made pao and rice dumpling at an affordable price. These items can be kept in the fridge/freezer and reheat for consumption whenever one is lazy to cook. Despite that we did not buy any because our fridge is over capacity with groceries for the whole week.
There are also some cooked pork trotters and mui choy pork belly....good for lazy people who don't wish to spend hours preparing such dishes. As we are not lazy people, we just look see look see and ciao to get our roasted pork. 
Today recorded another highest number of COVID 19 cases & death in a day. The number is so saddening! Seems like the lockdown is inefficient in bringing the number down but instead the figure go higher each day!
Despite that, some industries are given the green light to operate and some KL/Selangor folks are back to the office. I m still WFH (today is my 3rd month of continuously WFH).
I'm feeling very blue.....daba di dabaaadooooo~~~
coz of staying at home for too long...and also the hot weather!
How about you? How do u cope at long term WFH?

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

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