Monday, December 31, 2007

McD Game

I seriously dunno how to play tis game! i m losing $$$ over here...wuakaka...terrible business skills!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!

Well, I will still be working on New Year's eve, just like everyone else...and since blogging activities hav been 'banned' in the office, i m here to wish you all in advance...

Myspace Graphics

I'm sure that most of us hav new year resolution, mine would be...ermm...not goin to tell y'all, there are quite a number, most of them abit materialistic, wuahahaha...

till then, hav a blessed new year, and may all ur wishes come true!

Commercial break...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Well, besides being different physically, both men and women are contra in every aspect, especially in communication...Both sites tend to interpret each other message differently, which mostly lead to miscommunication.
The below conversation strongly proves this theory. Despite being married for more than 3 decades, somehow there is still 'someting' lacking in their communication...

Wife: My sis just called, she said there is some new phone units available at Telekom, and she likes the design alot, but wondering how she can get one. Hmnn...there is a telekom branch at our neighbourhood commercial district, rite?

Husband: aiya...tis is wut people called as "trendy". Trendy stuffs are always cool, if u are those kinda people who follows on trendy gadgets...u can even hav cordless phone...blah blah blah *this followed by 20 minutes of technie reviews on all sorts of trendy products...

Wife: uh?

Husband: as long as you have money, you can get wutever trendy things in the market!

Wife: of course la, everything needs money nowadays...but anyway, i m just asking....(*interupted by the husband)

Husband: with money u can modify your lousy those junk cars...*another 10 minutes of automobile stories

Wife: ??? (*losing patience) ok, ok, so is there a telekom branch nearby that she can ask for those phones?

Husband: how should i know?! go ask ur brother la! he knows alot wut!?? dun ask me about phones which i seldom use...

Wife: i m not asking u about phones! i m just asking if there is a telekom branch nearby, since u r so familiar with many places...U tink my brother is a directory ar!

Husband: i dunno la, u r asking the wrong person. If you are asking about cars, then i might be able to help. Since you like the phone so much, why not u go and ask?

Wife: i didn't mention i like the phone...I m just asking on my sis behalf...ah, forget it!

Husband then walked away...

Is this how most of the married couples talk with each other? I've been doubting how they get to like each other at the first place.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why taking cold drinks after meal is not good...

Just something to share over here...For those who like to drink cold water, read on. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another tag ;-)

Was tagged by curryegg few days ago…

Game rules and regulations:

Original Version:
Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she had been tag. Whoever did the tag will have blessing from all. You must link to the one who tag you, then spread it to 8 people, let’s the game go on, return the tag to sender is prohibited.

*sorry, I have to amend the rules abit, the original version is too long and troublesome for a lazy person like me.

My Version:
You need not remove or add any personal question…It’s not mandatory to tag 8 people (the number is up to your preferences). Other than that, u may use your own style of tagging the next people…no need tag also can lah!

1. What is your dream during your childhood?
To be the greatest, powerful, wealthiest person on earth! Wuakaka…no lar…not so materialistic during childhood!

2. You like rainy day or sunny day? Why?
Depends on the situation, I prefer rainy days during midnite, so I can sleep soundly and hibernate under the blanket.

3. Which colour you like most?
Green green grass…

4. What song are you into now?
all the Christmassy songs…

5. Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?
Europe, during spring, to watch green hills and flowers blossom

6. Which part of you that you hate most?
We should love ourselves….anyway, I hate my own blunder-ness

7. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
eat, eat, and eat more!

8. What do you scare to loss the most?
People whom I loved…when I was a kid, I scare losing my mum

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?
I dunno lor…but most probably I’l keep to myself…*call me stupid

10. List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
Curry egg, she is an outgoin, caring and cheerful young lady.

11. If you are forced to let go something, what would it be?
huh? Err…my job??? I wanna quit working in a secluded environment!

12. Till now, what is the moment that you regret most?
Dun wanna tell u

13. Which type of person you hate most?
Rude, arrogant, irresponsible..

14. What is your ambition?
Am aiming for a high paying job…

15. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
Who’s he/she?

16. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
successful life

17. Christmas is coming, who would you like to celebrate with?
Over oredi. Jst came back frm church

18. What do you think that is most important in your life?

19. At what age do you wish to marry?
no plan yet…as long as there is a prince (or super rich guy) proposed to me, I will surely accept!

20. What is a blog means to you?
social networking, money making (wuakakaka….i m too materialistic!)

Now, let me complete my task by tagging the next lucky 4 bloggers:
*sure die lar...they gonna blacklist me for tagging them with such a long tag!

Monday, December 24, 2007


I have been tagged, tis time by ShangNing.

Here are my answers:

1. What sort of food would you like best? Well, living in a multiracial country has got me opportunity to taste various foods…thus, I dun really have a liking for just one food…there are a huge variety of it. To name a few…nasi lemak, pork noodle, ‘sui kau’, chicken rendang…
2. What instrument would you like? Piano, forever and always.
3. What type of model are you interested in? Kawai is still the best.
4. Which months do you like best? i would prefer year end, probably Oct – Dec coz this would be the time where all the parties, weddings, gatherings are on.
5. What shoes would you like? I like high heels coz it makes me looks taller, though having difficulties to balance myself when wearing them. Alrite, high heels are only for some formal occasions, normally I would prefer something practical, like sport shoes or something flat.
6. What clothes would you like? Comfortable, classy and stylish! Wuakakaka…

Additional Questions:

1. Which topic you like best in your own Blog? This one
Coz it earns me 20 bucks!
2. Which key on your keyboard is the most smooth? "Space" key.
3. Which keyword in Google you would like best? utopiastaging, it came out with lots of my posts.

OKIE, done! thanks again to ShangNing for the tag ;-) Not planning to tag anyone as of now, coz i m goin to tag those 'people' in my next tag (very soon!)...wuakakaka...check it out!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

And the Gift goes on...

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Alrite! Alrite! There is no santa nor santarina over here.
My sis just got her gifts ready for her colleagues, Sunday School kids and well, myself!
Here is it…TADA!

I guess she has used the wrong wrapper for Christmas gifts…Looks good anyway…Unfortunately, I have yet to prepare any present for them yet…L.A.Z.Y ler…

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Although there is no winter here in M'sia, most Chinese will still be celebrating this festival in a moderate way, and no exceptional to me as well.
Also known as Dongzhi Festival, this is the time for the family to get together, as members of the family gathers, making Tang Yuen (glutinous rice ball), a delicacy that signifies unity.
We dun usually make Tang Yuen coz no one in the home enjoying it, except myself :-)
But tis morning, Aunt Julie (our good neighbour) gave us a mug of it, full with colorful tang yuen...
There are pink, orange, white, red, but my fav color green isn't there...anyway, i m still delighted seeing all these colorful Tang Yuen and chewing them reminds me of marshmallow.

Again, please be aware...

Another one from circulated email:

Please pass this on to friends - Alert them of this NEW METHOD adopted by snatch thieves.

I was driving along SS2/22, Petaling Jaya going towards Damansara Jaya.
This street is totally residential one street off the main road.
About 10 houses in front of me was this young lady walking by a car parked along the grass patch outside one of the terrace houses. As she was reaching the rear end of this clean decent looking Silver Proton Waja, I noticed the engine started and the left rear passenger doors window was being wound down.
Suddenly a man emerged out of the rear passenger doors window his entire torso and making a grab of this lady's handbag!
As this man emerged from the cars window, the Silver Proton Waja was pulling out of its parking position slowly not in a hurry with the man from within just dragging the lady and her handbag along until she gave it up!! Then they drove off slowly no hurry!!! All the above happened in front of my eyes in less than 30 seconds!!!!! Her screams and cries did not help!
No one came to her rescue in fact a middle age woman ran into her house upon seeing this happening right in front of her house only to come back out to lock her gates after the car has driven away!
Do you blame her? The thieves were so bold!!!!
By the time my car reached her, the Silver Proton Waja had turned the corner. She was very shaken but thankfully only slightly hurt, her pants were torn as were her slippers bloody knees, shins, palms and elbows.
On the way to the police station, she told me that she had noticed that there were 3 men she identified them as Malay men in the car.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was happening thus did not have the instinct to take note of the cars registration number.
I've always thought that would be the first thing I would look out in an incident like this but NO. I was too shocked simply watching this scene being played out right in front of me!!!
So please beware when you are walking by parked cars with men inside.
Pass this on to as many friends as you can to alert them.

Nux V personal note:
Well, a similar incident happened before at my area. I witnessed the entire thing just right in front of me while driving at a neighborhood street. 2 ladies had a minor accident and both of them were discussing to settle their matter. When one of them were on the phone, suddenly out of nowhere, a motocyclist came out of a corner and the pillion rider snatched her handbag away. It happened too fast and I couldn't even thought of jotting down their plate number...i was too shock during then. I felt so sorry for the lady, she must hav a terrible day for having an accident and being robbed at the same time!

In Merry Mood

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Darn Proxy!

Another surprise when I got back to office yesterday morning. Tried to open my blog page, and disappointed to find out that it has been blocked by proxy! Damn! *am cursing the network people for blocking all those entertainment resources. Apart from blogspot, all social-networking, and video-streaming sites are also being blocked.
We are completely secluded from the outside world except for the online newspaper and a few decent sites. Chat, cbox, facebook, friendster, blogspot…online radio...all GONE!
Boring workplace. Such a great effort by the management for turning us into working robots. All works and no ‘play’ makes me a plain Jane (no longer Nux V).
Without entertainment, I couldn’t last long…battery dying out soon…

Fake Eggs

Another info got from circulated email...

During a recent raid on a wholesale centre in Guangzhou city, the capital of China 's Guangdong province, a large quantity of fake eggs was seized. Their wholesale price is 0.15 yuan (S$0.03) each - half the price of a real egg.

Consumers have a hard time telling a genuine egg from a fake one. This is good news for unscrupulous entrepreneurs, who are even conducting three-day courses in the production of artificial eggs for less than S$150.

A reporter with Hong Kong-based Chinese magazine East Week enrolled in one such course.

To create egg white, the instructor - a woman in her 20s - used assorted ingredients such as gelatin, an unknown powder, benzoic acid, coagulating material and even alum, which is normally used for industrial processes.

For egg yolk, some lemon-yellow colouring powder is mixed to a liquid and the concoction stirred. The liquid is then poured into a round-shaped plastic mould and mixed with so-called 'magic water', which contains calcium chloride.

This gives the 'yolk' a thin outer membrane, firming it up. The egg is then shaped with a mould. The shell is not forgotten. Paraffin wax and an unidentified white liquid are poured onto the fake egg, which is then left to dry.

The artificial egg can be fried sunny-side up or steamed. Although bubbles appear on the white of the egg, those who have tasted it say the fake stuff tastes very much like the real thing.

But experts warn of the danger of eating fake eggs. Not only do they not contain any nutrients, a Hong Kong Chinese University professor warned that long-term consumption of alum could cause dementia.
To make the egg white, various ingredients, including a powder and alum, are mixed together.

The 'yolk' is shaped in the round mould. 'Magic water' containing calcium chloride is used.

Hard shells are formed by pouring paraffin wax and a liquid onto the egg, which are then left to dry.

Scary isn't it?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cousin's Wedding

Cousin sis just sent me a link to her wedding photo albums. The photos were taken by both professional photographer as well as personal cam. Those photos are lovely, and i decided to display a few over at my site.

Her wedding was held on last month, exactly on Deepavali day, as it was a public holiday. Like any other memorable event, it was a tiring occassion as all 3 major ceremonies were held on the same day itself. Well, the 3 ceremonies refer to tea ceremonies, solemnization at church and the wedding banquet at some Chinese restaurant. The wedding was a simple one, and not those lavish or grand scale wedding.

The typical chinese wedding started in the morning, with tea ceremony, presented by both the bride and bridegroom to their respectives elders/parents/parents-in-law. As a symbolic blessing from their parents, the couple will each get an angpow (red packets) from them.
It was a quick event, as everyone were rushing for the solemnization ceremony at church at 11am.
Here are some of the pictures taken...
cool it so much!
and not forgetting, the ribbons on the knobs...
Finally, the bride arrived with her dad (my uncle)...Here comes the bride, dressed in all white...
And tis lil' gal is so C.U.T.E! she is my cousin sis's niece, which is also my indirect niece...She's hyperactive, and thus became the center of attention besides the couple.
Let's bow and pray...
Last but not least, the much awaited event (for singles)...."catch the bouquet". Guess who's next?....of course not me...

Ok, i'm done with the photo posting





















Feeling frustrated coz u can't see the bride's photo?
Here it goes...
















To my cousin sis, wishing you both a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness. Congratulations on your wedding!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mini Display of Christmas Goodies

Firstly, it was only a mini x'mas tree. As time passes, more goodies came in. Now, it is no longer a solitude tree...
We hav early x'mas gifts from some gift exchange (oppss! overexposed!)
plus some decoratives hanging on the wall...
Candies, sweets...goodies (*whatever u named it) wrapped nicely and tied with a bell on it. Aha, lovely!
Everyone loves gifts and unwrapping gifts is the most exciting moment. But i just can't wait for that moment, I have secretly peeped into it...It's c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e....*pssst...dun tell anyone ya...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

And I got a card from Tokyo...

Came back to office after a short break and surprised to see a card from Japan. This year would be the 2nd year i received greetings card from them! Oh, how thoughtful they are!
Well, working with them was a great pleasure, though abit pressured sometimes...coz they expect the best out of u (it's their working cultures anyway!). Thanks Kaori, Yasuo, Kenichi, and a few others...
Well, it's almost year end and the office is getting abit dull since many taking leave (me no exceptional too!) besides lacking decorative items. The environment is much more silent than before, I can even hear a pin dropped! But the silence doesn't stop me from having a festive mood. Still hoping that one day my place would turn into a lively & flowerish corner...
I will be on leave again on tomoro till next Monday. YAY!
till then, NO TRESPASSING @ my cubicle while i'm away!

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online dating

ohh...mine is general...suitable for all audiences ;-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Secret Garden - Sneak Peek (Part III)

Robbery Tactic

From a circulated email, please help to spread the news.

Hey, brake awak sudah pecah, minyak keluar (your brake is broken and oil is coming out)!”

Normally, a warning like that from another motorist would alarm you and you would immediately stop and jump out to look. But these days, that’s not such a wise idea, even if you are worried about the brakes leaking. This is because one of the tactics of robbers now is to use that warning to make you stop and get down – as this writer discovered this afternoon. Fortunately, however, I am not an average motorist who doesn’t know a lot about cars and whose first two thoughts were: “brake leaking… why didn’t the warning light come on?” and “two guys on a motorbike… be careful!”.

Fortunately, the second thought made me hesitate about getting down and in fact, even when they (two Indians on a motorbike) drew alongside me in the jam along Jalan Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur, I only wound down the window a bit to ask them what they were saying. As I stopped the car, I was still thinking about the absence of a warning light which would normally come on because a leak will drop the brake fluid level and the sensor (which most cars have) will pick it up.

As I pulled over, the two guys stopped their motorcycle in front of me and the tall pillion rider got down (which also struck me as suspicious because most people usually shout a warning and then go off). It could be that because they were both wearing dark blue shirts with a Shell logo, they expected that unsuspecting motorists would let their guard down thinking they were mechanics. Anyway as the tall guy was getting down, I noticed that in his hand was a small container (like an Eye-mo bottle) and that immediately stopped me from getting out. I immediately drove off and kept an eye in the mirror but didn’t see them following me.

I drove on looking for a spot with plenty of people so that I could check on the front wheel and turned into the carpark at Muzium Negara. I was still alert for the possibility that they followed me so I quickly ran to the front to check – no oil, nothing visibly wrong – and as I rushed back to the door, around the corner they came! I jumped in and they did a u-turn and went off.

So be alert for this tactic which may be a new one. They may not want to hijack the car and probably just want to steal things and that container may have soapy water or something that can burn your eyes and as you are blinded, they open the doors and steal whatever they can find. So whatever you do, don’t get down and don’t stop further along thinking it is safe. If it is a brake problem, just drive carefully till you get to somewhere that has security guards nearby. And it is best not to head straight for home because you never know if they may still be following you, determined to rob you (hopefully, you were an unlucky random choice). While on the subject of modus operandi, as the police have warned, be alert when you are rammed from behind and don’t get down.

Drive to a police station to make your report – you are not committing an offence if no one has been injured and you can tell the police you were suspicious of the car that rammed you. Also, do not think that if there is just one person in the car that rammed you, it is safe because there have been reported cases where another car comes up and stops ahead and two guys get out with parangs and do their nasty things. You also need to be alert for the possibility that if you are talking to one of them one one side from inside the car, it is not safe because the others can smash the glass on the other side and grab you.

Sadly, it’s a dangerous world we live in these days and being alert and staying calm enough to be able to recognise danger signs is critical.

Monday, December 10, 2007

7 Random Facts about Nux V

I have been tagged by ericca, thanks muchie!

Rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, to let them know that they have been tagged and to read the blog.

7 random facts about Nux V:
1. I hav actually done tis tag before (or something similar).
2. But that was sometime ago.
3. in my old blog.
4. here is the
5. if you dunno that I hav an old blog, then now u should know ;-)
6. My previous blog name is Something is Happenin’
7. Utopia (this current blog owned by Nux V) is an extended version of Something is Happenin’

YAY! Done @_@
I guess ericca would scream and curse at me while reading tis! wuahahahaha…

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What is my most common writing mistake?

Jam has tagged me to blog about my most common writing mistake. Sorry for taking so long time to complete this taggy. Anyway, here it goes:

*Start copy paste*

What is my most common writing mistake?

Instructions: To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, you simply tag five individuals for the meme. Those five people will, in return, tag five more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone that is feeling ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure. Copy the person and person’s name that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.

Here are the answers:

Shine with Grace: Mixing the word “from” with “form” all the time.
Trinity’s most common mistake: I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava: typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between.
Genie King: I type too fast too…always end up with “tot he”…when it should be “to the”.
Speedcat Hollydale: I “misspell” everything and forget to proof read b4 publishing.
Amel’s most common mistake: I find it hard to try to describe something as well as I want to due to lack of vocabulary, esp. when it comes to fashion or furniture or food. I don’t know much about those topics. Other than that, sometimes I write “aggressive” as “agressive”.
Jam: not really sure whether to use ‘can’ or ‘could’ as well as ‘will’ or ‘would’. What is the difference between ‘can’ and ‘could’ as well as ‘will’ and ‘would’. Can anyone enlighten on this point?
Nux: mainly typo errors. Sometimes being confused on whether to use past/present tense.

*end copy paste*

And here are the next 5 lucky bloggers to complete the tag:

3point8 – here is another tag for u!
xniquet – hey, u love tags rite?
imagica – ermmm…do u do tag?
blurryhunnie – ;-) enjoy doin my tag...LOL!
Yannee – tis gonna be ur late b’day gift! LOL!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some scribbles...

Few days ago was my 'special day'...perhaps, not-so special as it was a working day. Thought that no one will remember it, i was indeed surprised to find out that my colleagues hav actually organised a simple lunch treat for me at Kim Gary! I got a free lunch again ;-) Sorry, din take pictures...was in the midst of shock.
Dinner was another treat from mum. Well, not those typical chinese b'day meal with long noodles and hard boiled egg (with red shell), but my own version of b'day meal - KFC!
I hav been having KFC on my every b'day since kid and still luv it very much...despite the price increase. And if u r still not aware of it, the price of their set meal (snack/dinner plate) has gone up a lil' early tis month...
Meanwhile, sis bought my favorite Secret Recipe's cheese cake...yummylicious!
So, my birthday is all about foods?
of course there are...
WISHES from friends and colleagues too! big THANKS to you guys!
Nope, not just that, earlier i was awarded a so-called 'BreakOut Award' by jam. That was more than a month ago, but I just discovered it recently (coincidently, a few days ago also) :-S, oppsss!

Quoting a few lines from his site,
“This award casts a spotlight on bloggers who are just beginning to draw lotsa attention — the equivalent of a song with a bullet on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Lotsa good posts. Lotsa good buzz. These bloggers are going places in a hurry.”

Wow! i was on top of the world when reading this...this is indeed a great award! Thanks alot!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I am the new Safety Warden

Believe it or not, although i did not meet the requirements - i dun hav strong legs/back, i dun hav good sense of smell and i dun hav a wife (?!?)...i have voluntary signed up as a Safety Warden...
Of course, not at Firehouse no.6...but at my own office lot!
In compliance with their Safety Guidelines, there must at least have someone who knows how to use fire extinguishers and basic First-Aid (which i dunno either!), so i just joined, for the sake of my colleagues...LOL!
i memang banyak berjasa, u knw! ceh wahhh...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Last Monday

As a constant blogger, I m used to sit in front of the computer for long hours, browsing for updates as well as updating mine. As a result, my eyes are often exposed to bright lights emitted from the screen and thus, deteriorating my sights. Alrite, I’m not blind yet!
I just got myself a N.E.W specs! Well, nothing special about the design, but it helps me to see clearly in the dark…
I know wut u guys gonna say…wuahahaha….i m very ‘auntie’ rite, rite???

Well, another auntie characteristic is that they often hunt for freebies and discounts…
So, here I went…to the F.R.E.E screening at GSC Pavilion KL!
The ticket price for the movie ‘Priceless’ (a French movie) is priceless! (‘0.00’)
After the movie, I went jalan jalan at Bukit Bintang area, and spotted another ‘close-to-free’ offer…Anyway, I din go for the hair cut…If u dare (to hav ur hair trimmed by a trainee), perhaps u may giv it a try!

And on my way back, I drop-by at Giant and bought some ‘auntie’ delicacies….colourful local kuihs! Nice??? These kuihs sure gonna make u saliva dripping liao…

Hmnn…am now tinking where to lepak next….IKEA, anyone???

Sunday, December 2, 2007


It’s weekend and it’s meant for O.U.T.I.N.G!
As usual I got out of the house, and off to Carrefour for grocery shopping! YAY!

And I ended up buying loads of junks. Ice cream, yogurts, chocolates, Cheezels, Mamee, jelly-cup, instant soups, and chewing gums!
Oh yessss!!! I m a true junkie

And the answer is...

Answer’s out!

$15 can buy you 15 sweets….

Ok, that is not the exact answer, please read on!

15 wrappers can be exchanged for another 5 sweets.
5 wrappers (from the 5 sweets) can be exchanged for 1 sweet & leftover with 2 wrappers.
Balance 2 wrappers add to the 1 new wrapper and exchanged for another 1 sweet.
So, 15+5+1+1= 22 in total.

Well, that is more of a math question and a lil’ of IQ, but anyway, thanks to those who took part in answering it. Lastly, congrats to 3Point8 for being the first person to submit the correct answer. I din expect an overwhelming comments from you guys/galz, and it really surprised me that you ppl even debate/discuss it in MSN! Calvin's Wife, 3Point8, Pinksterz, and X, u guys rocks!

Niko Niko Onigiri @ Sri Petaling

This restaurant is located next to Kawan Place, but not so noticeable as the entrance is covered and there is a counter selling onigiri occu...