Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve with Teresa Carpio

Went to Genting Highland on the Christmas eve to attend a dinner event. It was sort of a dinner-cum-evening musical where a number of Christmas songs were performed by the carolling group, Genting international live band and singers, and last but not least the star of the day itself - Teresa Carpio.
 A fusion of east & west cuisine were served. Among others are:
Foie gras mousse, asparagus and not-sure-what-are-the-others
 Dried scallop with ginseng and chicken essence soup
 Pacific cod with assorted wild mushrooms and garlic, olive oil and pasta
 Roasted turkey with baby potatoes
 Mum and I had an enjoyable evening as the songs performed by Teresa Carpio ranging from English to Chinese, classic Christmas tunes, Abba Mamma Mia stuffs, and some 60s & 70s songs. 
  Her vocal range is superb and she can sing well in various languages. 
How come i have never heard of her? All these while i only knew of Lea Salonga, but this is a real star who can sing and dance well, plus she has a good sense of humor!
At the end of the day, we even shook hand with her when she came down the stage and bid farewell while performing the song "When Will I See You Again"....
Well, I hope to see her again, perhaps next year?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In a Merry Mood & Happy Holiday!

May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish...
Wishin' u a Merry Christmas 2014!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Breakfast @ Office - "Not-so-Plain" Rice Congee

On certain days, I skipped dinner and went to sleep early. The following day, i'll wake up early and feeling hungry....Usually, i will take a heavy breakfast @ the office cafeteria.
One of those days, i ordered a bowl of warm rice congee...
after added the condiments (salted black dice, pickles, peanuts, crispy fried anchovies, sesame oil, soy sauce) is no longer that plain anymore...
The below congee looks as if over-seasoned with sesame oil & soy sauce, but it hasn't stirred yet. It taste superb after stirred evenly.
Nothing beats the satisfaction to have a congee that warms up my stomach on a cold morning!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Breakfast @ Office - Sumptuous Plate of Seafood Fried Rice

On some days, i practice on havin' huge meal for breakfast, medium for lunch & little (or none) for dinner. 
When i didn't take dinner the previous day, i will go for a BIG breakfast on the following morning.
I had this big plate of seafood fried rice with sausage and sunny side up egg...
all for RM4.50
Good deal eh?
yummmmzzz....the squid&shrimp are so sinfully tempting!
NOTE: This isn't sold anywhere except @ the office cafeteria...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Sometimes when over-stressed, i would imagined a table full of comfort food...
Imagining/dreaming/wishing is no fun but indulging on the food is more exciting, rite?
On one rare occasion, i went to Pasar Malam (night market) for the sake of getting some comfort foods (as per my wishlist!)...
I dun usually frequent Pasar Malam, but each time when i visited, i'l buy some of the 'signature' foodies...such as waffle, assam laksa, fried radish cake, goreng goreng snacks etc
There it goes...
1. Charcoal bun with taro fillings. 
This bun tasted much better than McD Taro Pie...coz u can bite on the taro chunks...and it fills my hungry stomach.
 2. Peanut butter waffle. 
This sinful savoury gets me drooling...especially when it is hot from the pan.
 3. Veggie dumpling.
I prefer the ones in 'Kao Choi' (Scientific name: Allium tuberosum). The sweet turnip fillings are good too.
 4. Giant currypuff.
with potato cubes and chicken egg beneath the crispy puff wrap. Yummmzz!
5. And lastly, fried radish cake. "Large" portion....super yummzzz!
 feasting with Pasar Malam food left me with a bigger stomach & a broader satisfying smile
and guess what?
All the above foodies cost less than RM14! (less than USD5)
call me a glutton, but i like to taste a lil' of everything, so ended up with a variety of food that is obviously too much for a person. I ended up finishing the food in 2 days.
Bon Appetit!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Office Goodies

Came back from lunch and saw this on my table...someone (either the Project Manager or the sales guy) must have came back from Egypt and distributed this to everyone. Though i might roughly know who, but it's kinda common practice to have foodies or goodies from colleague who travels, especially when i sit in a dept where majority of the people travels and stationed abroad.
flip over side box, the product is indeed from Egypt...not from some duty free shop in those interchange airport that he went (ie UAE/Qatar)
The above is dates with almond, which i haven't try out, but i guess it taste like almond + dates (what else, haha!)
Sometime ago, someone who was stationed in Tanzania (east Africa) came back and gave me african tea, well, i tink this has been kept for almost 2 years now...and that colleague has even left the company...looking at this sachet gets me to reminiscent of her...
sure is from Kilimanjaro? i tink it is jst a marketing gimmick since Kilimanjaro consists of volcanic mountains
Fridge magnets, perfumes, scarf, nail clipper, facial mask, chocolates, cookies, sweets, tea, coffee are some of those that i have received so far, but none of that is from my boss, despite being a seasoned traveller.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My unusual McD buy 1 free 1 deal...

I'm sure many of us are aware of such promotion....or even blogged about it!
Anyhow...mine was rather an unusual experience...
coz...i got a different burger!
 after hearing so much about the promotion, i decided to drop by McD for the fish fillet burger...(*that was about 2 weeks ago)
See? am not kidding initial plan was to purchase fish fillet burger...*the below receipt proves:
 it was my 1st time of trying the promotion ever since McD launches the "buy 1 free 1" promotion last month.
Upon placing my order, the cashier placed the item onto my tray - one fish fillet burger.
Then i stood there waiting for the 2nd burger.
Waited for almost 1 minute.
Then waited for another 1 minute.
& wait...
& wait...
& wait...
Then, after about 5 minutes, the front cashier told me that they ran out of fish burger, and hence gets me to choose any burger from the menu...yea, it is ANY!
so, i ended up with a Fish Fillet burger & a Quarter Pounder....
well, i'm rather contented with "any burger" coz i gotta choose a different BURGER of my choice;-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fusion Heaven @ Sri Petaling

This place has been around for a decade (or more?) but i have yet to try it until recently.
 someone mentioned the food there isn't bad and even been reviewed by theStar newspaper (few years ago)...hence i decided to give it a try.
 strange enuff, the place was quite empty during the lunch time on a beautiful weekend...Other than me, there is just no one around.
I guess the crowd prefers eating at malls or some hype restaurant these days.
Nevertheless, the interior is still well-maintained
  this place provides free wifi connection...the password is written on the "mini pail" that is used to hold the cutleries...
I ordered a teriyaki chicken chop rice...*it has a weird name on the menu, i can't recall, but it is teriyaki chicken
i finished off everything on the plate coz it was delicious...
if u enjoy fusion of Japanese and western food, this would be an option to try out!
Bon Appetit!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Party Gift Pack @ Sunday School

Does this bag looks cute?
 Dun be fooled by its huge appearance, it is actually a small handy bag with lotsa 'goodies'...
This is actually a goodie bag for the kids and teachers for the year end party!
 what's in the bag?
let's see...
all sorts of junks but i likeeeeee! lol!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Lunch @ Office - Char Kuey Teow

My workplace Cafeteria seems to have change their management...hence nowadays we were served better food...
Better as in more delicious but when it comes to delicious, it simply means more msg, fats, sugar...etc that is rather unhealthy...I was wondering if the company wants to kill us make our life shorter?!?
On the other day i queued for about 20 minutes for this plate of super yummy char kuey teow (fried flat noodles)...I prefer mixing kuey teow & yellow noodles, hence mine was a mix.
Due to bad ventilation, the oily odour (comes from the frying) stick all over my clothes and hair....and i smelt like 'some fried stuffs'...yucks!!! That's the 'price' that i gotta pay to enjoy a plate of sinful fried noodles!
btw, this is from the office cafeteria...hence this lunch is F.O.C ;-) 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Korean Food @ Seoul Garden

Few weeks back, we hav our family dinner at Seoul Garden. Just a simple weekend family dinner...It's hard to eat out when the elders are health conscious...afraid of heaty stuffs, oily or over seasoned food. But anyhow, this time is exceptional coz is sort of a b'day treat (not mine though!)....
Here's the plain looking menu

Browsing the menu, we decided to have set meal so that we could try out more dishes.
 this ah-lian did the ordering for us...meanwhile i was busy snapping pics
with no food to snap yet, i took the pic of the restaurant signboard (@ 1st floor of the shoplot)
For the set meal, we ordered grilled pork which also comes with Bibimbap
and Kimchi soup...
We decided to try out the Ginseng chicken soup too (which mum claims that her chicken soup taste much better than this!)
The 'banchan' (condiments) are aplenty...up to 12 varieties. I still think that their banchan sucks....i could get a better variety at Dao Rae or Mi Na Rae despite they offers 8-10 banchan.
Overall the food is so-so...nothing to shout about. There's more to try if you prefer set meal which are mostly sharing dishes for 2-3 person/4-5 persons.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Back to Junkie self

On certain occasion, i can eat any shits junks that comes along. One of those that i usually have is instant noodles, especially during weekend lunch. Either the scorching hot sun or rainy weather made me lazier to get my ass outta house, hence the last resort is to cook instant "instant" that even the the egg is like half boiled (with runny yolks...slurrppp!). Anyhow, here is one that i took weeks ago, with leftover "char siu" (bbq pork) and half-boiled egg.  My initial attempt was to create the egg with runny yolk like those served in chilli pan mee, but it turns out a lil' too raw for such. Nevertheless, just wallop la...too hungry to re-boil. that i have sinfully taken my time to get back on 'track' into being healthy...
That is to drink water at the right time
yea, u read it right! even drinking water has its timing to get it done R.I.G.H.T!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My boss expects me to work 24-hours :-(

My boss sent me an email at 8.26pm yesterday:

"Attached is copy of estimates costing draft by xxxx.
Could you refer to this copy and make the necessary ‘Cost break down’ for projected 10  years. Refer to the attached. Btw could you online(GTalk) in order me to explain to you."

I was like WTF??!! what time now?? eventually it is still daytime at his current location, but it is way passed office hour in KL. And my expression goes like this...
Well, he is abroad most of the time and expecting me to support him on his timezone, each time impromptu requesting this and that without giving early notice of such Adhoc task. Hey, i need a life too! Otherwise, just bring me along if need me to support onsite....Darn!

*comic strip created from bitstrips

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's about year end...

It's gonna be year end soon, and i can't wait for the year end sale & Chrismassy atmosphere @ shopping malls!
and of-course, year end would mean skool holidays and more weddings too. I miss out alot of my cousins' weddings coz of work related deadlines ;-(
This is a blurry pic sent to me via Whatsapp of my cousin sis wedding. Darn, she is few years younger than me and she is already married!
I'm looking forward for some get-together dinner/party & good food as well. Btw, the below is just another home-cooked meal pic that i received from Whatsapp some time ago, It's a way my sis asking me to go home for dinner since they were happily munching on abalone...
Yea, she even reserved that small portion for me (see tht smaller bowl?)
Am looking forward towards D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R...

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