Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Am i too cocky yet?

I dun mean to b cocky but somehow, my actions seems to b against my will.

Few weeks back, a high school classmate who is about to get married organized a mini gathering to distribute her red bomb. Not oni i did not attend, i even get someone to do the favor of taking it on my behalf, in which i intent to collect from her afterwards.

But, i din not keep my promise, instead i was merely sitting@ home and waiting for her to deliver it into my mailbox ;-)

btw, this fella who is getting married isn't any ordinary classmate, but was the school assistant head prefect, meanwhile tht 'someone' who took the invitation card on my behalf (which later walk over to my house to pass it on) was the class monitor!

am i too cocky yet?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watch this!

Don't u tink they hav nice vocals?

This video is widely publicize all over the Facebook, who knws they could come out with an album...


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spot the differences?

Tempting rice bowl with sunny side up eggie served @ boston cafe, sunway
Super delicious Nissin noodle with sausages and eggie served @ home sweet
my homemade maggie mee!
Don't u tink my food presention is on par with restaurant???

dim sum...AGAIN.

Can't really remember when was tht, but it was my 3rd time visiting tis same restaurant for the delicacy. Ymmmmm.....what a way to start my day with tis sumptuous heavy breakfast, served with my fav chinese tea!
At the meantime, i'm looking forward for my 16 days block-leave...already have a handful of plans for that...and hopefully it goes as planned, fingers crossed as of is such a bliss!

What a coincidence!

btw, i hav posted my outing @ bumbu before. Tis time, sis went to ole ole Bali (Sunway Pyramid outlet) and ordered exactly the same food.
Such a coincidence!
In case, u r not able to see clearly of what i had last time,
here is it!
the so-called nasi campur bumbu...

Different dimension, different time, different restaurant name, but same food.
The light was as usual...dim...thus unable to capture a perfect pic.
Again, food came in large portion, here is the half chicken with rice,
ordered by one of her outing frens.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Yesterday nite was spent on litting up lanterns for mid-autumn. I used to hav a collection of paper lanterns from mini size up to those huge ones...but over the years, some hav been burnt. Yepz...I was having 'paper' lanterns...the ol' and traditional type which was collected since my childhood days.
here's another from neighbor's compound...They oni have 2 balinese style lanterns ;-)
tis pink lantern was a gift from a campus friend & i m stil keeping it
my fav yellow triangular lantern and the colorful candles
jst finished litting up 2 rows of lanterns...
dun u tink the cactus next to the dim lights looks scary?
the bright moon, a lantern and a....wolf...shhhhhhesssh
and finally some mooncakes to enjoy, with chinese tea...the ol' fashion way...
zoomed into the mooncake, wut did u notice?

Kawan Place @ Sri Petaling

Been here a few times and would usually ordered their nasi lemak. This time I wanted to try something else, perhaps fried rice. If i remembe...