Saturday, December 24, 2011

Vietnamese French Fusion Cuisine

The sales manager whom i went with for this trip brought me to savor some "good" food around in Hanoi.
Thought that this time i can sample some exotic stuff, such as dog meat...but nope, i was being brought to some fine dining instead...
in their fusion-style restaurant
The starter was fish soup & cream soup with rice biscuit
the below is also part of "starter" which is seafood in dunno-what sauce.
It consists of raw salmon slice, squid, scallop, shrimps, oyster...
it was so creamy that i felt full rite after that dish
then the tamarind sherbet was served, before the main meal
here is the main meal, scallops!
i forgot what sauce was that, but it was yummy...
dessert, which was egg custard with vanilla ice-cream and a slice of cake in between
i was too full after the entire meal, hence with nothing much to do, while my mouth is munching food, my hand is busy snappin' pictures
of their pattern-ed floor tiles!
Bon Appetit!

All around Sheraton, Hanoi

On my last day in Hanoi, i was busy snappin' pics around the hotel...
Here are some taken...
the corridor
 lobby cum cafeteria
 the daily newspaper delivered to the room tenants
 the lobby
 ceiling @ the lobby
 the walkway in front of the elevator
 somewhere nearby the elevator
 internet services for hotel guest
 again... the lobby
 the swimming pool and further away is West Lake
 the oriental garden
 the walkway @ garden
some decorative @ the garden 
 it also have a pub, but it was too dark for picture
 some nice pictures hanging on the wall...
Thought of going to gym to try our their treadmill but i was too tired by then
mayb next time?

B'day Celebration - The Final Series

This would be my final b'day celebration after the month-long series of celebration i had in December...
This time it is organized by the company HR

Had been gaining weight lately due to the feastings on the earlier rounds...
B'day with the Team
B'day with the Dept
and 2 more feastings with family which i did not blog about...
not to mention, the cousin and friend's weddings, nephew full-moon, seminars and christmas season that is happening rite now...
all of which involves FOOD
i really need to watch my diet!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Right after my biz trip in Turkey, my manager sent me out again in Nov. This time around, the company booked me a room @ this famous 5-star hotel in Hanoi.
This hotel is so much different from the congested and hectic environment in Hanoi city.
In Sheraton....u'll find
P.E.A.C.E. i sound like advertising???
well, that is my verdict...pure from my heart
at least i find some peace from the noise pollution on the street...
thankfully, the hotel got me a higher floor room, the suite for members...
not oni i can hav a nice view of the lake,
 i dun have to face the noisy street...
with vehicles honking the entire day! 
and i can soak myself into a warm foam bath ;-)
and peacefully floss my teeth 
nope, btw, i dun hav much time to do all flossing teeth nor warm bath!
i oni  hav a quick shower in here...
time is tight on my 2-day biz trip here...and most of the time i was out of the room 
can't enjoy much of the facilities...
though it had plenty of food and drinks in the fridge 
 and abundant liquor for u to choose from
 but i can't get myself drunk coz i hav to stay sane during my biz trip here...
and also to put a neat & clean image to the customer...
hence, i need this thing more than anything else...a brush to keep my suit and pants spick & spank 
nite time was spent for TV,
it has lotsa channel...
jst that i can't spend my whole nite glued to it... 
as time passed so was already morning the next day... 
but me still sitting on the bed looking at the cozy lazy armchair and the window with glaring sunlight...too reluctant to leave my comfortable bed! 
nevertheless, i gotta get my ass outta the bed and roam the city...
well, i mean time to get to work!

Sunrise @ 6:15am en route KL-Hanoi

The aerial view from the plane during take-off...
the golden lining  
 in the air
 the side propeller
somewhere in the middle of the route 
bon voyage!


My fav hang-around spot during office hour is none-other-than-our-in-house

Well, there u can find your fav brew...jst that it is been done by vending machine ;-)
but other than the coffee, I also get to enjoy the nature...
such as plucking cherry tomatoes
sheeesshhhh....dun tell others that i plucked them!
and the very balinese style afresco dining @ rooftop
likeeee it alot!!!

Supper @ Papparich

It has now became a norm for me to go exploring places for supper after work on Friday midnite...
yea, u read it CLEAR, it is "midnite"
as usual, during this time of the year, it is alwiz the rainy cold weather, especially during the evening 
and i oni left the office after the downpour...hence the midnite
hungry and cold, went hunting for hot steaming food.
My fav spot in this restaurant is rite in front of the 'roti' counter...where the hot sandwiches are prepared
not oni i smelled the aroma of the steaming buns, but i also got the heat from it...
the above picture was taken at almost 1am (yes, my usual suppertime!).
can u see tat there were still many patrons around lurking at tis hour for supper?
i m not the oni nite owl...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Supper @ Padi House

I dun usually take supper unless if i skip dinner. It was one cold Friday nite...
@ one plus in the morning...
drizzlin' rain...
and i jst got out from the office...
feeling hungry...
stomach growling...
fingers freezing...
thinkin' of nothing much that can keep me heated...
i prefer to take some food
and there goes
my supper
at 1am plus
the restaurant is nearing close time
some of its section hav already closed
i quickly placed my order, not much choices then as the main chef has gone home.
so, i ordered pasta instead 
well, my usual fav ones is bolognaise spaghetti, but too bad they dun hav beef! 
too hungry then, i walloped everythin on the plate within minutes
rain or shine, bolognaise can never go wrong!

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