Wednesday, January 27, 2021

CNY Shopping Loots

CNY is just 2 weeks away, but this year it will just be another ordinary day since there will be no visiting (pai nien) with relatives/friends. Before the MCO, we managed to claim some goodies using vouchers. Here are what we got for ourselves....
cookies, kuih kapit, pistachio, cashew nuts, seaweed chips, cans of luncheon meat, bakkwa, chrysanthemum tea, abalone, arrowhead chips, surimi chips and some herbal soup in packets.
Unfortunately, I have finished this whole canister of Sichuan pepper potato chips even before the CNY....
the herbal soup....yet to try...
Pricewise, the items sold in this bazaar is on the high side. It doesn't matter since we are using voucher.  We finished off the vouchers and only paid RM2.90 in cash for all the above.
Recently i saw Twilight Man posting on his newly bought tiffin...and it reminds me of the Peranakan tiffin that i have kept in the storeroom for quite some time (more than 4 years). It was a gift and is still wrapped in plastic...Perhaps i shall start using it to tapao dishes, but i feel 'sayang' coz it is too artsy to bring outside for tapao-ing. The roses on maroon background is just too pretty.
The tiffin can easily keep food portion for 3-4 persons. 
On another note, 2021 has got me a surprise - I received bonus and a promotion when i least expected it...a pat on my shoulder for the hard work done in 2020.
Hoping for better days ahead....huat ar!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Back to MCO....

The KL folks are back to MCO & yours truly are now confined at home again....
So saddening....
When is this gonna end? Our neighboring countries are able to control it well but we have gone from bad to worse....
I can only seek solace by indulging in chips
not sure how much this costs....but it was bought in Cold Storage KLCC by annoying sis.
Huge bag of imported potato chips from NZ. Tastewise not bad with thick crinkled cut chips. The sour cream tastes slightly it is not my preferred flavor. I finished the whole bag in one-go (that's how depressed I am) and felt so full after that!
Meanwhile on another note (unrelated to the above), the Ayamas shop has increased the prices for their roasted chicken, roughly RM3 increase per bird.
Despite that, the '15th & 30th offer' has made its comeback...with RM4 discount per bird applicable on 15th & 30th of the month (on every month)

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Pineapple Tarts

2 jars of pineapple tarts to munch on....
it tastes 'fresh' despite not home-baked.
The crust is buttery and the pineapple paste filling is sweet & tangy, just nice enough.
here's how it looks like inside...more like butter cookie with pineapple paste in an oval 'pineapple-shape-like' form. 
So tasty yet addictive...
it is from a famous brand....
not a biscuit brand though....but well, excellent quality!
This was purchased using points (went there before the expected lockdown soon)
20 pieces in a jar....the ingredients consist of butter and wonder so sedap la!

Friday, January 8, 2021


My stomach felt 'richer' after dining in Papparich...coz of the coconut-rich nasi lemak and ais kacang.
It has been some time since my last ais kacang....this was my first and last for year 2020
filled with corns, cendol, red beans, peanuts, cincau and gula melaka.
and after much first time trying their vegetarian nasi lemak....
with mock mutton rendang.
OK la, not too bad....
i like it because it was served with generous portion of long beans, peanuts and chips!
Here's the bill.....RM23.80 nett for everything.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

No Turkey, but Chicken Chop....

One day before the new year eve, i had grilled chicken chop set meal at Brew House.
Been here many times coz of their lunch promotion from 12-3pm daily.
the set meal promotion includes soup-of-the-day, drink (carbonated or ice lemon tea), and ice-cream (usually vanilla flavour)
My usual order is grilled chicken chop which comes with big fat fries (hidden beneath the chicken chop)
and generous serving of coleslaw....yummmzzz...indeed a satisfying meal!
the price is less than RM30 for 2 pax...very worth-it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Dirt Cheap Waffle

These butter waffles were selling at 50 cents per box before the price slashed till 20 cents!
Even at 50 cents (promotional price) it is already a steal!
Earlier, we bought half a dozen of these at the neighbourhood AEON Big.
Each box consists of 3 individual packs.
Each pack comes with 2 pieces of butter waffles, which means there are 6 pieces per box.
(one piece costs roughly 8 cents only!)
The side view of the waffle
and the front view
These are made in Vietnam and is expiring on Feb.
The taste is just as good and still crisp. Not too sweet with slight butter taste. Good to go with ice cream too.
Before X'mas, I went to Mid Valley AEON Big and saw the price slashed to 20 cents....but the remaining stocks run low...only this stack left (instead of mountain high on a few weeks back)
Kid you not.....20 cents!!!
the 'kiasu' me grabbed a few more boxes....something to munch on while WFH.....nom nom nommm

Monday, January 4, 2021

Al Majunas Nasi Kandar @ Sri Serdang

Went out with colleague for lunch on last month. We hardly meet each other in the office coz we work-in-the-office on different days.
So took the opportunity to catch up on a meal and we went to Al Majunas Nasi Kandar...
It was just some ordinary nasi kandar place but the price is affordable as they have promotional package of rice/noodles set (with or without drinks) at less than RM10.
I opted for the ala-carte...
My weird combination of murtabak with curry rice and cabbages....coz i was craving for murtabak!
This plate of rice with murtabak costs only RM5.50!
another el-cheapo lunch... home i have been eating all sorts of el-cheapo snacks too....such as....
yummm yummmm.....spicy but not too is a bearable spicy....
and one last round of BK burgers (during November) before their 'mix and match' burger promotion ended.
whooop whooop whoooopper!!!

Friday, January 1, 2021

Sri Petaling Traditional Sponge Cake

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!

Last month has been a busy month coz of project closing, followed by year-end audits, appraisal....and finally year-end clear leaves...
the December month seems too short and was jam-packed with festive and public holidays
not to mention.....yours truly birthday....
I was WFH as usual on my was a Friday and was rushing for a project release on that day itself...Lunch was a quick via GrabFood paid by annoying sis....It was a 'surprise birthday lunch' and was told via Whatsapp to collect my food a few minutes before it arrived. I was kinda 'annoyed' coz was so immersed with work and suddenly gotta put aside my work to attend to her impromptu surprise.
2 boxes of KFC Tandoori fried chicken....comes to 6 pieces of chicken!
*these are for sharing...
mostly ribs, wings, drumsticks and only one chicken thigh....It arrived in piping hot and was still crispy.
and my birthday cake?
Ini maciam lor...
Since i dislike cream cakes.....i only had sponge cake as substitute 😆
OK la...not too bad...except that this sponge cake is so ordinary and is not worth at RM18....
There are other flavors available: Original, Chocolate, Pandan and Cheese
The below is cheese flavor....but i hardly taste any cheesiness in it. an unrelated occasion....annoying sis got a free one-night-stay at Sheraton PJ....and RM100 dine in shiok....
would you dare to go for a staycation??
hopefully the pandemic will subside soon....
and lets' hope for a better year ahead!

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