Friday, March 10, 2023

Chennai Spice @ Sri Serdang

It was a Friday and my Indian colleague invited me to try out this restaurant in Sri Serdang.
The restaurant serves the usual Indian dishes, and patrons can opt for rice on the thali plate or on banana leaf. I choose the latter.
The basic banana leaf rice with 3 side dishes (non-meat), unlimited rice & papadam costs RM8.50
However, we add on some other dishes, such as:
sambal tofu (this is not paneer though it looks like, but my colleague said it is tofu)
and chicken varuval
both are ok, although i prefer the chicken varuval to have better chicken parts coz they gave mostly the breast part which is quite hard & dry.
There goes our hearty meal...


Rose world said...

I also prefer other parts than breasts which could be dry and tough. Yum yum. The last time I had Indian food was on Thali plate. Good that they have option of banana leaf as well.

mun said...

I think I would like the dry hard chicken varuval. Is like eating chicken jerky.

Agnes CF Lee said...

I have not been having Indian food for a while now because I do not fancy much of the curry dish..I always opt out the curry when I order roti canai.

PH said...

Nyum!! I prefer mutton varuval. Wah! Really feel like having banana leaf rice.

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