Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Canton Kitchen @ Happy Garden

This was on last year when we used to order frequently from Foodpanda with its promo and free delivery charges.
We usually ordered the familiar dishes such as:
Cantonese style tofu in assorted veggies
and sweet & sour fish/pork
Both are exceptionally good which kept us ordering the same thing again and again...
Meanwhile, here are some of the food that i had at the Genting SkyCasino foodcourt not long ago:
Mixed rice with 2 meat + 2 veggies dishes, claimed using membership points - 5 points😀
and fishball noodles, 1 point only....LOL, even the casino foodcourt is running on promo!
the promo is goin to end on 31 March, otherwise this would usually costs 7 to 9 points!
Meanwhile for those with Gold membership and above, they can enjoy this hot coffee + lo mai kai for 1 point only😂
This is in Peace Cafe, which is located at the old building. The interior looks like those HK-style cha chaan teng...but with better ambience.
Tastewise ok-la...good enuff to fill up the stomach during the cold weather up there...


Agnes CF Lee said...

only the members frequent to Genting got the points right ?

PH said...

The first two dishes looks so good. Wah you go to Genting quite often. So nice!

mun said...

I like food from Canton kitchen too. Wow, so syiok to eat foc food in Genting. How to collect points fast ah?

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